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So I decided to post this. This is part of chapter 12 in my story Daughter that I completed last month. It does involve a plot point, so beware of spoilers:


Before Erika could even think about what Kahili, the judge rapidly asked a question.


As the Champion of the Alola, you are tasked with protecting that region. So what are you doing in Kanto instead of Alola?


Kahili didn't hesitate as she responded.


Kahili was well aware of the problems in the regions and had become concerned… She knew that even though her own region had problems needing taking care of, these problems didn't just engulf Alola, and would only get worse if someone didn't do something… Therefore, she felt duty bound to intervene… So she left the region in charge of her second-in-command and close friend, Molayne, and set out for the other regions… Kanto was the closest and she heard that region possibly had the worst problems, so that was where she decided to head... And eventually, those travels led her to Cerulean, where she came upon what was happening with Holly.


Erika stared straight at Kahili as the Alola Champion spoke.


Kahili’s reasoning had been valid, and so had the judge’s question…


And there was no questioning Kahili’s bravery and devotion to her duty with what she had done…


Even if she was no longer in her region…


Yet still…


A question lingered in Erika's mind.


The judge must have felt the same, for he immediately voiced the question Erika was thinking of.


What happens to the Champion seat if the runner up is beaten while you're gone?


Kahili answered abruptly.


Well, it's not like the Champion has to give up their position after being defeated in battle.


Erika's tried not to let her eyes go wide.


Giselle and alluded to something like this before, but never elaborated.


And Erika knew that there were laws allowing Champions to refuse to induct a new one, mainly if the new Champion had treacherous intentions…


Yet even though the idea of the Champion not stepping down could be used for regular battles, Erika had never heard of anyone invoking it…


But of course that would make sense for Kahili.


Erika had of heard Kahili being a strict Champion who tried to whip her region into shape.


As such, it was easy to understand that she would have no intention of giving up her position and title for as long as she could help it.


And the new laws Giselle mentioned would solidify Kahili’s desire, so she wouldn’t be harassed for it.


But there was still a question on the tip of Erika's tongue.


Once again the judge must have felt the same, as he spoke.


Wouldn’t you be afraid of issues with the Grand Champion?


Kahili once again wasted no time with her response.


No, I know this is something the Grand Champion would want me to do. And besides, I can tell just from what's happening in this courtroom that the Grand Champion already agrees with me.


This time, Erika couldn't stop her eyes from going wide.


The Grand Champion was someone who not only ruled over and was stronger than all other Champions, but also took care of all regions. Though the regions were typically left to their own Champions, the Grand Champion wouldn't hesitate to step in if there was something even the regional leaders couldn't solve.


But from what Erika knew, the Grand Champion was one of, if not the, strongest Trainers faced by those who aspired to climb the League ranks. These Trainers were so powerful that hardly anyone became a Grand Champion.


Erika only knew of two Trainers that held the title. One was a former professor of the Galar region called Magnolia. The other was the current Grand Champion, a wandering Trainer from Unova named Nathaniel. Or as some others liked to call him, N.


Yet regardless, Magnolia had chosen to hand over the title to Nathaniel when she retired from being an active Trainer. Nathaniel had requested one final battle, and she had obliged, with him winning the match. After that, Nathaniel worked tirelessly to end the constant conflict in the regions and keep the peace. She was told he was very active in that, working alongside several other members of the League.


But even so…


No matter how active they were, Nathaniel and Magnolia weren't here now.


And Nathaniel hadn't been defeated in battle, or even named a successor…


So who could Kahili be referring to?


From what she knew, none of the people here held the Grand Champion title, or someone would've said something…


Erika resisted the urge to look wildly around the room to see if anyone's reaction had changed.


But she quickly realized she didn't need to.




There was only one person Kahili could be referring to…


And it was the person whose strength Erika didn't really know about.


Until now.


But even so…


No matter what power she had, Kristine couldn't be that strong.


And even if she was…


Why hide it?


Shouldn't being the Grand Champion, or at least as strong as one, be something to be proud of?


Of course, if Kristine didn't want to use the title and distinction in public, she could have at least used it among friends and family…


But Kristine hadn't even done that, and the high-ranking League officials helped her bury that secret.


Yet why would they, when it was one of the most prestigious titles any Trainer could earn?


Giselle had indirectly mentioned politics would've crushed Kristine…


Was her refusing to acknowledge the Grand Champion title part of that?


Had politics crushed Kristine before her career in them even began?



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Part of chapter 13, the final chapter, of Daughter:

Erika's fist clenched even more as she remembered what Kristine had shown and what all that meant.

For the memories did confirm that the Mold Breaker had been innocently mining in the caves, digging up treasures to sell for money.

She had been using a lot of her supernatural power to do so, and thus felt a bit fatigued. So Kristine took a step back, perhaps even intending to stop for the day.

It would have been a sensible and still innocent end to Kristine's endeavors, and one that would not have caused any chaos…

At least, until the visions came.

To Erika, it looked as though Mold Breaker Kristine was staring at nothing, suddenly out of touch with everything in the world and unable to interact with it at all.

But the memories revealed this couldn't be any further from the truth, and that perhaps the Mold Breaker was most in touch with everything that was going on.

For the visions showed Kristine everything that Holly had done, as though the Mold Breaker was there to see it herself…

The visions went so far back as to depict Holly receiving her letter, the fight with Erika, Holly hatching her devious plan…

But they didn't stop there.

For they confirmed that Holly was behind what happened to the police officers and the others that were injured in the chase… And they cemented that Professor Pine was another innocent victim and was deceived into believing that Holly was just… But Holly had already gone on her journey, meeting the Trainer Ivy and being rude to her... Not that Ivy realized it, or was aware of what Holly had done… The other Trainer was just happy to make a friend…

But Ivy almost lost a friend no matter what…

For the visions told of Holly's encounter with the Nidoran, and her harrowing ordeal as she was recovered from being poisoned by the Pokémon… They did not neglect to depict Anabel and her heroic rescue of Holly… But they also did not neglect to mention Anabel's desire to be Holly's companion after all that, and how horrible Holly treated Anabel…

Even more horribly than the way Holly treated the wild Riolu she found and how Anabel had been forced to save the Pokémon… Then the visions spared no detail as they explained the fateful decision Holly had tried to make at Sable's lake, one that would've turned her into a murderer even earlier than what was happening now… Of course, Anabel had stepped in to save the Pokémon, but the visions made it clear that the only thing the policewoman had done was put herself at risk…

For the next thing the visions did was jump to Giselle, and her battle with Holly… And then of course, there was the consequences she laid down for Anabel, with the policewoman not being able to do or say anything in her own defense… But Holly hadn't cared… She'd gotten everything she wanted, and no one could stop her…

No one, unless Mold Breaker Kristine had something to say about it…

And she did have something to say, for the visions rapidly released her…

And she took care of her nose bleeding like a waterfall onto the cave floor…

But after that, the Mold Breaker Kristine did not hesitate to speak…

Yet it had been surprisingly brief…

For instead of a tirade, the Mold Breaker had simply clenched her fist, stating that she would show Holly no mercy…

It was a lot of information, to be sure, and an understandable reaction…

But Mold Breaker Kristine had barely any time to process either…

For she soon sensed some sort of energy within the cave, and thought it could be coming from Holly… So Kristine had called on a Pokémon called Silvally and rode on its back… The Pokémon allowed the Mold Breaker to get through the cave quickly, but it was not quick enough…

As soon as she moved towards the energy, another vision overtook her…

And that vision confirmed that Holly agitating wild Pokémon, and having a Gengar she caught incapacitate Anabel in order to take the policewoman's life was real…

And the Mold Breaker Kristine had been forced to watch it all happen…

As she broke free of the vision and her nose released an ocean of blood, Kristine knew she wouldn't make to where Anabel was before the policewoman lost her life…

It was at that moment that the memories proved that the Mold Breaker's Vessel form as an Archangel was also real, in all its golden glory…

Alongside the contrasting dark shadows that Kristine commanded alongside it…

They were real, to the point where Kristine summoned both again when Holly taunted her about it…

And then the Mold Breaker swatted Holly and her Pokémon away like flies in the ensuing battle…

The Mold Breaker Kristine probably would have continued to perform such feats if she hadn't been so exhausted to the point where she had even more trouble moving then she already did…

Exhaustion that turned out to be fatal…

But of course no one knew that, and especially not the poor Mold Breaker…

Otherwise, she and Anabel would not have had that conversation that gave Holly time to wake up…

Even though both Anabel and Kristine needed the rest, Anabel learned a few things about Kristine, and the Mold Breaker had tried to hurry them along…

But any plans the two had were dashed when Holly attacked…

Because Holly assaulted the two, taking advantage of Kristine's decision to leave her uninjured…

And then the hapless Mold Breaker could only watch as Holly destroyed her own Nidorina, despite the former trying to save the Pokémon from the fatal fall…

Could only watch as Holly truly became a murderer…

Of course, the actions of the Mold Breaker's mysterious Pokémon prevented there being any more victims…

But they could not erase the fact that Holly had claimed a victim in front of several people's eyes…

And there could have been many more…

Because once Holly had proved she was a murderer, there was no going back…

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Working on my Usurping OC character charts. This is part of one for the OC, Amy.


Pace of speech (fast, average, slow?): Speaks at an average pace, although since her species isn't seen much and she can’t speak the human language, it just comes out as a bunch of high-pitched howls

Voice tone (shrill, high, average, deep, squeaky, hoarse, harsh, authoritative, cultured, etc.): it sounds shrill because she communicates via howling, but for those who can understand her voice, it sounds very authoritative although not commanding, and cultured

Accent/dialect, if any: doesn't really have any accent to speak of, although not everyone understands her language, so it comes off a bit like an accident even though it's still a Pokémon speaking.

Any favorite/habitual words/phrases? Curse words? Not yet, although she might pick some up.

Describe general vocabulary or speech pattern (e.g. educated, precise, pretentious, average, uneducated, vulgar…)

She comes off as educated, even though she's that most of her life in the Slumbering Weald. This is because her species uses there illusions to try to understand the world outside there, and does let some people venture outside, although she never has been before the journey. She did take a journey to get to where the others are, and that lasted quite a long time.


 Cool/confident    Volatile     Nervous/shy    Aggressive     Friendly     Remote     Other (describe)


Typical posture: 

 Stiff     Stands straight but not stiffly     Average, varies with mood     Slumped/defeated      Slouchy, careless  

 Relaxed     Other (describe)

Gestures:   Rarely     Controlled     When excited    Most of the time     Wildly/oddly     Other (describe)


Common/habitual gestures (e.g. nail-biting, hair patting, drumming fingers, clenched fists, hands in pockets, etc.):

Tends to do canine gestures, such as tilting her head, wagging her tail, sniffing a bunch of things, shoving things out of her way, etc.

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Still taking notes on my OCs, although not all of them have charts. This is some for the character Gracie.

Characters without OC charts/partial charts



Ø  Pokémon, shiny (differently colored) female Gardevior

Ø  old friend of Prof. Pine’s that she (Prof. Pine) met when she was young

Ø  had a wish to become a Pokémon citizen, so the two traveled together, and Gracie eventually got that wish

Ø  she studied hard to become a Pokémon citizen, eventually succeeding and settling down in Viridian

Ø  currently studying to become a Pokémon psychologist after seeing Trainers and Pokémon needing help with that during her journey to become a Pokémon citizen

Ø  also was inspired by Sabrina, and admires her tactics and desire to help supernatural power wielders

Ø  other than her own journey and studies, she will sometimes take requests from people in need on the side, including strengthening her own abilities as a Pokémon

Ø  some of these requests involved working at a Pokémon Mart in Goldenrod, training with Brawly for surfing competitions, helping out the international police force, helping out teaching children about Pokémon in classrooms, helping Diantha in movies and other people in contests, training a bit as a Ranger, using her psychologist to help calm spirits with Ghost experts like Phoebe, and helping Elite Four Lorelei and some of the other authorities protect the regions

Ø  just so has special protection so that she doesn't be captured by a trainer without her permission, even before she became a citizen

Ø  so far she has not been captured by anyone and has no plans to, although she does battle sometimes as a Pokémon and doesn't mind being carried around in a Poké Ball (she still finds the whole process a bit awkward, though)

Ø  is compared to an explorer team (canonically from Pokémon mystery dungeon) when she helps with requests, although she is not planning on making one has no plans to

Ø  is one of the Pokémon that evolved early to her final form, something that can happen in traveler when energy for evolution builds up much earlier than it should be (based off of things like the anime and underleveled Pokémon appearing in the wild)

Ø  knows that she has one of the lucky ones, and the phenomenon is not well understood although it is being studied

Ø  she knows that Prof. Pine has several Pokémon like that, so she wonders if it has to do with their training

Ø  she understands how to be a trainer and can train Pokémon herself, although she doesn't do this initially

Ø  the closest is during one of her side requests, when it turns out a Trainer is looking for a surrogate mother because one of his Pokémon is having trouble breeding

Ø  the other Pokémon is a Mimikyu named Meredith, and Gracie is artificially inseminated

Ø  eventually she gives birth to a Mimikyu egg, although she doesn't know much about the surrogate mother or what she's going to give birth to at her request

Ø  the problem is that the Trainer, Paul (from the anime), doesn't want the egg because he has a way of seeing inside an egg (based off of glitches where a player can do that) and has decided that the Pokémon is weak

Ø  the trainer Paul has a history of abusing and abandoning Pokémon, but there's little anyone can do about it because of the Trainer laws

Ø  Paul's brother, Reggie, offers to take the egg and take care of Gracie, the Gracie doesn't want to abandon something after all the work both she and Meredith had been through

Ø  decides to give the egg to Prof. Pine to either raise as her own Pokémon or give it to new Trainers

Ø  Prof. Pine accepts, and the Mimikyu becomes Alice

Ø  Gracie is disgusted, but is even more disgusted when Meredith is abandoned as well

Ø  this further motivates her to become a Pokémon psychologist, so that she can help those that were hurt by laws and other injustices with the skills that she has

Ø  eventually she gets a request to help a sick Pokémon by getting medicine for the Gym Leader Jasmine of Johto

Ø  the medicine is across the sea, and she needs to take care of the sick Pokémon and there aren't any passerby that are strong enough to go there

Ø  Gracie volunteers, and is horrified when she realizes the sick Pokémon is Meredith

Ø  is able to get the medicine, but it is too late and Meredith ends up passing away

Ø  this is not before Gracie gives her vision as a last request, showing Alice becoming extremely powerful

Ø  Gracie was originally supposed to go on a journey with a vision of someone she was supposed to protect and this journey would have spanned all the regions

Ø  person was meant to be Kristine, and Gracie would've joined as either one of Kristine's Pokémon (perhaps a Ranger’s partner), a companion on her journeys, or the one that would help Kristine with fusion or therapy by being in her body similar to Tulip

Ø  those traits were instead given to Amy (who has her own OC sheet on a separate document), so Gracie’s story was changed

Ø  however, some of her events from original journey (partially detailed in Diary) were still needed for story reasons, especially those related to other characters

Ø  thus they became the side missions she does instead

Ø  she still goes on a greater journey to give her the familiarity of going on one and becoming a Trainer

Ø  since she no longer has to reset her journey every time and become someone else's Pokémon, she may not have her power drained and destroyed at the end

Ø  instead, she may just simply have a vision of the person behind it (Maria), but not really understand what that is

Ø  one of her side missions involves Lusamise asking her for help

Ø  there's rarely an issue with a Pokémon called the blinding one, otherwise known as Necrozma

Ø  some of the people she knows, the Ultra Recon Squad, are concerned about it

Ø  they came to her for help because of her kindness and empathy towards Pokémon as well as her battle prowess, but as her husband Mohn is gone on a mission and there's been an increase in the number of Pokémon that need taking care of, she has to say and watch the Aether Foundation

Ø  therefore, she asked Gracie to go her place

Ø  she meets the Ultra Recon Squad early on, but they all typically wear casual clothes and don't cover their faces like they do canonically

Ø  there also allies of the league and authorities

Ø  they may not even be called the Ultra Recon Squad in this version

Ø  this is why Prof. Pine does not recognize them when the other version of them comes to her lab dressed as they would be canonically

Ø  this is also why she doesn't think to ask Gracie, because he doesn't register them being the same people

Ø  Zossie isn't what the group, because she is young and inexperienced and doesn't know much of combat, and they would want to take her on such dangerous and long journey

Ø  this is why she acts only gets confused with Maria's versions of the characters, believing them to be brainwashed somehow and needing to be rescued

Ø  they accept her because Maria realizes she doesn't know any better, and since her counterpart in Maria's world is dead via Holly's hand after Incianroar’s death, this version would make the perfect replacement and she would be just one more thing to throw at opponents

Ø  it's also worth noting that these characters are much more numerous in usurping, where it's implied Zossie help the player only because she was one of the few who could canonically because they didn't have many people there

Ø  in usurping, they are the descendants of people who moved there and now have many allies, so that's not an issue

Ø  in the original version, there were going to fail at their mission despite getting information

Ø  unsure whether this will be the case in the final version, since Gracie no longer needs to lose her power for the story to continue

Ø  even with succeeding, they may realize that there's still larger conflict afoot and be concerned as to why that happened, but not know why

Ø  Gracie is able to understand and speak the human language because of her training, and she could even do a little bit before because of telepathy

Ø  still something that took a long time, and she says there were a lot of road bumps along the way

Ø  once Holly’s court case is resolved, she is no longer acting as an interpreter for the Pokémon

Ø  instead she decides to join the others in the study to further professor Pine’s research and her own career

Ø  decide to go along with Azure and Scarlett, hoping that she can balance out their youth and naïveté despite their prowess in battle

Ø  also hopes to bounce of other things, such as Azure's constant willingness to fight when he isn't afraid of something or Scarlett's curiosity and being overly trusting

Ø  when the two join that study together and become rivals, they decide they want Gracie to become a trainer as well because there isn't much data on Pokémon as trainers

Ø  Gracie is a bit hesitant, but starts out with a Houndour and possibly an Eevee

Ø  she may also focus on things that are not related to combat, such as contests and other side quests, but I'm currently not sure

Ø  she would still have to train Pokémon in battle anyway, both for self-defense and because parts of side quests involve battle

Ø  training as a Ranger is also an option, although it would be just be some things she would do alongside her psychology abilities rather than instead of them

Ø  forming an Explorer team now that she has three people exploring dungeons is another possibility

Ø  other than that, Gracie used to have an enemy in the form of a Gallade named Toby, although I am unsure if she will anymore

Ø  things that are kept are that she likes lemonade and flute music, but dislikes being on a ship

Ø  original version of a character said she had motion sickness, but she's also a psychic that will have to move around a lot or move things around a lot, so it would be hard to function

Ø  original version also said she got medicine for it, but it's unknown if she would have it here or something else

Ø  things that also kept is her respecting the power of other supernatural power users, having a strong sense of empathy, wanting to help others, and being a good listener and being calm and neutral on things when needed, although she still can have strong feelings on things

Ø  she originally showed interest in starting a family and finding love, although I'm unsure if she will keep this and helping Meredith could just be a desire to help others

Ø  she does have a heightened ability to sense others feelings, such as the fact that Azure and Scarlett are in love on top of being childhood friends, and the competing against each other strengthens the bond but could be difficult for them if they go against each other

Ø  was originally supposed to have her own story, but might share that with Scarlett and Azure now

Ø  unknown how long that would be, but it was originally going to be as long as usurping

Ø  is most likely around her mid-20s, and was originally going to be a little bit older than Kristine

Ø  Kristine starts the journey age at 25, but whether or not she ages off or simply complete the journey quickly is not known

Ø  if she does age up, then it probably wouldn't be any older than age 29 or 30

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Forgot to post this before. This is Gabriel's OC sheet.


Ø  Kristine’s Giratina, and the Pokémon she has known the most

Ø  met her when she was very young, having been fascinated by her ability to survive things she shouldn't combined with her supernatural powers

Ø  may also have been sent by Arcues to watch over Her Angel, since his species is Arceus’s right-hand man

Ø  if that is the case, Gabriel doesn't reveal that until Kristine finds out she is an Angel, and the letter doesn't know that at first

Ø  Gabriel is the Pokémon she fuses with the most, and she uses his power to control shadows and fly/move around

Ø  she also speaks to him often, and he is one of the few Pokémon that Kristine has a close bond with as an individual

Ø  he's the Pokémon that does most of the moving and fusion on the journey in the study

Ø  he's an older Pokémon, but it's not stated how he old is

Ø  people commenting on this relationship stated that they're like two old friends, and that he is like someone passing down his craft to her (taking her under his wing, sometimes literally)

Ø  a bit like a mentor and apprentice, although not quite because she's not learning from him, and they see each other as equals despite having different abilities and ages, with a mutual respect for one another

Ø  in addition to being Kristine's main combat Pokémon, he acts as emotional support, helping her voice her thoughts and looking at things from a different perspective or even just moral support

Ø  examples include trying to have her make sense of things after the death of Levi, also trying to help her make sense of the vision that would lead to his death (although they still can't figure out entirely, even though she agrees with what he says, and thus he can't stop her when she goes into the Mahogany hideout because they have no idea either way what's correct), helping her figure out how to use her powers, consoling her after the death of her other Pokémon and the revelation of where her powers come from, and when she reveals what's really going on and which is involved in at the risk of her own life, he gives her the chance to stay any last regrets or requests

Ø  also tries to help her make sense of her feelings on the journey in the study, such as coming to terms with who she is and what she can do, and what that means, as well as that she can still consider herself a true trainer despite using her powers to adapt originally, and the idea treating Pokémon as individuals

Ø  he shares this role with Amy, who is more direct by following Kristine around, and they become good friends

Ø  he may help Tulip out in fusion battles, and help out with Kristine learning how to diversify her fusion power, but this is not known

Ø  he could particularly help out if Kristine has to fight fused on her own for study reasons

Ø  it's his power that allows Kristine to enter the land in between life and death (although it's also revealed to be part of her abilities as an Archangel), and train her Pokémon there

Ø  he also is the one that helps her use astral projection, so she can train and capture Pokémon despite her medical issues before her journey begins

Ø  he helps train her Pokémon more traditionally on the journey for the study, and sometimes everyone else's

Ø  he is stated to be a great teacher and listener, to the point where some credit Kristine's teaching knowledge to him, although Gabriel assures them that it's Kristine’s own idea and talents

Ø  he's also good to advocating for others, especially Kristine

Ø  Gabriel is one of the few that stood up to Molly Hale, saying that the latter's insistence that Kristine can and should train traditionally in supernatural powers despite her condition not allowing her to and her otherwise having adapted to it is not what Kristine should do, but what Molly Hale is trying to mold her to be what she wants to be

Ø  he's wise, calm, gentle despite his appearance, although he can do some serious damage if someone is in trouble

Ø  has problems with his intimidating appearance putting off others despite his otherwise gentle demeanor

Ø  also, his role makes him an active member of Kristine’s, but also one that helps out indirectly

Ø  can become exhausted from this role, and at some point may see his own Pokémon psychologist when Kristine sees hers (possibly Rui’s Sylveon)

Ø  sometimes gets frustrated when advocating for others (such as advocating for Kristine against Molly Hale), although he doesn't show it

Ø  is sad when his powers can’t save someone (such as stopping Kristine for misinterpreting the vision and how that kills Levi), although not as badly as Kristine feels due to lack in the perfectionism

Ø  may also have some survivors guilt, or feel little guilty that his powers contributed to Kristine's issues of becoming a trainer and not treating her Pokémon like individuals (although he acknowledged she was doing the best she could with what she had, was simply adapting, and didn't realize she had that problem before)

Ø  he can understand human speech, but cannot talk in the human language without things like telepathy

Ø  while Amy is curious about human traditions, Gabriel understands them and enjoys them because of his age and previous experience

this is part of why Kristine takes him everywhere as her fused Pokémon

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This is Tulip and Alice's OC sheets.


Ø  Pokémon, a female Mimikyu

Ø  daughter of a female Mimikyu, Meredith, and a male Renucluis, Ross

Ø  Meredith passes away before she's born, and she isn't planned to see her father much, if at all

Ø  if she does it may be after Paul receives some sort of punishment, possibly betrays the League, or he is released

Ø  may be the former, since while Renucluis has done fairly well in competitive battling (which is why it was chosen), it did considerably less well as new games, Pokémon, and strategies became available

Ø  in Traveler, this could translate as Ross starting off doing well, but then doing worse until he was released

Ø  he may also dies somehow, but I'm not sure about that because I think it would be interesting for Alice to have at least one parent alive and surviving Paul's harsh treatment and training

Ø  at some point, Alice learns that her parents’ union was not out of love, but because a battle prowess, and it's common amongst competitive Trainers like Paul

Ø  certain developments in competitive battling make it so that less Trainers do that, but it still happens

Ø  this is to mirror what's happening in the actual Pokémon games, where committed battling as more and more accessible without having to constantly breed Pokémon and basically start at the beginning

Ø  some parts of competitive battling are not as accessible as others, and there are those who are used to the older system are also used breeding

Ø  therefore, some people still use the old system anyway, finding it faster or just easier

Ø  this also forms a part of Kristine's character, because once competitive battling became easier, I thought I would be interested in it because I would have to devote a lot of time to it to get a team (or at least, no more time that trying to reach a huge goal in another game, which is to say a few hours) before I could play

Ø  however, I realized that was not the case because I preferred using a wide variety of Pokémon and moves

Ø  unfortunately, competitive battling almost never allows for that, even though some fan variants do try (most notably, Smogon and placing Pokémon in different groups based on their strengths and weaknesses in order to give everyone a fighting chance and level the playing field, and keeping things updated regularly, as well as some variants of Pokémon showdown allowing people to use Pokémon that normally wouldn't be touched)

Ø  this influences Kristine's decision not to do competitive battling as a living, even though it's accessible to her, and the fact that she just doesn't have the dedication for it

Ø  all this also influences Alice's perception of competitive battling, and its role within her parents’ lives

Ø  namely, she feels sorry for her parents, and furious at what Paul did

Ø  this gives her a strong sense of justice, which is why she supports Kalmia when she chooses to train as international police officer

Ø  if her father is alive, it is mentioned that since competitive battling Pokémon don't always meet their offspring, he's never met her and doesn't really know how to be a father

Ø  furthermore, she doesn't consider him her father or Meredith her mother because she was more or less adopted by Prof. Pine and considers her traveling companions her family

Ø  and this intent, she realizes she will not force them to be her parents because that would just make things difficult for the both of them, especially since the fact that they were separated was not either their faults

Ø  she does form a good relationship with Ross, though

Ø  as stated in Gracie’s entry, her mother Meredith could not conceive

Ø  as a result, Gracie volunteered to be the surrogate, and Alice was born from her

Ø  however, Alice's trainer, Paul, found her weak, and abandoned her egg

Ø  as a result, Gracie gave her to Prof. Pine, and she was raised among the Pokémon of the lab

Ø  Prof. Pine often thought she could be a starter Pokémon, but not that many people are interested in her until Kalmia comes along

Ø  there were two personalities planned out for Alice, but I am leaning more towards a second one

Ø  the original personality would ever be overly friendly and enthusiastic, if the childish because of her age (probably around 10 years old)

Ø  however, several characters already have a friendly and outgoing personality (Tulip, Mallory from Kristine's past, to some extent, Amy), and Mallory is childish because of a mental illness, and shows what happens when being childish and overly friendly becomes an issue (particularly because Mallory is an adult but also has a bloodthirsty streak, and doesn't completely understand adult concepts)

Ø  for the new personality, she is instead friendly, but it can be shy and not all that into crowds or things like stadiums

Ø  it's more interesting because it clashes with species personality, which is friendly despite being lonely and hard to find, and tends in people's faces when they do find it

Ø  one of the things that probably wouldn't be part of her personality regardless was the bloodthirstiness or particularly love of combat

Ø  she did have a love of combat originally, but she was also Kristine's strongest Pokémon of the new ones in the study and Kristine was into combat

Ø  with Kalmia as her new trainer, the former isn't into combat as much as Kristine, and her job doesn't always involve combat (and hopefully doesn't)

Ø  part of her interactions with Kalmia might be working through her shyness and idea of combat

Ø  she might still have some relationship with Kristine, or notice supernatural power more often because her father was a psychic Pokémon

Ø  either way, she enjoys interacting with Amy and likes riding on her back

Ø  this adventure leads into the suggestion for Amy to become a ride Pokémon, which she takes up

Ø  Alice also likes spicy food, even though Kalmia dislikes it

Ø  she is very close to coming out, following her around, jumping into her lap when she is studying, and even sleeping in her bed

Ø  Kalmia finds it cute, but she does have to teach Alice boundaries

Ø  might be the idea that Alice bonds to one person or group of people, but has trouble bonding to everyone



Ø  Pokémon, starts off as a shiny (differently colored) Nihilego

Ø  evolves into another Pokémon later sometime before Usurping (Lusamine’s form in the end of Pokémon Sun and Moon, minus a human in the middle and with five fingers on each hand for punching attacks)

Ø  this form is also shiny, even though no shiny form exists canonically

Ø  the reason is that there is an oversight where I thought the form was dark blue instead of black, and started writing about it as though it was

Ø  when I found out about the mistake, I just decided to keep it as it was, and make the Pokémon shiny

Ø  the new form does not have any official name yet or is even registered by the league as existing on its own

Ø  thus it's either stated to have no species name or be called Nihilego anyway, although people do acknowledge that it is an evolved form somehow

Ø  eventually gets to be called Symbiont, in honor of finally achieving symbiosis with the evolution

Ø  is poison/steel with levitate, making it immune to ground type moves, but using all of its power during the evolution and losing beast boost

Ø  is strong in all stats, and can use many different moves (including many which the previous form could not learn normally, even if she and Kristine did learn these moves in some capacity in the previous form

Ø  especially notable in physical attack and defense, which is usually weak in the previous form

Ø  they are still the weakest stats, and those attacks took the longest to learn

Ø  not sure what the evolution requirements are yet, and they're meant to be found out throughout the journey

Ø  may have something about learning many different types of moves, on top of things like happiness or maybe even a trial of some sort (similar to a story event in the Canon games, like Kubfu’s evolution in Pokémon sword and shield Isle of Armor DLC)

Ø  is female, even though her species normally doesn't seem to have genders

Ø  not too much of her character is known at this time, because since she is fused with Kristine, a lot of what she does is based off of Kristine's journey, past and present, and that has yet to be written out

Ø  there is some information known about her, however

Ø  she was originally dragged into the Aether foundation by a stray Ultra Wormhole

Ø  however, she was taken by Lusamine and Mohn, who gave her shelter and taught her how to live with humans

Ø  she was not captured, but was instead made property of Aether

Ø  Lusamine gave her the possibility of becoming a trainer’s Pokémon, but she never took it

Ø  Lusamine also stated that whether or not Tulip wanted to be captured should be her decision

Ø  Tulip is originally homesick, but later adjusts to the human world and enjoys her time there

Ø  eventually, she decides not to back when given the chance, but that's only after many years as a fused Pokémon

Ø  while at Aether, she learns about the ability to summon Ultra Wormholes available in every Ultra Beast, and how most Pokémon die up on summoning one or trying to

Ø  this then manifests in an power or urge to summon, although both she and later Kristine can control it, they both find it uncomfortable, and aren't particularly fond of summoning one since the power can be uncontrolled

Ø  this is why Kristine states she can't always control Ultra Wormhole, because alongside the urge, it's hard to control where they go, and she can do anything against the Ultra Wormholes others summon

Ø  Tulip learns from Lusamine that fusing with a Pokémon trainer could grant her enough power to avoid dying from Ultra Wormhole

Ø  failing that, having entering and would at least allow someone to look after and both options would give her a chance to have an adventure with someone outside of Aether

Ø  in both cases, there's no guarantee Tulip be able to get home, or that the Trainer would even want her to go back home

Ø  Tulip is fine with this, because it would give her stability and fill her sense of adventure

Ø  this then leads to Aether doing the study that results in Kristine being fused

Ø  there are two possibilities for this

Ø  one is that Lusamine flat out states that this is an opportunity for Pokémon and human fusion, and many trainers are interested in being studied and making history

Ø  Kristine is chosen because of her strength, and their familiarity in already using fusion

Ø  however, fusion itself is a risk, and many trainers are unsure about using it, especially if the fusion is Nihilego

Ø   another possibility is Lusamine calls forth Trainers, hoping to find a suitable one for Tulip

Ø  Kristine, with her power, is part of this group

Ø  she is at first selected because of her ability, but then her fusion/uncontrolled supernatural powers activate around Tulip

Ø  Lusamine then realizes that with her abilities, Kristine is an excellent candidate for fusion and is able to do it safely

Ø  Kristine herself as comfortable doing this, and is consistently drawn towards it

Ø  the end result is the fusion, with the both Kristine and Tulip retaining their original forms

Ø  in the case of how Kristine gets to the study, there are two possibilities there as well

Ø  in the original version, Kristine's mother (from Tierra) found the study and realized Kristine would be a good candidate for it based on her skills with Pokémon

Ø  since Kristine's family encourages her to become stronger with Pokémon so that she can her talent with them in a practical manner, her mother encourages her to go

Ø  it's something that Christine herself also is interested in, because she wants to help people with her abilities

Ø  the whole scenario was based on a real-life event, where my mom went to a talk by a doctor only because they had free lunch, discovered a treatment for one of my medical conditions that and the been the most successful treatment I ever had, and found out that I was a good candidate

Ø  she convinced me to go and get the treatment, and I haven't looked back since

Ø  main reason this board was because my mom is in the medical field and knowledgeable about that, but she's not knowledgeable about Pokémon in real life or in the story

Ø  she does acknowledge that I'm good at it and I really like it, but doesn't know much otherwise

Ø  therefore, her finding the study when Christine ones wouldn't make much sense, although she would probably still encourage her to go

Ø  Kristine's mother and Kristine herself would want League supervision, since Kristine is 10 years old at the time and has no idea where to go despite knowing what the place is

Ø  one of the Gym Leaders of Tierra, and leader of Team Harmony, Honoka (original character and name created for the story based on the idea of Team Harmony, name is Japanese and can mean harmony, since harmony is not based on a color) chooses to take her

Ø  after the fusion, which Honoka is unaware of, the Gym Leader reveals her real intentions

Ø  since Kristine is now officially a Trainer and possesses a Trainer card, she now has the right to go on the journey regardless of what her parents say

Ø  she also now has official protection from the league, which means she is effectively theirs

Ø  she tries to get Kristine to go on a journey, claiming that her parents and her are stifling her potential as a Pokémon Trainer

Ø  she also claims that Kristine now has the right to make her own decision because she's officially a trainer and protected by the Trainer laws

Ø  Kristine isn't on board with this, because of both her health problems and leaving her family behind

Ø  Honoka claims that her family is exaggerating and using that as an excuse to keep her there home, and that the league will take care of her

Ø  gives of the idea of going out and seeing the world, and living up to her full potential, but she can't do that if she's with her family

Ø  with a power level, should've been gone a long time ago

Ø  Tulip is outraged because Honoka is effectively trying to kidnap Kristine at this point

Ø  however, since Honoka doesn't know about love and the letter can't communicate in human language, she can do anything

Ø  she also doesn't know anything about battling, and thus is very weak

Ø  in the original version, Kristine uses Tulip’s poison to poison Honoka’s Pokémon when she attacks her in battle to prove her point

Ø  the Pokémon are made afraid, hurt themselves, and later turn on Honoka and seriously hurt her

Ø  at this point, Kristine is able to run away, and find Morty and Jasmine

Ø  this then leaves her again the device that allows her to split into two versions of herself, with one version taking care of things in Tierra, and the other version appearing at Viridian to take care of things in the other regions and go on the journey as while as make whatever preparations that are needed

Ø  there's a chance that Kristine could be charged with assault, and otherwise be villainized no matter what happened

Ø  so instead there may be a warning against doing that in one of her visions

Ø  instead, she may realize that she can truly fused together were told by being under the influence of the poison and Ultra Wormhole energy

Ø  this, combined with Kristine's power with fusion and the fact that it doesn't take over your mind allows her to become strong enough to defeat Honoka’s Pokémon and drive her off

Ø  this also forms the basis of her unity strike, later on

Ø  because of the toll her power takes on her body, she eventually collapses, but is able to get what she wants and needs without seriously injuring anyone, including herself

Ø  Tulip is one of the few characters with a love interest in her back story

Ø  she meets and later becomes close to Kristine’s starter, Levi

Ø  she is funny and light hearted and enjoys people, meshing well with Levi's more serious personality but also not being as good around people (opposites attract)

Ø  eventually, they become comrades up and fighting together, to good friends, to lovers, to a married couple

Ø  this is culminated in a wedding ceremony in Alola, complete with a ring and vows for both

Ø  on the day of Levi's death, they were talking about having children, because it would be difficult for them thanks to the species

Ø  there was talk of using a surrogate or just adopting a child, although they have also heard of ways that Pokémon that normally couldn't have their own children could still have them

Ø  Kristine is researching this ways at the time of Levi's death, but she never truly completes the research because she finds the answer shortly before he dies (artificially graded Pokémon, similar to players creating Pokémon that are lower-level using cheating devices)

Ø  it was something she was willing and able to do at the time, but would be impractical now, so even if Levi had survived, the chances of either of them having their own child would be unlikely

Ø  it's something that takes a long time for both of them to accept, alongside Levi's death

Ø  however, Tulip is able to deal with Levi's death easier than Kristine, since she does not have the guilt of misinterpreting the vision weighing her down

Ø  Tulip likes things like contests, but especially enjoys doing dance routines

Ø  can't dance traditionally due to having no legs, but is able to move around the air with something similar to dancing

Ø  dancing is also something Kristine likes, so it's a common interest

Ø  Tulip’s battle style is also considered to be something similar to dancing

Ø  while more Tulip’s character will be revealed as Kristine's journey keeps going, in addition to dancing, she likes strong coffee and tasting different foods

Ø  her name is because Kristine thought she looked like a flower, and Tulip was the first thing that came to her head

Ø  she did not have a nickname before that, simply been called by her species name

Ø  one aspect of Tulip contributing in the journey is something called fusion battles

Ø  even though Tulip remains Kristine strongest Pokémon, Kristine doesn't use her much after she evolves because she isn't an official Pokémon at the time of evolution

Ø  it's also knowing the at this time, Kristine has completed almost everything a trainer can do in the regions, so there's not too much to use the new form on other than practicing

Ø  the second journey gives her something she can use the new form on, but Tulip is so strong that shall demolish just about anything, as seen in the end of Holly Rising and possibly even the beginning of the usurping with a friendly battle against Anabel

Ø  eventually, there's fusion battles

Ø  fusion battles involve Kristine in fused form, but in the area where types are nullified and stats are equalized, and the focus is more on how Pokémon can attack each other, what moves they have, and how they can string them together

Ø  based off of Ferrum battles in Pokken, which were exactly that

Ø  Ferrum battles is also where Kristine's fighting style, and the idea of her fighting with tulip originated from

Ø  this allows people to study Tulip and fusion, Tulip to use her new form more, being part of the journey by conquering her own challenges, and people being on the same level as her, even if they're not otherwise

Ø  in Pokken, there were entire tournaments devoted to something similar to the fusion battles, although I'm not sure if there would be here

Ø  if that was the case, then Kristine and Tulip would be fighting as a regular pair Pokémon that can fuse, as opposed to the fusion being emphasized

Ø  for the practice battles where the fusion is emphasized, it's unknown who will help her with them, although it may be Anne, Justy, or even Wes (since he and Rui are a young couple and married in this)

Ø  also plays on an idea of Anne being the main character in Pokken instead, or being the advisor instead of Nia

Ø  originally, Tulip would have been a Pokémon trainer with her own journey overlapping with Kristine's, but there was nothing Tulip could do that Kristine either have already not done on her previous journeys, or wasn't going to do on her current one

she might still enjoy teaching and acting as a trainer to the other Pokémon, though

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More OC sheets, as well as info about the group the Silver Rebels:


Ø  daughter of Red, canon character from the games

Ø  original character is from Holly Rising's original RP (where she was the Champion)

Ø  she also had a champion team, but the team is not used here and she's not the Champion

Ø  she's around age 11 or 12, and looks similar to Red from Pokémon Special but feminine

Ø  originally, she was a student of Kristine and Holly Rising and it's all but stated that Kristine manipulated things to get her to the Champion position in order to have it all be in favor

Ø  in this version, since Kristine never manipulates things due to not having an manipulative personality, Scarlet never becomes Champion

Ø  she still looks up to Kristine though, and believes the former can teach her, even though she isn't sure

Ø  went on a journey around Kanto, although she did not complete it, after losing to Sabrina's psychics or otherwise having issues and Sabrina convincing her to look elsewhere

Ø  not known what Pokémon she would have, but at least one of her Pokémon is probably Venasuar (with Mega, from the other timeline, although it's unknown if she gets the mega before or after the journey), and Umbreon (contrast with Red’s Espeon)

Ø  probably wouldn't be seen much anyway, as she leaves her old team in storage/with Daisy

Ø  since Kristine is no longer teaching her, she becomes Giselle’s student instead

Ø  when she chooses to quit her journey, once Azure takes over the Viridian Gym briefly, she becomes a gym trainer

Ø  she's good childhood friends with Azure, and possibly later falls in love with him

Ø  when Azure requests to join the study to make sure no one else is harmed after Prof. Pine’s lab is destroyed by Maria, Scarlet joins as well to protect both him and the region

Ø  her starting Pokémon in the study are Kantonian Vulpix and Cottenee (Kristine gets Larvesta instead)

Ø  Scarlet has a lot of talent in battle, and is kind, cheerful, and curious, but also a bit naïve (mainly due to her age)

Ø  this is part of the reason why Gracie goes with Scarlet and Azure, because she is seen as an adult that can protect them

Ø  especially cheerful in the morning, much to the peoples’ chagrin

Ø  positivity can also annoy people, such as Kristine who tends to be more realistic and logical, but can sometimes come off as cold and negative as a result

Ø  she eventually figures out a control that, and that it has a time and place (while Kristine is figuring out her own feelings)

Ø  don't know too much about the details of her personality, or how much will even irrelevant seeing as she is not the main character of the story and doesn't journey with Kristine is an ally

Ø  however, possible detail so that she can speak a little fast, has a higher pitch was due to not entering puberty, has trouble eating food that is odd to her (possibly vegetables and anything that's foreign, maybe even as a preference for salt because she is a child), and possibly an interest in baseball and athletics



Ø  son of Blue, canon character from the games

Ø  original character is from Holly Rising's original RP (where she was the viridian gym leader)

Ø  she also had a gym Leader team, but the team is not used here because is not the gym Leader

Ø  he's around age 11 or 12, and looks similar to Blue from Pokémon Special but younger

Ø  In Holly rising, he was the viridian gym leader, knew Kristine fairly well, and ran the gym by himself

Ø  in usurping, blue wants to get away from league duties after the stress of them is too much

Ø  Daisy takes over the gym, but she also has her own life, so Azure is appointed to handle the battles once it's noticed that he is competent there

Ø  however, since he still is a child, Daisy and the higher members of the league really run things

Ø  this is why Daisy is easily able to take over the gym when Azure resigns to go on the study

Ø  when Prof. Pine’s lab is destroyed by Maria, Azure joins the study with Scarlett to protect the region

Ø  his Pokémon are Galarian Ponyta (much to his chagrin), and Carvana

Ø  as for his relationship with Kristine, he respects her power and sees her as a mentor, looking up to her although not as enthusiastic as Scarlett

Ø  Kristine still wasn't sure considering her past

Ø  went on a journey around Kanto, although she did not complete it, after having trouble with Aya in fuchsia, and there is a suggestion that he should try something else

Ø  this happens around the same time Scarlett has trouble with Sabrina (and he might still have trouble with her instead), so they bond over that

Ø  this is what gives him the idea to make her his top gym trainer in Viridian, even though Daisy is the one really running everything

Ø  not known what Pokémon he would have, but at least one of her Pokémon is probably Blastoise (with Mega, from the other timeline, although it's unknown if she gets the mega before or after the journey), and Flareon (contrast with Blue’s Eeveelution, and his own in Holly rising's timeline)

Ø  probably wouldn't be seen much anyway, as she leaves his old team in storage/with Daisy

Ø  since Kristine is not teaching him or anyone else, he is Giselle's student and he goes to school together with Scarlet

Ø  he's good childhood friends with Scarlet, and possibly later falls in love with her

Ø  Azure has a lot of battle talent, and has Scarlet’s cheer and enthusiasm at times

Ø  it's not to the point of Scarlet though, and he is the more serious of the two

Ø  while she is more energetic and upbeat, this also means that she isn't as afraid of most things and enjoys being people

Ø  Azure is a bit more scared of things and emotional, something which is embarrassing to him, because he is male

Ø  tries to hide it, but it can be seen, and it's not the point of Kristine or other characters that have emotional explosions

Ø  it's more so because it he thinks it will make him look bad rather than having a lot of emotions and not knowing what to do with and thus internalizing

Ø  others can usually see through it easily too, especially Scarlet

Ø  part of his development is learning out of control that and react appropriately

Ø  both he and Scarlett can be reckless, but he is more so

Ø  also ties into his father blue, who canonically has a softer side, but doesn't show it a lot

Ø  cannot be stated also have trouble showing his softer side, extending to how he treats his Pokémon and thinking only of battle and not for their well-being

Ø  he does eventually mature and become calmer and softer, but it takes loss and losing everything he had to do so

Ø  Azure's problems and changes are not that drastic, but it is similar

Ø  the similarity to blue is often pointed out

Ø  the two being children part of the reason why Gracie goes with Scarlet and Azure, because she is seen as an adult that can protect them

Ø  he is still a morning person despite not being cheerful as Scarlett about it, much to other peoples’ chagrin

Ø  don't know too much about the details of her personality, or how much will even irrelevant seeing as she is not the main character of the story and doesn't journey with Kristine is an ally

Ø  interest may be similar to Scarlett, as the two get along well

Ø  from Scarlet’s entry: “however, possible detail so that she can speak a little fast, has a higher pitch was due to not entering puberty, has trouble eating food that is odd to her (possibly vegetables and anything that's foreign, maybe even as a preference for salt because she is a child), and possibly an interest in baseball and athletics.”


Answers and background on the new villains in Traveler

Ø  There was overwhelming support to just use my favorites

Ø  this is because of interest, but also because of the fact that doing all regions would be difficult to write

Ø  there were different areas that liked about different games, such as people, gameplay, or designs, while not necessarily liking regions

Ø  idea of people coming to the region where the journey is taking place (which happens in Holly Rising a lot, as the journey is confined to Kanto because of the RP, but takes place in the same universe as every other game that was released up to that point, and even some that were released the little later)

Ø  it would make sense for Kristine's character as well, since she's no longer traveling because she feels she has to, but because she wants to, even if she does also have a bit of an obligation to stop the conflict (although she was left up to her own devices to determine how)

Ø  the only thing that was clear was that she couldn't let any of her allies die, and had to use the visions to guide her

Ø  the whole idea of everyone together is also thrown into question with the absence of the evil teams, having been destroyed by the silver rebels (with the children/young adults that are left joining them due to their hatred of the league) brainwashing the League to work with them

Ø  not everyone agrees a look they did, and they still seem to be like terrorists, but now they have more allies in the common people

Ø  the silver rebels believe people will hail them as heroes, which works to some extent

Ø  people still don't agree with what they're doing to the league, but they see that the silver rebels have deleted the evil teams when no one else does, so it's easy to be sympathetic and see what they do as sacrifices for the greater good

Ø  there are many people that still support them, believing that League truly are corrupt or lazy, that they should use any means necessary to be back opponents, and that sources of power such as what Kristine has rightfully belong to them

Ø  also as enraged about the conflict as they are, and believe the silver rebels hold the key to stopping it, and should use no mercy to anyone

Ø  it's pointed out that the silver rebels don't have any other plan other than taking down the league and installing their own system, and that because they're all children/young adults it's likely to fail

Ø  but people are so desperate to get rid of the current system that they're willing to throw their weight behind anyone

Ø  those that don't comply are forced to out of fear

Ø  there's also the fact that since there target is child trainers, they have a lot of possible soldiers and ammunition, and the fact that they just look like normal people and act like normal people other than having allegiances that otherwise one cause anyone to bat an eye

Ø  this makes them all the harder to take down, as they are effectively young trainers’ frustration with the system personified and weaponized

Ø   thus, it would make sense that they would try to take down all the evil teams, and then turn on a weakened league (which Kristine saves and allows to recover to full strength by the time of usurping)

Ø  if the rebels themselves are deconstruction of how people feel about the League and the league not doing anything in the games, even if they are here, then what the rebels eventually do to force the evil teams to be destroyed is a deconstruction of a young trainer taking out the evil teams, and how easily the evil teams can be taken down and the games when they can't be here

Ø  effectively, the only way to take them down in this story is to become terrorists themselves, and once those who will become terrorists, they are the enemy and there is no going back, even if they initially were not and it was for a good cause

Ø  the unsupervised child trainers and the rebels and the regular ne'er-do-wells are the evil team, and because they're everywhere and the result of a broken system, they're far more deadly than any of the evil teams would've been

Ø  at one point, the protagonist just wishes that there were evil teams and just that, because it would've made things so simple

Ø  but that in itself is another deconstruction, because it's nowhere near simple as in the games coming with the evil teams, and definitely not simple once the real-life consequence are applied

Ø  one of the lines in Holly rising is agreeing with what the silver rebels are trying to do, despite not agreement their methods, and that's exactly what happens here

Ø  as for how the rebels control the league, they lure the league and the evil teams in the one place, and then control them using crystal’s Missingno and warping powers

Ø  at that point crystal hates the league for what happened to her sister Lyra, and what they did to her when she got the powers of Missingno and what happened when she had issues on her journey (supernatural equivalent of a psych ward, along with a bit of the real thing)

Ø  either, the idea that crystal powers are now under control is used against everyone, or the rebels get things to the point where the control is not a problem (which is possible because Crystal needs a lot of power and space to use the power on a massive amount of people at once)

Ø  Kristine is also thought to be behind this, alongside several other events (namely, a lot of the crimes she did commit in the world of Holly Rising) so she is not trusted too much and the fact that she couldn't stop it despite freeing the league is seen as suspicious

Ø  eventually her name and reputation is cleared, but still haunts her, and those are words that she partially is following the League out of obligation rather than loyalty, since she has no place else to go

Ø  once the silver rebels meet Maria and the group she brings with her (including some of the rebels that survived in the timelines she was in, such as Zinnia), they are impressed by her leadership, charisma, and power

Ø  she quickly becomes the leader of the rebels alongside Silver, and later in its place

Ø  the Ultra Recon Squad from Maria's world isn't too fond of helping the rebels, but believes it may stop the chaos and thus perpetuates the lie they have more power than they actually do (such as killing other versions of Kristine, when in reality they mostly died from their own powers and stupidity)

Ø  once they realize Maria has been lying to them, and that she's actually the one causing all the conflicts with the distortions, they turn on her but she beats them easily and destroyed them utterly

Ø  since the rebels aren't particularly loyal to the Ultra Recon Squad and see them as just extra manpower, adults they can manipulate, (since all of them are adults) and pawns that dared defy Maria, they don't mind that the Ultra Recon Squad was destroyed and that their allies lost power (since anything like that is a nuisance and they had a lot of power already)

Ø  originally, Maria wanted to unite the evil teams and use them against everyone

Ø  however, that was already done with team rainbow rocket, and they were unlikely to unite

Ø  furthermore, even evil teams did unite, they did so begrudgingly, and still had their own goals

Ø  this is also representing the stories on shifting, because instead of everyone being together, it's more so deconstructing things that canon did not touch on

Kristine's group may be called the shadow chasers, which was the name for old group against shadow Pokémon in Orre (getting rid of them and the chances of peoples’ Pokémon being bewitched was one of the reasons why the evil teams are gone, with Pokémon serving evil causes having more human reasons such as genuinely believing it, not knowing anything different, having interact or lacking information, or serving out of fear)

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Ivy's OC info:


Ø  originally from Holly Rising’s RP in response to one of the questions there

Ø  in the RP, there was the prompt that characters from there had to meet another character that was the same gender and age

Ø  this character would have someone from the same Pokémon line as the player character’s starter, but it would be the lowest form

Ø  since Holly had Torracat, Ivy was required to have Litten

Ø  in this version, there is no such restriction, so she starts with Popplio instead

Ø  she also may get a Dratini from Prof. Pine, showing that she's kind and willing and able to train all Pokémon

Ø  she has gray eyes, brown hair, and enjoys wearing pink and flowery clothing

Ø  she loves to talk and is outgoing, and also enjoys more feminine pursuits (or at least appears to)

Ø  she decides to train under Nia since the two have similar personalities

Ø  in Holly Rising, she disdains combat, but as Holly's journey progresses, she decides to fight to try and stop her

Ø  unfortunately, she still ends up being weaker in combat, particularly because she lacks training

Ø  part of the reason she follows Nia is to learn self-defense skills while she is successful and is able to go over disdain, she acknowledges that she is not the type to constantly run into combat and enjoy it

Ø  part of her character is learning to accept this, as she wishes she could solve situations involving those things easier, but is told there are many different ways to resolve the situation and she doesn't necessarily need to fight to do that

Ø  when Holly is killed early on in her journey, Ivy is horrified but then wishes that she would have been able to stop her

Ø  she and the others talk about taking Holly down, but then Ivy wishes Holly would've been able to work with others and would have just been more agreeable

Ø  then, they would have been able to work with Holly and listen to what she wanted, creating a situation that would work for everyone

Ø  Ivy just wishes situations like Holly’s would be prevented from happening again, especially without fighting and violence and more death

Ø  she then realizes there's a possibility there is way, as long as people from both sides are willing to listen and communicate, or someone can provide a communication

Ø  inspires her to eventually become a social worker, using her communication skills to help others and doing her best to ensure that situations like Holly’s don't escalate and end the way they did

Ø  in eventually ties in with her development in Usurping, where she ends up having more of a stomach for stressful situations via Nia’s training, and those she might encounter in social work

Ø  of the younger trainers in the study (Kristine and Kalmia don't count because the two are older and switching careers), she is the only one that eventually figures a career path out of it, which she attributes to trying to be friends with and what happened with Holly

Ø  she does enjoy feminine and lighthearted pursuits as a hobby

Ø  she loves watching the water performances in cerulean, and unlike Kristine who simply enjoys seeing them, she takes some time to learn more about what that's like and even some training, especially for her Popplio and Dratini

Ø  she also enjoys learning about plants and other things in Celadon, so she spends a lot of time around Erika when she gets the chance

Ø  she also enjoys contests and fashion, but unlike some protagonists canonically, she does not do them professionally and more of a hobby

Ø  originally was going to do them professionally in some capacity, but decide not to because it was a cliché and predictable

Ø  still becomes a really strong person in battle because of all her training, but it acknowledged she had to do a lot of it to get there

Ø  she is one of the ones he decides to follow Kristine to the different regions, because not only does she want to be in the center of and stop the conflict, but she also wants to learn about the other areas alongside someone who has experienced them

Ø  unlike the others among the younger Trainers, she has a career path set out, and also does not want to be traveling too much so she can focus on that

Ø  among them, she develops the most but also has a clearer development alongside that

Ø  this also allows Nia to be near Anne, and the two are good friends and work well together, so it works out well for everyone (unlike with Kristine and Molly Hale, since Kristine tolerates but doesn't completely like the latter)

Ø  was very good at and made many friends in school, so she admires Kristine's original career as a teacher and her skills

Ø  she also respects those who fire on the front lines for safety, such as police officers and firefighters and admires their strength

Ø  almost sees herself as possibly becoming something similar to that, except she's making sure that others don't end up having to be taken care of by at least some of the people (such as becoming lawbreakers or doing something reckless)

Ø  particularly notable if she gets into addictions counseling, since some of those cases involve the laws or other reckless actions

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Part of Kalmia's OC character chart.

<div align="right">Character's Full Name: _____Kalmia_____ ________________________     Date: </div> 3/13/2021____________________<div align="right"></div>



Name origin: name of a flower symbolizing perseverance but can also symbolize treachery when given as a gift. I wanted a flower motive because of the flower names of Zinnia and Aster. I also wanted something symbolizing perseverance in the idea of her being able to carry on despite everything that happened to her. While not exactly treachery, she does not go along with Zinnia's plans, or any of the rebels’ plans, and in Zinnia's mind, she has betrayed her.



Nickname, if any (if so, explain its origin – e.g. who created it?): Kally, created by someone who can't pronounce her name, probably Zossie, she also gets called Camille or Camilla on accident at times, but these aren't really nicknames



Does s/he like the nickname? She's not really sure what to make of it, as the whole name comes from someone mispronouncing her actual name, but later accepts that, since the other two are mistakes, she doesn't really care for them, but just shrugs it off and politely corrects people



Birth date: she was born in February (Pisces), and is age 23 by the time the story starts



Place of birth: Fallabor, a small town in the canon Pokémon region of Fallabor, the place closest to Meteor Falls where the

Draconids are. 


Ethnic background: Caucasian/White, also a member of the Draconids, although she doesn't associate with them as much recently



Religion: the religion itself has no name, but it involves worshiping the Pokémon Rayquaza and its Mega form, sometimes over all the other legendary Pokémon. It also involves having a member of the group called the Lorekeeper

 who is worthy of the full power of Rayquaza and has the knowledge of the clan’s history. Zinnia was the latest Lorekeeper before usurping,

and thanks to certain events therein and still holds the title. Kristine is still acknowledged to be the most recent one with the title, because of what happens to Zinnia. However, partially due to being an outsider despite having fulfilled the requirements, Kristine doesn't really use the title or enforce it much. She instead wishes to do away with the title and spread information outward, but hasn't received much support for that from anyone other than Kalmia (who feels the same).


Degree of religious practice (e.g. orthodox, casual, lapsed)::

 Doesn't really practice much, but is aware of the teachings of the Draconids and Rayquaza’s power and prestige (having witnessed that herself). However, there is also the fact that she didn't have the best of experiences with the Draconids, being taunted for her weakness and kindness, and being passed over for Zinnia despite the latter's personality issues, and the fact that Kalmia realized this probably won't work out. Even though she was studious and a great person to be around, she was still passed up. As a result, chaos and conflict struck the Draconids once Zinnia gained more power. Since she has a lot of bad memories and emotions of that all, she tries to distance herself from those times. As a result, while she is interested in religion (particularly in the stories of the other legendary Dragon Pokémon gods), she isn't particularly devoted to any of them. She is a bit more devoted to the idea of Arceus’s Angels, but that's only after she realizes Kristine is involved with them, and it's more so devotion to Kristine herself than anything related to Arceus.


Current address: doesn't have one currently, because traveling around on the expected Trainer’s journey and to support herself in a Trainer’s economy means that she just makes a camp or home whenever she can. Previously, she lived in a small house in Fallabor and wasn't one for making things too flashy. Her favorite places include Ever Grande, Mossdeep, and Lilycove. Kalmia is fond of the Kalos region as well. She eventually plans to settle down in Lilycove once everything is over, but she has no idea what that would look like.


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More for Kalmia:

EVERYDAY BEHAVIOR / HABITS:</div><div align="center">

Finances: (prudent/cautious, some debt, lives paycheck to paycheck, deep in debt, criminal activity, etc.): she is cautious with her finances, knowing that she may not get paid much or infrequently with unstable things are, and realizing she is not getting where she is without help. She also knows what happened when someone spends irresponsibly, like Zinnia, and doesn't want to have the same thing happen to her.

Personal Habits: Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, Gambling, etc.? Are any of these addictions? She does enjoy trying different types of drinks, although she doesn't drink enough for it to become a problem. She does start off a little bit below the legal drinking age (18 for everywhere, despite some areas having different ages, and she's 16). However, she's allowed to drink with an adult until his is of legal age, and the laws are more lax on Trainers drinking anyway.

Morning Routine:  Describe the character's morning rituals. Who else is sleeping in the same bed? What time does he/she wake up? Is he/she cheerful in the morning?  What does he/she do during breakfast-read, watch tv, feed kids, etc. She's not the biggest on getting up in the morning, but she also doesn't really mind it either. She likes to take a shower and get ready first, because she likes to spend a lot of time cooking breakfast. She'll get things out of order and shorten things if she has to, however. Usually her Dragapult, Foxglove, is sleeping in the bed with or near her.

Afternoon/Workday:  Does s/he work outside the home? How does he/she get there? Is s/he good at this job? What if anything would he/she rather be doing? How long and hard is the work day? If the job isn’t outside the home, what does a typical afternoon consist of? What she does outside the home depends on the job she's doing, and the jobs she's doing can be seen above. However, she spends most of her work day outside the home doing jobs or traveling.

Dinner:  Does s/he eat at home or go out a lot? What is/are his or her favorite restaurant(s)? Who cooks at home?  Does s/he eat alone? She tends to eat alone a lot when she travels, and normally cooks herself at home. She also eats alone which is not traveling as well, or only with one parent. Sometimes she does go out to eat, but it’s mainly a treat when she's traveling or with Coriander.

Evening:  What does your character do on a typical evening? Where? With whom? How much does he/she enjoy it? What is the ideal evening for him or her? Back at her home, she is fond of watching sunsets and stargazing, and still is when she travels. So a lot of times, she will do that, and will also occasionally stormwatch. However, she also loves playing with her dragons, until they both get tired out. She enjoyed watching fantasy works with other dragons, but not so much anymore.

Sleep Habits:  Fall asleep easily, or an insomniac? Any recurring dreams? Sleep soundly, or toss & turn? She falls asleep easily but is a light sleeper. If someone is having problems, she will not hesitate to help them.

Any special talents? Skills? She is compassionate towards all people and Pokémon, which leads to her originally training as a Pokémon Breeder. She also understands a lot about nutrition and general health from this, and briefly wonders if she should train as a nutritionist, dietitian, or veterinarian, but doesn't have the required academic skills to train in those areas. She is also good at cooking, and a lot of people wonder if she's going to train under Kalos Elite Four Siebold. However, she doesn't because she doesn't want to be confined to Kalos, and she doesn't share a lot of interests with him aside from a skill in cooking.


What is s/he particularly unskilled at? Disdaining combat and not being particularly skilled (although also not particularly weak) in a society that relies on combat with puts her at a disadvantage, and she fully admits to it. She understands Kristine's problem with being good at Pokémon but not wanting to do it professionally because of her own issues and the two actually meet when Kristine is picked on for her problems. Kristine then turns around and helps her with her own bullying issues later, and the two become friends after that. But aside from that, not a lot people stand up for Kalmia involving that, and it's become somewhat of an embarrassment. Despite having interest in outdoor activities, she is not particularly athletic, and admits that she only got interested in them to try and force yourself to become stronger and use her love of nature. She also only average academically, despite being a hard worker, and by no means bad student. So that further limits which is able to do, careerwise.

Any hobbies (sports, games, arts, collecting, etc.)? Likes outside activities, such as hiking, surfing and outdoor sports, and fishing. She also enjoys cooking, looking at art, and watching Pokémon contests. She may also share, or least become interested in, some of the same things as Kristine, as the two are good friends and would need something in common. This is especially notable within such as hiking (as Kristine enjoys seeing nature despite not really being a hiker and unable to go on many trails and not having the ability and/or interested do some outdoor activities), fishing (which Kristine enjoys and does), watching Pokémon contests (which Kristine also enjoys and participates in), cooking (Kristine likes food and has a varied palette and sense of taste and is good at identifying different things despite preferring baking), and art (Kristine doesn't enjoy this as much, but can appreciate it, and is interested in photography), and the shared abilities as a Rangers (even though Kristine isn't all that interested in it as a career). Likewise, Kalmia respects and tries to understand Kristine's interests (such as language, history, some parts of science, and academic interests), and comes to enjoys some of them. She also collects Dragon fangs, and makes necklaces out of them, seeing it as a symbol of strength and honor, although sometimes she will use other teeth and things like feathers as well. She also collects Pokémon dolls, although not to the extent of people like Kristine or Lorelei.

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Another for Kalmia:

THE PAST:<div align="center">

Home town (if different from current home): currently traveling around, and although she was born in Fallabor, she tends to consider Lilycove her hometown eventually.

Was his/her childhood happy? Troubled? Dull?  Does the character remember it accurately? She does have some happy moments, such as her time with Coriander, relationship with their parents, and her time at school (which she didn't mind when she wasn't being bullied). But she did have some troubled parts of her childhood, such as having to deal with her parents being away even though they tried to keep in contact with their as much as they could and she did love both Coriander and Zinnia. She still struggled with loneliness and wanting her parents at times, though. Then there was also the fact that she was bullied and passed over due to her weakness both in school (despite being studious) and with the Draconids, which isn't something she is fond of. Additionally, she had to watch Zinnia receive acclaim, attention, and rewards for power despite all of her mental health issues and the fact that Kalmia would've been the more reasonable candidate and doesn't have any mental health issues. Therefore, she tries to distance herself from all of the bad parts and only keep in the good things. She does acknowledge that not confronting the past is unhealthy, though, even if living a life apart from it is valid.

Earliest memory: receiving her first Pokémon, Foxglove, as a Dreepy, and making the decision to train Dragon Pokémon (at least at the start) due to the idea of them being ferocious and naturally protecting her, but still being cool and interesting.

Happiest memory: her happiest memory was living with Coriander and actually being friends with Zinnia, and she often things of that when she things back to simpler times. Even though she was lonely and missed her parents during those times, she wishes the friendship she had with Zinnia and Coriander could go on forever.

Saddest memory: When she had to watch Zinnia gaining all the attention and praise from the Draconids, and eventually the two drifting away as Kalmia also made the decision to distance herself from Zinnia. Even though she was distanced, Zinnia made bad decision after bad decision, which hurt Kalmia as well.

How much school did s/he attend, if any? Did/does s/he like school? Explained further up

Most significant childhood event: Being accepted into the Draconids and learning their ways. On one hand, it represented her being part of a social group, learning about her family and friends, and getting stronger overall. But on the other hand, it was also the start of a lot of her problems, and eventually the decision to try and distance himself from them aside from those that she used to be close to.

Other significant childhood events: She remembers seeing a contest in Hoenn hosted by the Contest Master Wallace (same person as in canon, although a bit stronger and a bit more focus on contents), and enjoy it. She also remembers being at a daycare and caring for Pokémon, and decided she wanted to do something with that.

Significant past jobs: explained further up

Police record (explain any convictions, sentence served, where/when): she has not committed any crimes

First crush/romantic love? She was not involved with anyone romantically at any point, including anything physical.

What was his/her first sexual experience?  Is it a positive or negative memory? She has not had a sexual experience with anyone


Major illnesses, accidents or traumas? How is s/he still affected, if at all? She doesn't have run-ins with illness and injury during her journey, although it does not affect her long-term. Zinnia betraying her and causing a path of destruction still does affect her, though, even years later. She still wishes things could be different, and is still frustrated and sad about it

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A bit more on Kalmia:

What’s his/her most embarrassing moment? When she sees the canon character Clair flaunting her strength, she thinks that Clair is just like Zinnia, and couldn't possibly be deserving of her strength and reputation. This is proven even further when Clair is revealed to be the Vessel of Palkia, and Zinnia is on track to become the Vessel of Rayquaza. Kalmia is able to hold enough composure to ask Clair for a battle, but gets soundly defeated. Clair recognizes that how Kalmia battle before it was not her typical style (as she was used to battling almost exclusively with dragons instead of many different Pokémon like she does on her journey starts). When Clair starts asking her more questions about why she battled, Kalmia is too embarrassed to apply and slinks away, realizing that on top of the humiliating loss, she had most likely been wrong about Clair and how she used her power. Kalmia’s shame is compounded when Clair uses her abilities to help out other people in need, revealing that she was nothing like Zinnia. She also reveals that the only reason she is a Gym Leader and not an Elite Four member or even the Champion is because someone had to stay back and take care of Blackthorn and the Dragon Clan. While she did have a backup and childhood friend, Leeza (Liza), she wasn't particularly interested in the duty is or living a life combat, and Claire wasn't one to force it on her unless there was an emergency. As it is, Claire has earned the right to be privy to what the Elite four is doing and has since they are now the regions are run. If Liza ever did want to take over the gym, Claire would most likely to be promoted or become a powerful wandering trainer. Kalmia realizes that Clair really is a compassionate person devoted to her job, and really is worthy of her duties. This only makes Kalmia feel more ashamed of her earlier judging of Clair. To get rid of her shame, she requests to take the Dragon user challenge after heading to Clair’s Gym. Clair is confused why she would want that and thinks may be she wants to prove herself despite losing so badly, or thinks she can just get a badge anyway. She is also suspicious as to why Kalmia would know about the Dragon user challenge, but Kalmia insists. She manages to pass the test with flying colors, and it's later revealed that those taken the test suspected she was part of the Draconids based on her knowledge but her customs not matching the Dragon Clans in Blackthorn. Kalmia is then forced to admit that she took the test because she wanted to prove that she was worthy of being a part of the Dragon Clans despite everything that happened to her. When Clair finally finds out Kalmia is a member of the Draconids trying to shed her identity, she chastises her, stating that she is really only running away from the issues that caused her to try and get rid of that identity in the first place. Given her age and situation, if the Draconids didn't already approve of her going on a journey, she would be no different than the Trainers that run away from their families. Claire then states that she works alongside the League to end the issues of runaway child Trainers, and Kalmia is probably familiar with Clair being notorious for not handing out her Badge to trainers or being stubborn about it. The reason she does this is because she recognizes many trainers are in trouble and hopes that withholding the Badge for little bit will cause them to work out their issues. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen in most cases, even the league supports her, and the trainers usually end up with bad fates anyway. Kalmia then wonders if this means that Clair will not give her a Badge if she won, and Claire confirms this. In Clair's eyes, Kalmia is just a runaway train are headed for trouble, even if she doesn't realizes. She tells Kalmia to get help for her problems, figure out which is really good at, and if she still really want to battle after all that, then she can try again. Yet until then, the trainers journey is on hold. Kalmia does take Clair's words to heart and does get help, being able to successfully find out what she wants and earned her badge (along with her journey also being noted as successful), but she considers everything leading up to it still a bit embarrassing and doesn't talk about it much.

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More of Kalmia:

What is his/her secret wish? She secretly wishes she could have the fame, charisma, and power that Zinnia does. This also includes the desire to battle. It means she wouldn't have any of the issues that she currently does. However, it also means that she might have a whole host of other issues, and if she didn't and kept her regular personality, she could possibly collapse under all the pressure.

What (or who) is his/her biggest fear? She has the fear of being worthless, and basically having everything she did mean nothing. This also leads to a lot of frustration and she's eventually is at peace with the fact that she isn't worthless when she's away from the Draconids constantly judged by what's going on, but it takes a long time, and all of her issues are not completely resolved by the time Usurping starts.

Any prejudices (race, culture, sexuality, religion, etc.)? She is a bit prejudiced against the Draconids, but only because of what happened to her there. She's also a bit frustrated with the league, and the trainers there, but only after seeing Kristine get framed, and the issues are cleared up after the truth is found out Kristine is acquitted.

Political party or beliefs, if any: doesn't really have one but is an ally of the league, and used to follow the ways of the Draconids.

Does s/he believe in fate or destiny? Is s/he superstitious? She's not very superstitious, although she does get a bit more belief in destiny after meeting Kristine and learning about the Angels.

Character's greatest strength: her kindness and compassion, as well as her ability to care for others.

Other good characteristics:  is noted to have perseverance, and keeps going regardless of what happens to her, even if the cold changes or she has to take a break because of a setback (such as with the trainers journey and the decision to battle).

Character's greatest flaw: she likes to help others, but is frustrated when she can't. She also tries to help others based on the help she has received, but it's hard not to get burned out.

Other character flaws: has problems with her sense of self worth and still has work through effectively running away from the Draconids (even though people do explain that getting away from the bad situation was a good idea, and making a new identity is perfectly valid). It also hurts her to see someone she helped fail, or at least struggle. Unlike Kristine, she has no trouble displaying or controlling her high empathy, but as a result, gets burned out faster because she tries to help everyone with their problems.

What are his/her own favorite attributes (both physical and personal)? Her kindness and her ability to be empathetic towards others, as well as her skill with caring for others and Pokémon. For physical attributes, she likes that she can completely disassociate with the Draconids and be her own person.

What about least favorite? Hates that she disdains combat, and her own weakness. She also disdains that she isn't a popular person among the Draconids compared to Zinnia, even though she mainly keeps to herself.

Are these feelings accurate? Yes

How does s/he think others perceive him or her? (And is this accurate?) She thinks others perceive her as a kind person who cares for others, even though they might perceive her as weak. These feelings are mostly accurate, although not a lot of people perceive her as weak. One her past as effectively a runway and someone with an identity crisis is revealed, people start to wonder how many of her actions were because she was running away and because of that identity crisis without her even knowing.

Biggest regret: Her biggest regret is not being able to stop Zinnia and convince the other Draconids that she had problems. While Zinnia seems to be stopped and killed late in the Kristine's original journey, certain shenanigans in Usurping bring her back much stronger than before. Thus, Kalmia sees this as her second chance to destroy Zinnia and stop the crisis in the regions once and for all.

Other regrets: While she doesn't regret getting away from a bad situation or making a new identity when it comes to what happened her with the Draconids, she does regret that she was effectively running away from everything without realizing it until Clair forced her to get help. While she is able to get help via Melody (from Pokémon 2000; she's a psychologist in the island nations here), she acknowledges that she still has issues with it and very well always could. She's also aware that the issues might not have been as bad if she hadn’t run away and let them fester. Another regret was what she eventually does when she decides to stand up to the Draconids. When they eventually ask for help from Hoenn Champion Steven, his friend Wallace, and a few other members of the League, Kalmia goes with out of a genuine desire to help and also to confront the others. When the Draconids ask for help, Kalmia points out that they have no right to act like the victims, and angrily reveals who she is, what's been happening, and explains that what happened with Zinnia and the conflict in the regions, as well as what happened to her and the damage that caused was no one's fault but the Draconids’. No matter what the Draconids’ do from now on and what happens to Zinnia, there will always be infinitely remembered for what she did and that they caused it. Kalmia is so angry she yells at everyone present, including her parents and Coriander. After Kalmia walks off, the elder and Coriander explains that all of what Kalmia said was true, and that she wasn't wrong in the least. The two women relate the history of the Zinnia and Kalmia, and Steven wonders if Kalmia just came for chewing out the Draconids. Coriander says no, saying Kalmia would never turn a blind eye to someone in trouble, and that she has people she is close to among the Draconids as well. Most likely she came because she genuinely wanted to help and maybe confront some of the people that she really had issues with. But ended up backfiring and she got so frustrated she recklessly confronted everyone at once and in a fit of anger. Coriander, the elder, and Kalmia's parents all express sympathy, hoping she can find peace after what happened and work through all the issues. It doesn't excuse what the Draconids and Zinnia have done, but they can still hope for the best. Wallace then dismisses Kalmia from the League group, saying that it would only make things worse for her if she stayed. At this point, Kalmia seeks counseling from Melody of the Island League. Kalmia regrets what happened because it only made things worse and didn't solve any of her problems in the end, even if other things did.

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What (or who) is his/her biggest fear? She has the fear of being worthless, and basically having everything she did mean nothing. This also leads to a lot of frustration and she's eventually is at peace with the fact that she isn't worthless when she's away from the Draconids constantly judged by what's going on, but it takes a long time, and all of her issues are not completely resolved by the time Usurping starts.

Any prejudices (race, culture, sexuality, religion, etc.)? She is a bit prejudiced against the Draconids, but only because of what happened to her there. She's also a bit frustrated with the league, and the trainers there, but only after seeing Kristine get framed, and the issues are cleared up after the truth is found out Kristine is acquitted.

Political party or beliefs, if any: doesn't really have one but is an ally of the league, and used to follow the ways of the Draconids.

Does s/he believe in fate or destiny? Is s/he superstitious? She's not very superstitious, although she does get a bit more belief in destiny after meeting Kristine and learning about the Angels.

Character's greatest strength: her kindness and compassion, as well as her ability to care for others.

Other good characteristics:  is noted to have perseverance, and keeps going regardless of what happens to her, even if the cold changes or she has to take a break because of a setback (such as with the trainers journey and the decision to battle).

Character's greatest flaw: she likes to help others, but is frustrated when she can't. She also tries to help others based on the help she has received, but it's hard not to get burned out.

Other character flaws: has problems with her sense of self worth and still has work through effectively running away from the Draconids (even though people do explain that getting away from the bad situation was a good idea, and making a new identity is perfectly valid). It also hurts her to see someone she helped fail, or at least struggle. Unlike Kristine, she has no trouble displaying or controlling her high empathy, but as a result, gets burned out faster because she tries to help everyone with their problems.

What are his/her own favorite attributes (both physical and personal)? Her kindness and her ability to be empathetic towards others, as well as her skill with caring for others and Pokémon. For physical attributes, she likes that she can completely disassociate with the Draconids and be her own person.

What about least favorite? Hates that she disdains combat, and her own weakness. She also disdains that she isn't a popular person among the Draconids compared to Zinnia, even though she mainly keeps to herself.

Are these feelings accurate? Yes

How does s/he think others perceive him or her? (And is this accurate?) She thinks others perceive her as a kind person who cares for others, even though they might perceive her as weak. These feelings are mostly accurate, although not a lot of people perceive her as weak. One her past as effectively a runway and someone with an identity crisis is revealed, people start to wonder how many of her actions were because she was running away and because of that identity crisis without her even knowing.

Biggest regret: Her biggest regret is not being able to stop Zinnia and convince the other Draconids that she had problems. While Zinnia seems to be stopped and killed late in the Kristine's original journey, certain shenanigans in Usurping bring her back much stronger than before. Thus, Kalmia sees this as her second chance to destroy Zinnia and stop the crisis in the regions once and for all.

Other regrets: While she doesn't regret getting away from a bad situation or making a new identity when it comes to what happened her with the Draconids, she does regret that she was effectively running away from everything without realizing it until Clair forced her to get help. While she is able to get help via Melody (from Pokémon 2000; she's a psychologist in the island nations here), she acknowledges that she still has issues with it and very well always could. She's also aware that the issues might not have been as bad if she hadn’t run away and let them fester. Another regret was what she eventually does when she decides to stand up to the Draconids. When they eventually ask for help from Hoenn Champion Steven, his friend Wallace, and a few other members of the League, Kalmia goes with out of a genuine desire to help and also to confront the others. When the Draconids ask for help, Kalmia points out that they have no right to act like the victims, and angrily reveals who she is, what's been happening, and explains that what happened with Zinnia and the conflict in the regions, as well as what happened to her and the damage that caused was no one's fault but the Draconids’. No matter what the Draconids’ do from now on and what happens to Zinnia, there will always be infinitely remembered for what she did and that they caused it. Kalmia is so angry she yells at everyone present, including her parents and Coriander. After Kalmia walks off, the elder and Coriander explains that all of what Kalmia said was true, and that she wasn't wrong in the least. The two women relate the history of the Zinnia and Kalmia, and Steven wonders if Kalmia just came for chewing out the Draconids. Coriander says no, saying Kalmia would never turn a blind eye to someone in trouble, and that she has people she is close to among the Draconids as well. Most likely she came because she genuinely wanted to help and maybe confront some of the people that she really had issues with. But ended up backfiring and she got so frustrated she recklessly confronted everyone at once and in a fit of anger. Coriander, the elder, and Kalmia's parents all express sympathy, hoping she can find peace after what happened and work through all the issues. It doesn't excuse what the Draconids and Zinnia have done, but they can still hope for the best. Wallace then dismisses Kalmia from the League group, saying that it would only make things worse for her if she stayed. At this point, Kalmia seeks counseling from Melody of the Island League. Kalmia regrets what happened because it only made things worse and didn't solve any of her problems in the end, even if other things did.

Proudest accomplishment: she is proud of her accomplishments as a Pokémon Breeder and getting the title, even if she can't use what she learned due to the chaos in the regions.

Other accomplishments: she is proud of her accomplishments in Pokémon Contests as well, as well as what she has been able to do in battle. Later on, she is proud of her attitude as a Pokémon Ranger. There may be other ones, including her physical hobbies, as well.

Quirks: doesn't really have any at the moment, but that doesn't mean they won't appear over time

Character's biggest secret(s)? Who else knows (if anyone)? Originally, one of her biggest secrets was that she was part of the Draconids and trying to get away from all that. Slowly that secret is revealed until it becomes public knowledge. Once that secret is revealed, it becomes that she was one of the first to know about Arceus and the Angels, especially in regard to Kristine's power and standing. She was also among the first outside Trainers join the Shadow Chasers, and become privy to their operations. Once Kristine's identity as an Archangel is revealed, that secret becomes public knowledge. After that, secrets are limited to the smaller, more personal things, such as her loneliness, her desire to conflict it stronger because of what happened to her, her burnout, and even a bit of jealousy and frustration.

How does s/he react to a crisis? She usually tries to help others as much as she can. She tries to stay calm and get to the bottom of things, and work alongside others. But that doesn't mean she won't be upset or distressed but some things.

What usually causes the problems in his/her life (romance, finances, friends, rivals, colleagues, personality flaws, health, etc.)? Her main problems are caused by the issues with her personality (including things like loneliness, constant desire to be stronger, and hidden jealousy), the problem with the Draconids and Zinnia, trying to figure out a career despite not liking to battle and being in the middle of the regional chaos, creating a new identity separate from the Draconids, and trying to solve the crisis in the regions, or at least assist those who can.

What would s/he most like to change about her-/himself? Why? She wishes that she had the desire to battle and love of combat that Zinnia, Kristine, and many others have. However, Kalmia also quickly acknowledges that if she had the love of combat and desire to fight, that would still be other issues like what happened to Zinnia. Furthermore, she knows from Kristine's experiences that love of combat and being good at battle does not mean there will be enough interest, options, or skills to make a professional career. Additionally, Kahili has the same problem and one of the reasons that she took up Ranger work was that being a professional battler simply wasn't enough, and even though being able to compete with golfing helps, there'll come a point where she won't be able to practice the sport anymore, either just other obligations or just not being physically fit. Older Rangers can cut back on the amount of time they spend patrolling if that happens, but an athlete, especially one that doesn't compete constantly (which she doesn't do to her duties as the champion and desire to compete in other things) doesn't have that luxury. She needed a fallback, and so that's what she did. Kalmia realizes that even if she had the love and desire to go into combat, she would have still ended up in either of those situations and would've had to work things out. So it might not have been any better than her current situation, or even worse.


Write a paragraph (~100 words) of the character describing him/herself:

Probably not going to do this part because I don't know the character that well and the other parts describe her just fine.

Short term goals: Wants to stop Zinnia and the crisis in the regions, as well as figure out her own identity and a new career or combined with the old one.


Long term goals: it's the same, aside from stopping the regional crisis, and adding getting over personal issues.


Does s/he plan to achieve these goals,
or does s/he think they’re unrealistic? She plans to achieve these goals, although she acknowledges that it will take a long time and she may fail at some parts. However she wants to keep going and do what she can, so she continues.


Will others be affected? She knows that many of her enemies will be affected (obviously), but her allies will be affected too. She hopes that this will all be positive, or mostly, and that as many people will benefit as possible.


What if anything is stopping him/her from achieving these goals? There's her enemies, her own doubts, and the fact that it will take her a lot of time. Not to mention that there will be a lot of changes and issues along the way that she has to be prepared for.

What event or occurrence does s/he most dread or fear?

Aside from the general feeling of plans not working out, she both looks forward to and dreads the system of trainers changing. On one hand, it will stop all the issues that are going on, but on the other there will be a lot of strife and resistance, and it may take years before anything significant comes along.

What does he/she actively work to gain, keep or protect?

 She actively works to pursue her goals, keep the peace of the regions, and protect her allies. She also hopes to protect herself so that she can find her place in the world and make a difference there.


Which person in his/her life would s/he most want to emulate? Clair, although the former tells her to just be herself. She admires Melody's abilities even those he chooses not to be a psychologist herself. She also admires and is friends with Elite Four Glacia. She admires Glacia’s calmness and ability to train her Pokémon against what they are weak to in order to build resilience and tries to do the same. She also enjoys being around Darsna of the Kalos Elite Four, as she is one of the few members of the dragon clans not to judge her harshly.

Which person in his/her life would s/he least want to emulate? Zinnia, although it takes a little bit to come to that conclusion. Just like people that are very word to others, even if they have the others’ best interests at heart or mean well. Therefore, people like Agatha of the former Kanto Elite Four frustrate her even though she respects the woman's strength and accomplishments.



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Just a bit on some of the notes I'm taking:

Usurping: reasons to have only one region (longfic/book)


ü  Easier to keep track of

ü  less Pokémon and people to work with

ü  easier to write and just be done with

ü  Kanto is my favorite region based on locations alone (since things like evil teams and what's available changes in traveler)

ü  mimicking less of things like the anime, which is a problem if all regions or even multiple regions are explored (protagonist would be similar to Ash, even if she had her own problems and backstory)

ü  plot does not drag or become cliché as I go through the regions (filler)

ü  allows the plot slow down and to focus on the more personal parts of the journeys (such as training, being a Pokémon Ranger or breeder, fusion battles, contests, switching out Pokémon, psychological problems and getting help for them, special training techniques such as Kasa’s Ditto, stadium fights, water dances in cerulean city, practicing stealth and other military techniques with Lieut. Surge, etc., Battles with rivals)

ü  don't have to constantly think of new rivals and traveling groups or decide who goes or stays

ü  the plot does not require being in a specific region due to not having the elite for in the champion as the final goal, or completing the Dex

ü  the main protagonist has already done this, and has got nothing out of it, so she doesn't want to do it anymore

ü  other people have their own goals unrelated to that, so they won't be aiming for it even if they've never achieved that goal

ü  the villains are not confined to a single region (silver rebels) and could still travel there to take down the main protagonist, as she is their main enemy

ü  while taking them down is one of the things that the protagonists want to do, it's also mentioned that one of the main issues is reforming the system that caused the team to emerge in the first place (it's a bunch of in actuality spoiled trainers that are taking down they believe is a broken system, not seeing themselves on the wrong despite using terrorism techniques)

ü  symbolically, it parallels Mold Breaker Kristine’s journey and Holly’s much better

ü  Holly rushed through her journey, didn't take the time to bond with her Pokémon, didn't get the knowledge to travel, and ultimately failed

ü  Christine took her time, part of it involves bonding with her Pokémon, had the knowledge to travel long ago, and eventually succeeded

ü  only issues is that I would have to use a lot of things like flashbacks and counseling techniques to show the importance of the other regions

ü  I would also have to make sure I didn't rush my plot points and got all the plot points I wanted and were relevant to the story

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Zinnia’s resurrection and the mechanics of ghosts

ü  decided to the character Zinnia resurrected after she was revealed to die from her own vessel powers in Kristine's thoughts in the end of Holly Rising

ü  realized that it would be fitting for her to die and do the things she did, but I also wanted her to do more as a villain

ü  this is especially relevant with Kalmia and the two contrasting each other, as well as with the role Zinnia was supposed to have originally

ü  originally wanted there to be a Zinnia from another world where she succeeded in goals without Kristine and Kalmia to stop her

ü  realize that wouldn't work too well because I would have to create a new backstory, Zinnia was likely to get herself killed that way, and it would remove almost all sympathetic traits and complex motivations

ü  Zinnia’s issues that she still loyal to Kristine and her friends, but in a twisted way that turns her to villainy

ü  it's similar to what happens to canonically, but in there she is loyal to herself and her tribe, and she is not quite as extreme

ü  she believes that she is right in replacing the League with something else, that Kristine is controlled by someone else and brainwashed from the get go and she has to rescue her, and that she's doing all of these things in Kristine's name since Kristine herself is too terrified to do so or can't

ü  she's not entirely unjustified bathing in that, even though it's all disproven and she goes to extremes that hurt many people and far too harsh

ü  she believes that even in the end, and he never resurrection when there is clear proof that isn't what's going on

ü  Zinnia's resurrection has to do with the concept of ghosts in Traveler

ü  Ghosts are restless spirits of the dead that appear several times for many reasons

ü  the mechanics are not well explained, and they seem to have reasons of their own for appearing

ü  one is Holly’s Inciaroar appearing to warn her and the Revenant of Prof. Pine’s betrayal

ü  there are mentions to be ghosts from the attack on the radio tower that cause damage in the backstory of Holly Rising, and the living were otherwise attacked

ü  spirit speakers tried to calm them, but were also attacked

ü  the Revenant’s dead Pokémon, as well as the Pokémon trainer Wally appearing lavender to scold her for what she's doing, but they are not seen despite their presence being felt

ü  ghosts appear in Diary in lavender, Sinnoh’s lost tower, in Azalea after the radio tower attack, at the end of Gracie's regional arcs, and in burned tower, though it's unknown how canon all this is

ü  Kristine can take a form similar to a ghost, and in early notes it was mentioned Catlin could as well

ü  the latter part of Holly risings plot revolves around a ghost still in the mortal world, having escaped from the afterlife and using and abusing magical powers to fool most of the mortal world

ü  said person is seen as an actual ghost when she is found out

ü  the character Aster appears as a ghost to the character Kristine, but since she died young, she appears as someone older and doesn't appear to be able to communicate with anyone else even if seen

ü  Kristine being haunted by the dead or noticing Levi still hanging around is mentioned

ü  it is noted that ghosts can pass through solid objects like walls, can interact with the living world somehow, and even damage people

ü  spirit speakers can calm them down, but they're not always successful and can get attacked themselves

ü  they can take whatever form they like, although most of them use the form they were in when they died

ü  it's unsure what causes ghosts to around and if they can go to the mortal and the spirit world freely

ü  most of them have something else they have to finish, or can ward off the call to go to the afterlife

ü  some of them seem to still the bond to the mortal world and use that (such as Levi playing and battling with Gracie in diary, but also asking her to help his former trainer)

ü  ghosts may also come from the future sometime but their interaction with people is more limited in their easier to dispatch (only seen in diary)

ü  there's a chance ghosts may possess people, but this may be limited to ghost Pokémon and certain bonds with them, or just unusually powerful spirits

ü  in Zinnia’s case, she doesn't realize that she has done anything wrong, and believes she's in the right and helping Kristine in her own way

ü  Kristine realizes that Zinnia is a ghost, but there's nothing she can do about it because the latter doesn't understand what she did is wrong and that she has to face punishment, and doesn't accept that she's dead

ü  since Zinnia is a dangerous spirit that could hurt many spirit speakers and has, no one wants to negotiate with her, including Kristine

ü  furthermore, by the time Zinnia is killed, Kristine doesn't have the Archangel person couldn't use them simply to force her into judgment

ü  by the time she gets them, she's back into her mission with Arceus, and by the time she comes back, Zinnia has been revived

ü  therefore, at this point it's too late to do anything about it, and they've acted while she was away with her being the only one able to stop it, and now she can't

ü  she sees that is even more failure, and frustration

ü  she can't even attack Zinnia, as she is forced into more missions for Arceus against Maria, allowing Zinnia to gain power and prestige again and making her more dangerous than she was before

ü  ideas that Alain, from the Pokémon anime, really is working for Lysander instead of just seeing him as a businessman and eventually joining the heroes

ü  he more or less takes the place of Malva and partially the scientists, since the former is good from the start and is with the League from the beginning

ü  she's only really with team Flare when she infiltrates them to try and help the League bring them down

ü  however, Alain is more genuine, and causes more trouble

ü  eventually, he realizes Lysander cares little for him or most of his subordinates, and betrays him

ü  he also takes Xerneas’s blessing for himself after freeing it from Lysander, which allows him to use its power once

ü  people aren't sure what is going to do with it, because he is an worthy of any legendary Pokémon despite being a powerful trainer

ü  doesn't seem to be particularly close to legendary Pokémon or any sort of supernatural power, either

ü  instead of joining the protagonists, he has had run-ins with the League and is disillusioned with them and bitter

ü  as a result, he joins the Silver Rebels, wanting to take him both the League and Lysander (and succeeding with the latter)

ü  he then uses Xerneas to revive Zinnia when Kristine is a way when it is revealed the former died

ü  this makes him more respected within the Silver Rebels despite his being older

ü  it's not known how Marin (girl with a Chespin who Alain befriends canonically) will factor into this

ü  there's probably a chance she will have some sort of identity crisis, because she is close to Alain but does not agree with the actions of the rebels


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Notes about Professor Pine

ü  originally started out as an economist

ü  story focuses mainly on her research as a professor, but also probably on how all ties into her background and might involve her using the economic skills

ü  this field was chosen for several reasons

ü  one that it is listed alongside fields involving scientists, and I wanted something scientific because she is a Pokémon professor

ü  most Pokémon professors are presented as scientists, or involved in the scientific community in the Pokémon world in some way

ü  part of the series is learning how the Trainer economy works, and how to reform it

ü  it would make sense that she would have some knowledge of it, or maybe some resentment towards how it's run, or even directly working to get rid of the issues using the knowledge

ü  idea that the Pokémon professor duties is something she does currently instead of it or plans to eventually do it on the side when things have wrapped up or at least slowed down in her research (especially since some economists have teaching side jobs, and it's not known if she will be a teacher of anything or has been at this time)

ü  it is considered to be a degree that's growing fast, but also a lot of schooling and making a fair amount of money, which she acknowledges

ü  Pokémon professor is more of a title, recommendation, and duties passed down, although there can be schooling for it

ü  this is because some professors are younger, and too young to receive a PhD (such as Sonia in the Galar games, Kukui in Alola, Hop in Galar as an assistant, and Gary Oak in the anime)

ü  some of them would be the age where they would be just finishing, or seem to be there, despite being respected authority figures in the Pokémon world (Prof. Elm in Johto, Krane in Orre, Hale in the Pokémon anime).

ü  the games have confirmed that the position can be recommended/passed down to someone who has a lot of knowledge and skill with Pokémon

ü  example is with Sonia inheriting Magnolia’s research and position in Galar, Hop being selected as Sonia’s assistant and a possible successor after she sees his succession and kindness towards Pokémon, and Gary Oak and his connection to Prof. Oak and his power in battle

ü  some sort of schooling must exist, however, as Prof. Oak would have to know a lot about Pokémon to perform his tasks and gain the fame that he does, and Prof. Rowan is mentioned to be traveling everywhere to broaden his knowledge

ü  Prof. Pine is noted to be powerful batter, to the point where she may have competed in competitive battling, and is confirmed to have many Pokémon in the present day

ü  her main and first Pokémon is an Absol named Katrina, who has the ability to Mega Evolve

ü  at some point, Prof. Pine is recommended to be professor because they're battling prowess and knowledge on Pokémon

ü  this is after she has finished her economics training

ü  she accepts because of the fame and prestige, as well as the ability to learn more about Pokémon

ü  she admits she felt pressured into it, but figured it wouldn't hurt to accept the offer anyway

ü  unfortunate, because she didn't start off that way, she is not sure what she wants to study

ü  the Pokémon league is building a lab in Viridian, so she moves there

ü  her deciding what to study after thinking it over for a while, and wanting to study teenage trainers is what kicks off the plot

ü  it is also stated that team rocket tried to recruit her because of her power, but she refused

ü  when she learns about what the silver rebels have done and how they have destroyed the evil teams by forcing the League to fight with them, she believes they got what was coming to them, but wish the end didn't have to torture almost everyone involved, including her allies

ü  like the rest the cast, she's not into supernatural abilities, and does not have any

ü  this makes her unaware of certain things, like cloning and what happened to Amber, or the full extent of what Christine has done previously

ü  interestingly, she is a character that Kristine opens up to (other than Anne, who she knows and who vowed to help her before, and Rui, who does it because of her occupation)

ü  she does it through a series of writings, similar to a diary, and is implied to be or eventually turn into the story itself

ü  at first, Prof. Pine is unsure of what to do with it, but choosing realizes that the reason Christine wrote that way is because she wanted people know what is happening to her and felt comfortable sharing

ü  she is also the one who first starts huffily publicly realizing Kristine's other talents, and wonders of the world and focus on them instead of her Pokémon powers somehow

ü  her first name is Julia, and she eventually starting using on the journey at some point after losing her lab

ü  she considers a fake name, Adelle, and actually does use it and Holly rising

ü  unknown if she uses here

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Plot points and character goals

ü  different characters have differing goals and plot points as well

ü  each character has their own goal and reason for traveling, including the overarching reasons for traveling on the quest

ü  involves only Kanto, but may also involve some of the side games (since the islands are their own region)

ü  Orre is big enough to be its own region, so it's not counted amongst the islands

ü  Ferrum is also within Orre, due to its similarities, or could be from the islands if the locations are added

ü  geography would not really work anyway, because it's a desert and not an island

ü  side games used in the islands: Sevii Islands (from Firered and Leafgreen), orange islands (anime location), Declore islands (anime location), New island (anime location, possible location for the Pokémon league), Pokémon trading card game (both games), mystery dungeon games (all), Pokémon Ranger games (all), Magikarp jump, Pokémon Duel, Pokémon rumble (all games), Pokémon Café mix, Pokémon Masters (up to the most recent completed story arc), and Pokémon snap (both games)

ü  there may also be some elements from games that were not used (such as racing from Pokémon Dash and the attractions from Pokepark)

ü  it's likely the characters may just do some of the side questing there (such as visiting the different areas, Kristine running races or doing ride Pokémon skills, Kalmia working on her Pokémon Ranger skills, etc.)

ü  The goals of the different characters are as follows:

ü  overarching plot: stop Maria and the Silver rebels

ü  destroy/reform the system that cause the Silver rebels and runaway trainers in general to become so much of an issue in the first place

ü  complete or at least get closer towards their own personal goals, with everyone having their own reasons for journeying even if they overlap with someone else's

ü  Kristine = figure out her mental health issues with the help of Rui

ü  fulfill her mission from Arceus about gaining much is missing in terms of being unable to connect with Pokémon individually and not having a traditional trainers journey, figure out the fusion and full extent of her powers, as well as getting help for her mental health issues (Arceus does not say this directly, only saying finding what is missing or gaining what is missing, but Kristine can fill in the blanks, or gaining what Maria lacks, so that she may take her down alongside the other versions of her that died that did because of their powers or otherwise via destroying her soul without destroying anything else)

ü  getting over her past failures and having a successful more traditional journey (as she has failed five times to date, the first being original journey before usurping, the second being when she first goes the world of Holly rising up until the end of that book, the third being when she goes back again with what would've been a sequel but is not one-shot and is unable to stop Maria from gaining more power especially with Ultra Necromza as that version’s Kristine, a third time when she stops the creation of Maria and Holly's murder in that world, of fourth time when she is almost kidnapped by one of Tierra’s gym leaders and chooses not to go on a journey at that time because of not knowing how to adapt things and her bad health, and a filed time when she was working on getting a degree and career during the journey, only to have none of that work out even though she got the degree at the end of it)

ü  figure out how to make fusion easier to use, so she can potentially unlock the full power of Arceus without having the issues she does with exhaustion and being limited in what she can do with that and what Pokémon she can use for it

ü  figure out to the other aspects of her powers, so that easier for them to be interpreted and they don't make her uncomfortable (such as the nasty nosebleeds when she's instinctively drawn to supernatural power sources)

ü  create relationships and make as many friends/substitute family along the way (such as her rivals and Erika)

ü  not let any of her allies die (this was going to be part of her mission from Arceus, but that would be a bit too predictable and might be hard to do depending on the definition of an ally)

ü  find a new career after her old one failed and she's shown not to be keen on ones that involve using Pokémon for a living (although she will still do them, and both her Pokémon Ranger and research assistant jobs are still active and available to her when she comes back and she still in the process of finding something, as confirmed by those in charge of those areas)

ü  enjoy, strengthen, find new, and continue her Pokémon hobbies (which is why she doesn't want to have Pokémon as a career)

ü  Anabel = help stop the plight of runaway child trainers and groups like the Silver rebels, both as someone concerned for them and as the leader of the international police force

ü  train Holly's former Pokémon as members of the international police force and powerful battlers (namely Torracat and Growlithe)

ü  offer training to anyone else that wants it (namely, Kalmia and Amy, although there may be others)

ü  help Kalmia with her mental health problems and make her stronger in combat (she also provides encouragement to Kristine in the former, but since Kristine already has other characters helping her, Anabel is not as important there)

ü  Lucy =

ü  helping out and about with their international police force work and the problem of the runway trainers

ü  making something like the Battle Frontier or otherwise where trainers can train to become stronger and learn battle survival skills (which is effectively what her version of the Battle frontier is)

ü  teaching different strategies for battle or things involving Pokémon that are not related to battle (mainly to Kalmia, although there might be others; worth noting that Lucy's original occupation other than the Battle frontier was a hotel manager, which doesn't require using Pokémon as much)

ü  capture as many Pokémon as she possibly can to make stronger, but particularly interested in Giratina

ü  reason being is that Giratina is a snake, Lucy likes snakes and she currently doesn't have a legendary Pokémon, unlike most of the other Frontier members

ü  she is really interested in being a vessel or any of the magical abilities, so she says those who are worthy of that can keep it

ü  instead, she's just interested in using the power for traditional tasks, and more or less using it for something within society that can be seen (since Kristine fusion can't always be)

Kristine is reminded of a story where a Grim Reaper takes the dead to a resort if they have been kind of life (something from one of the Sims series), and wonders if Lucy’s Giratina will be like that, but she didn't say anything

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ü  Anne = wants to reform these system for supernatural power users and out-of-control abilities

ü  is a neurologist, and because supernatural power affects the brain, those with supernatural power are expected to learn how to treat supernatural power users and issues relating to that

ü  this is why she has a lot of experience on the mental side of things as well as some of the physical, although she admits in terms of treating mental issues, with things like psychology, she is not the right person to go to and often refers people there or works with specialists in the field of controlling them

ü  instead she would get more physical treatments (medication changes, medical testing, environmental changes) or trying to figure out what to do based on a patient's history

ü  this is also why she can help Kristine with their fusion powers and more physical aspects of it, including different combat techniques, but in terms of the psychological aspect of it, she leaves the specifics to people like Rui and Sabrina

ü  however, she is a good listener and compassionate, being able to analyze things although not mathematically

ü  she also is a bit taciturn, but the ability to listen and be compassionate helps with both her traveling companions and her patients

ü  originally, Anne was set up to be a psychologist, but I realized that would make her passive, which conflicted both with what I wanted her character to be and who she was in her own game

ü  she still has some the psychologist elements thanks to supernatural abilities being based on things like emotions, as well as probably things involving neurology as well in some cases

ü  she gets dragged into it anyway because she is a powerful supernatural user and Pokémon battler, similar to Molly Hale

ü  like Kristine she became one of the strongest Pokémon battlers of her time, but also didn't want to do that as a career, unlike Nia

ü  she can understand that Kristine is thinking about when she talks about that

ü  Anne thinks that the system should be reformed because right now the system is just about controlling the supernatural powers without really focusing on why the supernatural powers went out-of-control in the first place and thus never really solving the problem

ü  additionally, a lot of it is emphasis is placed on things like psychic psych wards and lots of supervision and less agency, which in turn fuels the resentment and frustration and makes things worse

ü  people who don't fit the mold are ignored, such as just Kristine, or forced to be something that can't

ü  people who do fit the mold but are afraid of consequences or wish for their powers to stay avoid treatment, and there's even more issues (such as Alister and Bea, particularly in the case of the former and his anxiety causing disastrous consequences)

ü  Kristine is also a lesser case, actively avoiding treatment believing that shall belong in a psychic psych ward, which he doesn't because this might ask six over par being voluntary, she is not a danger to herself or others despite being extremely uncomfortable and always ask for help

ü  there could be of idea of treating them as people, making it clear that they do have a place to go and should get help at the first of time trouble, and that it won't be an issue if they do

ü  focus more on the physical realm, such as monitors, service Pokémon, medications, medical testing, and even looking up other brains are effective and what to do this

ü  possibly even early detection, so issues can be treated before they arise, as opposed to when they do, or even preventative measures

ü  this puts her at odds with Molly Hale, who is a powerful supernatural user with anger problems, and was in a psychic psych ward in the past (Sabrina’s, which is part of the reason why she took her as a student)

ü  Molly Hale is one of the people who believes that they can cure Kristine's issues with not being able to directly use supernatural power, that it is psychological (especially since Kristine does have psychological issues despite them turning out to be unrelated) or Kristine being lazy/defiant, train her become a typical supernatural user, and have her be Molly Hale’s successor

ü  this was what would've happened to Kristine's character originally, but I realized it went against a lot of what she built up, and it would have taken a lot of training to do that, with ambiguity as to whether or not she would've been even able to have that power (since the anxiety she has will never truly go away)

ü  this is what Anne points out, along with the fact that she uses supernatural powers little differently and spent her life creating an entire system where she could function like a normal trainer, and that it would be foolish to give that up even if it was possible and the fact that she did that isn't hurting anyone

ü  what should be addresses the fact that she is noticeably uncomfortable with her powers function like a magnet, and eventually are uncontrollable, then focus on making it so she knows what to do when that happens and therefore lacks discomfort

ü  Anne also points out that she is constantly asking for help, but since she's not harming anyone else, no one is helping her when she asks, no one knows what to do with that type of power, and is unwilling to figure it out, she's unable to communicate what's going on, and she's scared she will be railroaded into something

ü  it's almost pathetic, as the psychics and other supernatural powers pride themselves with helping issues like that, for an issue comes up, they can't do anything or won't

ü  she goes on to say that Molly helps probably the least qualified to help Kristine, because the powers don't match and Molly Hale still has anger issues from her youth use that pop up, even if she doesn't cause any damage with him

ü  Anne is dismissed because of her idea, but also because of your background, and the idea that if she deals with the physical realm, she didn't possibly know what's going on mentally with a psychic, untapped the fact that she is younger than most people

ü  she still keeps her stance, though, and is later proven right when Kristine's issue turned out to be physical (side effect of Arceus’s powers, and there's no cure, but when she did could have very well been because of it and to compensate) and there is no cure for it or way to turn those powers off

ü  it comes out that things would be better in time of peace, but says they won't be because conflict can break out at any time, even something like a simple argument, and a lot of her powers don't rely on conflict to happen (such as running out of magical power trying to move around and having no other options, acting as a magnet around supernatural powers)

ü  Anne points other people like her are fighting themselves, so this shouldn't have to justify themselves to the people that are supposed to help them, especially if they're trying not to cause damage in the process

ü  it was all that Kristine is being controlled or otherwise does not have her own powers, but that was proven to be incorrect, with their powers coming from something resembling a permanent fusion with Arceus

ü  Anne ends up strengthing her case with what happens to Crystal

ü  points out that Crystal had issues with depression on the journey, anger, and generally having a lot of issues on the journey, as well as being in her sister, Lyra’s shadow (on top of Lyra betraying the regions for Team rocket, and later the Silver Rebels)

ü  this caused her to make the reckless decision to become the vessel of Missingno, leading into uncontrolled powers that killed Kristine's Mimikyu Mallory and injured many others

ü  although they tried to get her psychological help and supernatural help in a psychic ward, Crystal only felt worse and was eventually freed by the Silver rebels

ü  the Silver rebels then manipulated her, and used her anger to have her brain was all the league and force them to destroy the evil teams

ü  it would have kept going, if Kristine had not freed the members of the league allowed them to escape

ü  cases like crystal’s may have been helped by reformed system that caught issues like that before that happened, but the system currently doesn't and that was the result

ü  she's also notice what happened when someone, possibly Crystal, but Zinnia can also do this, destroys a large amount of property and possibly Pokémon to make it look like Kristine loss control

ü  Kristine is horrified because she does not lose control it would mean that she would end up in jail

ü  this was all for the psychics to recognize what was going on and get her help, but she would be getting help for the wrong reasons

ü  Anne thinks that if someone had figured out how to resolve those situations in the first place, those situations would've never happened

ü  she admits that many of those people are not victims and have made some horrible choices and should not be seen as a business, yet at the same time, the league and the system is not completely blameless and should be reformed

ü  Crystal is confirmed to survive the final conflict, so she may be one of the ones of us to confront her demons under the reformed system

ü  Zinnia might also, because the others believe that she will always see her actions as in the right, won't understand why she's being punished even in the afterlife, wasn't entirely unjustified and doing them, even if she went about it the wrong way, and cheated an early death the first time

ü  she also will never have any regret over what she did, unlike Crystal who does, and quite emotionally

ü  it's not known what will happen if Zinnia is kept alive at the end of the conflict

Silver and Leaf will probably die, because they're completely corrupted, spearheaded everything, and can't really go back

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From the prologue to receiving the starter:


Prologue: The Fallen Child (Kristine’s dream from the route 3 Pokémon Center explaining the past)

ü  named after the song from Undertale

ü  also known to be one of the most eerie and terrifying songs in all of videogame music, and most certainly within the game

ü  this is the theme of Chara, a human child that fell into a underground world ruled by monsters

ü  though Chara is integral to the game’s story, the player will hardly ever hear this theme

ü  the reason is that this team only plays one the player has gotten the worst ending and cannot go back, getting a tainted save file to ensure that they can never get the best ending

ü  Chara has passed away before the events of the game, but their death is a major story component, and their spirit still lingers on

ü  gender-neutral pronouns are used to describe them most of the time, because the gender is never revealed despite the character being seen

ü  when a second human child falls into the underground (Frisk, the player character), it's implied they fall into the area where Chara died

ü  it also implied Chara’s soul is still lingering there and latches on Frisk, seeing their journey with them as they go through it

ü  some theories say that Chara’s soul possessed Frisk at this point, and the character that goes through actually is a resurrected Chara, but there's not a lot of evidence to support that, especially in the bad ending

ü  regardless, the player find out that Chara has a lot of lingering hate and issues that may have led to their death, despite having a good relationship with the monsters in the underground and being adopted by the royal family there

ü  Chara can either work through all the issues and be at peace depending on the player's actions as Frisk (best ending), have the hate and issues validated/made worse (worst ending, and subsequent runs for the best), or have something in between and have the chance to go back and try again (any of the other normal endings)

ü  if the player chooses the second option by going for the worst ending and killing every monster they come across, this theme will play at the end

ü  Chara finally appears in person, both congratulating and mocking the player

ü  Chara reveals that they are the one behind the player getting stronger in battle (even though the game makes clear that's not what the player’s supposed to do), and every time they did, Chara gained more control and power

ü  at the end, Chara has been fully brought back to influence the living world, despite dying several years earlier

ü  Chara also hates the world of this point, never having gotten over any of the issues that led to their death in the first place

ü  they asked the player of the want to destroy the world, seemingly presented the choice

ü  however, regardless of the choice the player picks, the world will be destroyed anyway, ending the route

ü  if the player tries to back out, Chara will mock them for thinking they ever had control

ü  in both cases, they completely possess Frisk before destroying the world

ü  from then on, there will be dialogue changes explaining Chara’s thoughts felt the story

ü  if the player goes for the best ending, an addition to the ending will be shown where Chara takes control again

ü  even though the intent of the best ending is to complete the game with everyone alive, Chara is shown to kill everyone and destroying the world anyway, being pleased about it

ü  there is no way to avoid this ending, aside from using third-party software to make the game think the player had never completed the worst ending (and there's limited options available on that front)

ü  thus, even though the theme refers to Chara, it is also indirectly refers to Frisk as well

ü  Frisk has fallen as in gone against everything the game is tried to teach them, and then followed literally when they die from Chara’s possession

ü  it fits well with Holly and the Revenant as well

ü  Holly has fallen as well and that she completely disregarded everything she stood for before and eventually died by the revenant's hand

ü  also in the sense that the revenant has done the same, and just like Chara and Frisk, she has controlled everything and fooled everyone

ü  even though Holly thought she was in control, the revenant was always in control, and was only demonstrating that when Holly was murdered

ü  revealed to be a nightmare, not a vision

ü  Kristine dreams about Holly and the revenant in what would have been the third book in the series, at the end of Kalos’s Victory Road

ü  she is behind the Maria after being trapped by her, and was only able to get out after confronting her failure as the Grand Champion

ü  she is behind Nia as well, and has let her go on ahead

ü  she walks in just in time to witness Holly's murder, and the fusion as Maria

ü  alternatively, her visions tell her of everything clearly, even though she is behind, or she got warped away and saw it

ü  regardless, she sees Holly said something like she'll do anything for the cause, or whatever it takes

ü  the revenant holds hands, smiling with the two having received the power of Xearnas with the revenant forcing it and taking out all opposition (fighting off Diantha, possibly killing Malva)

ü  at that point, Yueltal tears destroys Holly internally (it's as though she's hurt physically, but the damage doesn't stay because it's all internal and magical) but without actually doing a damage to her body, and her soul is torn out, killing her

ü  Maria then uses the power of Xerneas to take over Holly's body and merge it with the one she created from Yuveltal, looking like an older version of Holly

ü  this also allows her to live again without needing Yuveltal or otherwise appearing dead, as Holly's soul is ripped out, but her body is intact

ü  this also grants her immortality, Via using Xernas’s powers and she can’t be killed normally (e.g. without Kristine annihilating her soul via absorbing her and using the power of Arceus)

ü  decides to destroy Yuveltal and Tulip, having Holly and Ultra Necrozma as replacements

ü  because she's able to provide Necrozma with relief from the pain that it has via what appears to be the crystals and Tulip's power, but is also Yuveltal destroying the pain and the incompleteness (restrictions that prevented it from transforming, as long as it fuses with her body the way does with other Pokémon) and giving a safe area without destroying her thanks to Yuveltal, as well the need for light, allowing it to be absorbed into her body, craft Ultra Wormholes whenever she wants, and use its full potential

ü  this also allows her to become something similar to a vessel, although she's not explicitly called such

ü  unlike other vessels, she can just transform directly into her Pokémon, instead of just melding with its powers

ü  Xernas’s ability allows her to give it life, making it so that it can survive as its own creature without needing Yulveltal or any other power to transform and permanently taking the pain away

ü  this makes the Pokémon loyal to her in gratitude, and she starts using the form publicly but still only does things in the shadows so as not to alert others

ü  the Ultra Recon Squad are also loyal to her, having tried to stop the Pokémon’s pain and failed, and also believing the mold breaker to be behind the distortions

ü  once they figure out that they have been deceived, Kristine knows they will fight back, but it will probably be too late because she can easily overpower them

ü  the dream shifts to Darkari trying to get Holly's soul, and she can instinctively feel herself moving towards it

ü  Maria uses Xernas’s power to revive Holly, but in a twisted dark forms that is loyal only to her (zombie)

ü  might be others too, but the focus is on Holly

ü  Holly realizes it her Kristine really is and is screaming and trying to get away from it, but it's far too late

ü  Holly’s Kristine forces her to go and attack the others, including Nia, although she's specifically avoids Kristine because she knows Holly can't do well against her

ü  Maria is finally getting revenge on the world she believed wronged her, and there's nothing Kristine or the others can do about it

ü  it may also include the final confrontation here, with the idea of Maria then destroying everything Kristine knows and cares about, by nudging the silver rebels along and escalating the conflict that's already there

ü  however, in the end on Kristine’s failure, and the revelation of that

ü  the inspiration of Pokémon Emperyan and what happened to its rebellion, as well as what was originally going to go down, with the other Kristine being good and the plant succeeding, but then things failing as both she and Holly realized it didn't really take care of the distortions of someone else had that issue, or the power still fell into the wrong hands, until being jealous of there being another version that avoided all that heartbreak and was just now setting on what should have been a successful journey, might still be mentioned

Holly's death being something I always want to do, to demonstrate she is still a child despite all her power, and it fits even better because she was manipulated and didn't realize what she was doing with only half complete information or nothing all, until was too late; in the original, it was that she couldn't really act as champion and couldn't stop herself from getting in trouble or being kidnapped, and was killed in combat, but brought back at the expense of that Kristine's life, the heartbreak Holly suffered along with the revelation that they didn't really stop the issues in the world led to Kristine never peacefully passing on, Holly freeing it, them combining to become that version of Maria (which probably wouldn't have been as powerful and might've just looked like Kristine) and becoming one of the main villains, bringing everything to the same conclusion but in a roundabout way, and because of the misguided intention more than anything

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There is the idea for Kristine and some of the others to start in pallet town to say goodbye to everyone (pallet town, gone there via teleportation)

ü  Kristine's relationship with Blue, Red, etc. is explored here

ü  it is also revealed that Kristine completed the Pokedex entirely, but summoned in the Pokémon she needed using Molly Hale’s dream world

ü  was the only way I could think of Kristine doing that in the Pokémon world despite me having done in legitimately in real life a bunch, but it's also based on real life

ü  in real life, in some cases, Pokémon were generated in

ü  most obvious example would be the Missingno glitch in red and blue, but also using the game shark in complex crystal when some Pokémon that were supposed to appear did not

ü  another version would be with the Pokémon transfer apps Bank and home

ü  these apps allowed me to save and store progress from previous games, and since I would have a complete or near complete Dex from there, it was very useful

ü  whenever I needed to complete the Dex or have Pokémon for a specific task, I would simply transfer the Pokémon that I needed, without ever capturing the Pokémon for the game the transfer was taking place in



Kristine captures her first Pokémon, and Kalmia may as well, Kalmia may also practice Ranger and battle techniques, Kristine's fusion might be shown off (Route 1)

ü  Kristine's first captured Pokémon is a Rookidee, and she has her Pokémon using improvised False Swipe to capture it with the back of the blade

ü  Kalmia may capture a Pidgey and a Nicket

ü  she may use her Ranger techniques to do so

ü  the logistics of Kristine's fusion can be shown here

ü  the idea that right now she needs a Pokémon itself or a power source from someone else to use it

ü  when it comes to Pokémon, she can only directly use ghost and psychic Pokémon, and has to have these Pokémon possess something else while they're possessing her in order to use other Pokémon (such as Erika’s Kartana being possessed or held by Sabrina’s Gengar [Black Fog] in order for her to use both the powers)

ü  in both cases, it uses a lot of Kristine's magical ability, but especially so if it's in the latter situation because she is effectively using her abilities twice

ü  if she's using a power source from someone else or even from a Pokémon, she becomes an entirely new being separate from them or herself

ü  this also makes it so that the essence or original power source is knocked out, it won't affect her

ü  this also makes her extremely strong in this form, able to use Pokémon attacks directly

ü  Anne and Prof. Pine both wonder if there's a way for her to use any Pokémon, instead of just being limited to certain ones, and not using as much power so it's less dangerous

ü  furthermore, the two of them realized that she knows what Pokémon attacks and spells is supposed to look like, and what she is supposed to do, despite not having the ability to directly use them

ü  so it's mostly the idea of words and thoughts, with the ability to fuse with things and having a source of power doing the rest

ü  there's the idea of using an essence of Pokémon or person to fuel the power and having the power within her instead of a Pokémon or person directly

ü  this will allow her to have the abilities, but not carry around a bunch of Pokémon to use like weapons out of necessity, or just carry around the ones she likes

ü  this would also mean that she wouldn't be dependent on another person to use her abilities or even a Pokémon, although she could still fuse with other things if she wanted

ü  for example, she could have the ability to fly like a bird Pokémon, but wouldn't necessarily need a bird to fly, and would just need to know how to fly and could gather the power from an essence of a bird Pokémon inside of her (like typical magical abilities or skills)

ü  it would still be fusing, but it wouldn't be using a living being and casting directly

ü  there's the idea of having her capture a lot of Pokémon, but she's already done that and that's led to a lot of her problems

ü  not to mention it would be impractical to try and take care of them all as individuals, even though people have, and it's probably not something Kristine wants to do anyway

ü  there is the idea work in the writing talents in somehow, but no one's entirely sure how

ü  comparisons to Molly Hale are made, including Kristine as the successor, but it's pointed out that Molly needs the power of the Unown to do what she does and usually doesn't bring her results back to the real world, or can't

ü  her results are also fleeting, and sometimes disappear

ü  Kristine would be dependent on nothing but her own power, and

ü  there's also Molly’s Hale emotional issues, which Kristine doesn't have, at least in the same way (pointed out that her supernatural power has almost nothing to do with them, where's Molly Hale it does)

ü  there's also idea of making her more comfortable when her supernatural power is not controlled, which Molly Hale couldn't figure out how to do or didn't want to

ü  Molly being spoiled is pointed out, whereas Kristine seems like she's anything but

ü  in the meantime, this is Kalmia's jealousy starts to occur

ü  Kristine is receiving attention because of her issues, and has everything Kalmia wishes she wanted and had

ü  but it's only because of other problems Kristine has that she is receiving more attention, while coming as proms are rather ordinary even though they are seemed more directly

ü  it's pointed out as such, but someone notices something is wrong even though Kalmia keeps it to herself

ü  Kahili does admit Kalmia is decent, but that her heart still lies somewhere else, which upsets her

ü  this is even worse considering Kristine's Ranger skills are fantastic, but it's also partially because of her Arceus powers and she still isn't all that interested


Viridian city

ü  (unsure what to put here;

ü  Kristine learns more about Scarlett, Azure, and Gracie,

ü  learns that Ivy on the next route, may be time to play with their Pokémon and Pokémon citizenship and many other things in the trainer house,

ü  especially since Daisy’s here and she can teach them contest techniques, and there might even be a contest hall there

ü  training up in battle as well, especially for Gracie with a Pokémon as a trainer

ü  this may be the first idea fusion battles with Anne, and tulips first battle appearance

ü  Ivy and Zossie may also be here, a bit of Prof. Pine backstory is revealed

ü  Gracie's fear of the young trainers failing, especially those that are under her protection

ü  Kristine might capture Ditto here, and will most certainly have it before the first Gym (catching tutorial)

ü  Kalmia may capture Poipole as well, although Kristine can't stop thinking of Kligharrah from Holly rising

ü  relationship with Gabriel and Tulip might be explored as well

ü  this may be a chance when a different character pops up, like one that's not from the region, or Christine receives communication from them (such as with Morty and Jasmine)

ü  Ivy and Zossie decide to head to Route 22, and the others follow them there

ü  similarities to Ditto are here, and noted by both Prof. Pine and Anne

ü  ditto being her Ranger's partner, if she even uses the Ranger abilities at all is also unknown

ü  a contest battle and/or Ranger abilities would be seen on screen

ü  Kristine, Kalmia, and some of the others fight off against each other in practice, although Christine still wins because of her experience and talent

ü  when she is taken out of the equation, it's Kalmia that wins, although barely

ü  Ivy is a close second

ü  Kristine may do what Wallace does in Pokémon Special as an undercurrent challenger in both cases

ü  in these cases, experienced Pokémon users go up against less experienced ones

ü  the experienced Pokémon users cannot win, but they can test as to whether or not the inexperienced Pokémon users are worthy and can receive the prize

ü  things like the police training or the golf training can also appear here

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Route 2 (after viridian)

ü  Kristine captures a Vulpix here, having a full team (Zacian, Ditto, Luxio, Rookidee, Bulbasaur, Vulpix) before the first gym while her opponents have the same

ü  Kristine most likely get the vision of fire burning, but no one knows what that means and it's most likely thought that it refers to her new Vulpix

ü  Scarlet and Azure may be in the route at this time, and Clair stops by to go see and protect her cousin Lance

ü  Kalmia gets annoyed because of her history with Clair, but Espeon helps calm her down by allowing her to sort through her thoughts

ü  Clair is disappointed that Kalmia has to use Espeon, hasn't worked her issues, and still has a grudge against the League, but is glad that she is receiving help and restarted counseling (although her counseling will most likely be offscreen)

ü  Forest fire scene, but the first idea doesn't work

ü  this is because it would be extremely out of character for Kristine did not realize the danger, people train in the forest all the time, and never have any issues, and Pokémon can control their attacks

ü  plus, Kristine would most likely consider the forest fire as a possible option and it would take a lot of lightheartedness out of the chapter

ü  another option is that Scarlet, Azure, Gracie (or rather, Gracie's Pokémon), and Kalmia all train together

ü  everyone has a fire type, which means that Kalmia will get hers earlier, and that's because the forest fire

ü  Kristine is reluctant to go, but Scarlet convinces her that it is safe

ü  another possible explanation is that someone got injured because of a fire attack from someone else

ü  finally, the explanation that I’m most likely to go with is that the training goes well and things are lighthearted

ü  Kristine sense to relax, thinking that perhaps her visions were wrong or whatever crisis that was averted

ü  however, Scarlet convinces everyone to join themselves as in training magical power

ü  Scarlet and Azure have Shifting Gems, and Kalmia might as well

ü  Kristine also uses her fusion powers, specifically if there was a breakthrough before in the idea of her using her fusion powers without the help of this psychic or a ghost (e.g. fusing with Vulpix or any of the other fire Pokémon)

ü  Kalmia is mainly healing and support, but also stamina, as well as the power a of hidden Dragon

ü  Azure and Scarlet have similar powers to each other but with minor differences

ü  they can use different elements, but only in a basic form

ü  Zossie might be there as well, training with the magical ability she got from Molly Hale

ü  someone's power, probably Scarlet's due to her excitement and naïveté, eventually is misnamed or goes out of control, causing the forest fire

ü  this then re-creates for Kristine saw in her vision, and she is devastated

ü  she can’t use the technique of freezing the flames and then absorbing them because they're moving no matter what and this time their people caught in the middle of them while they're moving

ü  it's a tying in to Holly rising, especially since a lot of Holly rising is not shown on screen

ü  Kristine uses her fusion powers to bring forth the massive amount of rain

ü  this results in a storm where every inch of the fire is put out, but the rest of the group is drenched as well

ü  this leaves the group cold and wet, at risk of hypothermia, and Kristine is low on power

ü  the other adults show up, having done some other training or being unable to find them

ü  several people, particularly Molly Hale, Clair, and Anabel are furious

ü  everything is explained, and Kristine still has immense guilt over this, particularly with both her teaching and Ranger backgrounds

ü  Kalmia’s jealousy also still fade, and she stands up for the others and probably against Molly Hale and everyone else

ü  the idea of the out-of-control power or someone not controlling their abilities too well is brought up by Anne, and the idea that Kristine knows a lot about supernatural power, and is an adult, which is why that was suggested

ü  the same thing happens, although since Kristine directly stopped it, she was praised for her actions and also helping her with Cheyenne because no one died or was even hurt because of her quick thinking

ü  there is talk about supervising the others, but the children all immediately turn against Molly Hale and the others, with them threatening to turn them into the league if they try anything via the trainer laws (and Azure almost following up on that)

ü  Molly Hale also learns about Zossie running to Kristine for help and teaching, even though the latter is uncomfortable and has limited knowledge

ü  this is because Zossie is upset over how Molly Hale is treating her and her anger problems

ü  it's good noting that Zossie does have issues with bouncing around and not having the best attention span, which annoys Molly Hale and makes her angry

these problems also present themselves in the games, with her traveling companions getting annoyed, but since they're in the middle of a direct conflict and instead of trying to teach her something, they just move on

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Giselle's Pokémon = Jolteon, Keldeo, Gliscor, Aromatisse, Druddigon, Escavalier, confirmed to have a transformation on Keldeo, possibly Z-move or Dynamax if Kristine uses all her healing, Christine is confirmed to use Dynamax on Bulbasuar to beat Gliscor)


ü  Things start going awry at Sable

ü  Giselle meets with Kristine, the two have a heartwarming reunion, and Giselle decides to battle

ü  she leads with a Keldeo, and Kristine with her Luixo

ü  there is a mention of one Pokémon master another, and if Christine is worthy of legendary Pokémon, and will use one in battle, then she may as well too,

ü  use of items is explained here, with limits on how many items can be used, depending on the opponent uses and the type of match

ü  with Giselle, it's three

ü  this is a game matches from going on for a long time because someone is items stolen, which happens in the games

ü  also, if a trainer is item stalling against another trainer, the trainer has the right forfeit

ü  in real life, someone item stalling would be seen as annoying at best and incompetent at worst, even though there's no penalty for it in the game

ü  it's because it's a strategy that can be used regardless of the player or the Pokémon, and doesn't require much skill

ü  in many runs, players sometimes handicap themselves on how many items they can use, especially if their opponent does not use items, which is often

ü  some fan projects and challenges outright ban items in battle as well

ü  also, in usurping, battles are played as those set mode is on (player does not get a free turn to switch knocking out the Pokémon, and cannot see what their opponent will send out next)

ü  I figured this made more sense in Traveler’s world because trainers simply wouldn't wait for opponents to pick the Pokémon

ü  in Holly Rising's world, battles operated on shift mode a lot of the time, because that's what I'm used to playing

ü  I also needed battles to move fast, and Holly to have an advantage because it was writing for an RP

ü  as a result, I also didn't think of the world building aspect of it

ü  however, in this version, Kristine has also no such advantage, and I don't need to write battles quickly

ü  it also makes a lot of sense, because a lot of experienced players play on set, and Kristine is an experienced trainer

ü  regardless, when Giselle sees she is at a disadvantage, she switches out for a Jolteon

ü  Kalmia suddenly looks angry, and Prof. Pine notices and asks, but Kalmia doesn't say anything

ü  Kristine has predicted the switch, and has a Pokémon use Ice Fang

ü  however, Jolteon still seems to keep going, despite not being able to dodge the strike or dodge it completely due to being switched in

ü  Jolteon is faster and then uses Swift, which injures Luxio

ü  Kristine has Luxio use Spark as a shield, trying to get rid of some of the Swifts or at least mitigate the damage

ü  when she tries to call for another attack, Bite, Jolteon Double Kicks Luxio in the face, preventing it from striking

ü  Luxio is knocked back, and Giselle seizes the advantage

ü  at some point, Kalmia leaves the audience, and Anabel just think she doesn't have the stomach for a lot of combat or something this intense

ü  she decides not to bring Espeon with her, as Kalmia needed some privacy and the Pokémon was enjoying watching the battle

ü  she orders Jolteon to aim a Signal Beam, but suddenly the attack is deflected and Jolteon is knocked out

ü  it's revealed to be hit by another Pokémon, a Tyrantitar, and there's a voice yelling the word stop

ü  people are unsure with going on, but if is a fine let out a gasp when she realizes it's Kalmia

Kalmia is outstanding in the center of the battlefield, or near Kristine, and her expression is murderous

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Zossie gets the idea for everyone to battle each other, and the others oblige (viridian city trainer house)

ü  Zossie notices how uncomfortable everyone is, and decides to have everyone battle in order to blow off some steam and get to know each other

ü  she thinks about a battle royale, but it's pointed out that would be a bit chaotic and Kristine would be a disadvantage (having only one starter because of her starter’s strength and because she's not really thinking about getting any other starter at the moment

ü  her first battle is against Kalmia

ü  Kalmia starts with Riolu, which surprises Kristine, but since Mimikyu can be considered a powerful Pokémon, it may be saved for later

ü  Kristine is wary, knowing that she only has physical moves and Riolu may have the move Counter, which reflect them back at her

ü  she's not sure what level this Riolu is, but knows that most Pokémon of its species don't start out with the move

ü  regardless, she'll have to be careful, and orders for Pokémon to use Sacred Sword

ü  Kalmia triumphantly tells her Pokémon to use counter, but Riolu doesn't execute you the move because it doesn't know it

ü  it is still able to block the attack (counter it other than the move) but it shown to be weary and confused

ü  Kristine thinks that Riolu can know that move near the start of its training, so must a been an easy mistake

ü  Kristine has her Pokémon try sacred sword again and Kalmia tells Riolu to use Force Palm

ü  Riolu once again does not execute the move, and this time Kristine is confused and concerned

ü  Force Palm is a move that Riolu does not know at the start of its training, as someone who knows quite a bit of a Pokémon, Kalmia should be aware of that

ü  she knows that Kalmia is weak in combat, but she didn't think she was that weak

ü  Riolu is still able to block the move, but is getting worn down

ü  Kalmia then is told to use a Dex with a silent function in order to figure out what moves the Pokémon has, something she regards as embarrassing

ü  it's even worse when she realizes her only offensive move is quick attack, which is very weak and moves her towards the opponent

ü  she's able to do some damage and make the battle last with speed, but loses

ü  her next Pokémon, Mimikyu, only has scratch, which doesn't do much better

ü  she also has Copycat, which he tries to use, which falls to Metal Claw

ü  she erroneously believes the Pokémon has shadow claw, which Kristine notes can be learned by Mimikyu at that level, but only with man-made help

ü  she wonders if Kalmia just needs to brush up, but the professor gave them all Pokédexes so that shouldn't happen

ü  Ivy has a much easier time, and Kristine does struggle a bit with only one low-level Pokémon, even if that Pokémon is stronger than most

ü  Kristine realizes that even though Ivy does not have as much experience as Kalmia or as much experience in battle at all, she knows what Pokémon she has and what strategies are available to her based on that, and can formulate a response

ü  for example, she has trouble with the fact that she doesn't really have any advantage even if she might have the higher stats, numbers wise, and most Pokémon battles aren't exactly a numbers game (even though she admits that things like video games and simulations are)

ü  for instance, she has a problem against Popplio and the fact that it can use water gun to strike from a distance, when she has no distance attacks

ü  she manages to win, but not without taking some damage

ü  Dratini ends up being even worse, as it has Thunder Wave to get rid of any speed advantages Kristine might have, which it lands

ü  it also uses Leer and wrapped to do damage, and Christine wins, but barely

ü  Kalmia is shown to be acting strange, but only Prof. Pine pays attention

ü  Ivy might also notice something with Nia, but that you don't get a chance to say anything before it's dismissed

ü  Kristine herself seems to enjoy the battle and congratulate her opponent, although and then Prof. Pine do not miss the confusion and a bit of frustration that happened beforehand

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Prof. Pine’s lab is destroyed by Maria, and she joins the journey (Viridian City)


ü  Kristine suddenly has a vision of the lab being destroyed

ü  she flashes back to what happened in viridian city when she came too late, and watched as many people were killed and things destroyed

ü  she realizes what's about to happen and has Mickey, her Hoopa, store everything in its other dimensions

ü  she then has everyone evacuate the lab

ü  after that, a huge Golden Dragon, Ultra Necrozma, appears in the sky

ü  it summons an Ultra Wormhole (light that burns the skies), and prepares to the destroy the lab with it

ü  Kristine tries to block the Ultra Wormhole with her own powers, but fails, and the lab is destroyed

ü  Prof. Pine then realizes this is what Kristine meant when she said she couldn’t always control Ultra Wormholes, not that her powers with them could not be controlled

ü  at the time she said the line originally in knowledge, her powers were uncontrolled, but she kept them a secret

ü  she explains that in most other timelines, her powers were uncontrolled and cause damage, if she didn't go insane from them

ü  up until recently it was believed her powers were uncontrolled, but the aspects that are do not harm others and only cause her discomfort and no damage

ü  it would be easy for the Ultra Recon Squad to trick Prof. Pine like that, and many people would be none the wiser or know absolutely nothing

ü  Kristine reveals the history of Maria and her Ultra Recon Squad, including the fact that she is behind the distortions

ü  the Golden Dragon is noted to be looking straight at her when the attack happens, and when their eyes meet, there's some familiarity, which the others pick up on

ü  Kristine then has a dream or nightmare about Maria being among them, but doesn't know what it means or why would be there

ü  it's something about the large group being separated, or something bad happening to them, but Kristine so doesn't understand why, how, or what

ü  it's later revealed it's referring to Kalmia, and that she's starting to go down the path of Maria, but no one really understands that yet

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