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Valentine's Challenge 2021

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With it being mid-January, it won’t be long until it’s Valentine’s Day so it’s as good as any time to use our creativity to create some fun works of art. Whether that’s drawn/digital art or written art.

So the theme is obvious here- It’s love. You can’t have Valentine’s Day without fluff and love hearts. However if you’re not a shipper and can figure out to write/draw a platonic piece related to Valentine’s Day, that’s perfectly acceptable too. Be as creative as you want.

This can be with original characters, or characters from whatever book/game/show you love. If your shipper heart supports a rare pairing, it’s your chance to promote it and turn others to the dark side ;)

There are only a few, rather relaxed if I do say so myself, rules to this challenge.

-Written pieces should be 2500 words at the max. Lower limits are to your own digression. It’s okay if you go a tiny bit over 2500, but no 5000 word epics please.

-Nothing should be sexually explicit. Sex jokes are perfectly good, sex jokes are fun. But even if I do ship it, I don’t want to read about Archie and Maxie from Pokemon practicing their dick puppetry.

-If you are viewing other people’s work, please refrain from starting a shipping war. On that note, giving feedback to other members’ submissions would be greatly appreciated.


As a way to promote our forum and seek out new members, submissions will be best if uploaded to our Deviantart group here: https://www.deviantart.com/theartistszone

If there are any further questions, you may ask them in this thread. Also posting here if you are participating would be appreciated, so we can gauge interest :D


Yes this is on both Art and Writing, but hush

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