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Weird messages on FFN

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So we know fanfiction.net is full of weird people, and every now and then you get random messages.

I suspect most of these are spambots.

I've had authors tell me they have a life-threatening illness and they need funding.

I had someone tell me they were looking for a friend because they're are transgender (Person randomly tells me their entire life story).

Then I get a few beta requests. Most recently I had someone from the Digimon fandom who accused me of being snippy with them because I turned down their request (apparently I was very rude lol). You can read the message below. I suspect they are a young teenager with a overemotional response like that. I guess they found 'sorry' at the start of the sentence as extremely condescending and sarcastic.



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2 minutes ago, Seafoam nightfall said:

Strange... I often get messages like "Google this" or "Google that so you can see my cosplay in my site or blah blah." I don't reply to them but delete the message and simply block their IDs. If they don't create any problems I would simply reply.

Oh yeah, I think there are a lot of spam bots around. I get a few dating requests too.

The screenshot I shared above though was a legit person. A very sensitive one it seems.

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