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Beyblade Sub-Forum or Not

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There's quite a few Beyblade fans on here now so I figure now is a good time to raise the question -

Should we have a Beyblade sub-forum (which is basically like a mini forum for Beyblade only) or keep it as is and have these two focused topics:

Beyblade (covers the characters, the anime and manga in a general manner) and Beyblade Fanfiction (focused on the Beyblade fandom).

If you want to make a specialist Character Study of a Beyblade character (for example you want to study Kai) please use the CHARACTER STUDY place.

The Beyblade Sub-Forum would have more focused topics, but there is a risk that threads will die.

Up to you Beyblade fans! Personally, I prefer to keep the threads as they are now and just have focused character study threads if needed.

Please reply to this thread with your thoughts. If I get enough votes, I'll set one up.

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