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https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13488858/1/survivors - divergent AU. The Exegol attack goes very differently as Ben and Rey face off against Palpatine. The planet screams.

And for the non forum member's fic, I nominate https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10680240/1/Harry-Potter-the-First-Nemea-Leonthrope

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Idk if its early or not, but for this time I have something new that unfortunately didn't get my spotlight as I thought it would.

Red Dreams White Light is a one shot for the fandom of Nier Automata (again), someone that reviewed Worthy of Love gave me an idea for this, asking to see A2 living through a nightmare, though I turned it into a different way than this person wanted. Its set during the third part of the story, and not post endings, and I might have gotten a tiny bit violent with it too.

I have a version both on Archive and FFN, no preference to the site as it got no reviews at all anywhere.



EDIT, adding a second one I just finished.

Second Chances Always about Nier Automata, a different take on the ending, if 9S had never been infected, and if A2 had refused to fight him at the top of the Tower.



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I'll nominate a short fic I've been working on this week:

Time After Time: A short little romance piece I wrote. It's AU so doesn't require much knowledge about the show. It's also M rated so if you don't want to read that, stick to chapter one which is very much just team bonding and a horrifying mascot to rival Gritty.

Summary: Kai, the captain of a jinxed ice hockey team, hasn't seen his girlfriend in 51 days. Unfortunately, after scoring the game winning goal that brings his team to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, that time apart is about to extend. With the rumour of a new contract coming, Kai needs to choose between his underdog team on the upswing or the girl who's always been there for him. 

Tales from the Dojo - Does not require any real knowledge of the fandom either. They're a series of short fics featuring Tyson & Hilary. Can choose any chapter to read, Personally I like 4 and 7, seven is an Uncharted AU idea.

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I'm nominating the first chapter for two original fics, so I know what I'm doing with feedback lol

(Also figured how to make the titles links to the actual stories now)


Shattered Memories- This was my Project 2020 thing, and my main project. As I'm currently writing the epilogue, I'll be redrafting soon so want advice. This chapter has already been redrafted to fit my current writing ability. 

Summary (copied from Archive, not representative of the whole thing):  Life is not easy when you have no idea who you are. It's even more difficult when you're sharing your body with someone else. Rosa has had the voice of an eccentric being called Rio in her head since they both woke up five years ago with amnesia, and with zero idea how they are bonded together. In a world that is darker than it seems, Rosa can only hope that she can keep her sanity as they're plunged into the sea of chaos and lost memories together.


Battle Cry of the Sunbirds- My newest story, that I might share more of, probably. This is still a new concept so advice is nice. 

Summary (again copied from Archive and terrible): What would happen if God was not infallible? With an almighty but foolish young God in charge, the noble birdfolk are often left to resolve their Father's mistakes. However sometimes that responsibility can be debilitating, as former general Prince Niko is forced to learn. Thankfully his best friend Ace, warden of the underworld, is there to help him pick up the pieces, even as the world begins to slowly fall apart.

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I'm giving this event a miss as well. Things were pretty hectic over the past week with my mother having to go to hospital and all that I haven't really been in the mood for anything.

But things are on the recovery now so I'll be ready for the next event (10-11th of April)

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Taking nominations for the next event taking place over the 10-11th of April!

Just remember, nominate two stories of yours you would like reviewed.

If you are contributing a story, please review another member's story too.

If you aren't contributing, feel free to join in anyway!


I haven't decided what I am nominating yet, but go ahead and nominate yours!

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https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13851060/1/contamination - Tag Tamers AU. Instead of Ken being possessed by Millenumon, it was a plucky blue Victory Digimon. How will the heroes compete with a Digimon whose sole purpose is to win? Gift fic for Higuchi.


And for the non-forum story, I recommend this one: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10680240/1/Harry-Potter-the-First-Nemea-Leonthrope - An accident during Harry's fight with the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets leads to a whole new life that he could never have expected. Now armed with a new power and inclined to make more friends of the female nature. Harry Potter is going to take the Wizarding World by storm as the first of a new kind of Magical. No Yaoi. No Slash. HarryxHarem. Creature!Harry.

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All right. Here are my two



Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and Tyson still doesn't have a date. Julia offers some advice to the champion beyblader because no one should be alone on Valentine's Day.

LINK - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13817661/1/In-Search-of-Love



Lance confronts Silver after the double tag battle in the Dragon's Den. Why does he dislike Silver so much? He couldn't possibly be jealous over a girl, right?

LINK - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13652803/1/Now-and-Forever


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Turning A New Leaf- I'm nominating my Pokemon fic again as I've just finished a new chapter and would always love feedback on how it's going, if you've already read a chapter then feedback on the next would be appreciated especially in regards to character interactions and pacing. 

Summary: After losing her partner Meganium four years ago, Amber gave up on being a Pokemon trainer. However when Professor Birch gets attacked and she unleashes his Treecko to save him, a bond starts to grow. On her journey, she crosses paths with many strange individuals. And maybe, one day she'll meet the man who took her partner from her. (Inspired by Pokemon ORAS and Emerald)


Shattered- This is a Google Docs file linking to the first chapter of a spin off I want to try. It's set only to comment mode so if you have any overall thoughts you can just PM me (preferably on Discord unless the inbox here no longer has limits) 

This isn't the same as the earlier nominated Shattered story, and revolves around four young adults that share a brain cell. This first chapter cuts between depressing moments and teenagers acting like teenagers so warning that it may cause emotional whiplash. 

Terrible attempt at a summary- Former human (now demon) Storm finds himself haunted by the childhood he had abandoned and whilst struggling to communicate his feelings, he finds it coming back to bite him. 

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I've got a few days off so I'm getting a jump start on the reviews if that's okay but I'd like to nominate the following:

No Sacrifice No Victory: 


A high school beyblade fic, inspired by my love of the Mighty Ducks


Straight Lines: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13647535/1/Straight-Lines

This is a companion piece to NSNV and an experiment into scene building and relationship development with my OC. 

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