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Forum and Discord Rules

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Board Rules

Rules are guidelines set in place to monitor the behaviour on the board.

Fortunately, the rules here are very laidback

The rules on The Artist's Zone are quite simple:


1. Respect other members


You are not the only person on this board. You may not agree with the ideas of someone else, but that's no reason to start an argument. We're all entitled to our own opinion, but there's a fine line between bullying and debating.


2. Do not post adult content


There are members on this board that are under 18. Do not post vulgar material with offensive content.


3. Stay on-topic


If the thread is about writing, don't start up a discussion about creating music videos. Stay relevant.


4. Look before posting


Always make sure your topic doesn't already exist. If you have created a duplicate topic by accident, notify a board moderator and they can merge the threads together.


5. Only plain English


Only plain English is allowed. MSN, SMS and other types of informal language will not be accepted, unless it's required for a scene [e.g. character sending an email, a text message etc]


6. Know your role


If you aren't a moderator, please don't try and act like one. Leave that to the board and chat moderators.


7. No advertising


Please don't link to other forum boards. If you want to become partners with us, please PM the admin directly.

This also applies to other forms of advertising - such as trying to selling merchandise.


8. Chat room


We now use Discord as a chat room. Please visit the Discord rules thread for more details.


9. Double Posts


Try not to double post. You may only double post if there have been no replies for in over 24 hours


10. Embedded Videos

You may include up to three videos in one post. Any more than that and it's kind of hard on mobile users and takes up a lot of room.

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Discord Rules

The old chat room inbuilt into the forum was cancelled in 2017 as IPS decided it was a feature no longer used widely.

Discord has now become the main live chat service, and you can join us here >

Of course, a live chat environment means arguments can break out.

The usual forum rules do apply here too, but with some additions.


1. Respect other members


Disagreements will happen, but please try to be respectful of other opinions. Don't try to pick a fight with someone because they don't agree with you.


2. Do not post adult content


There are members on this board that are under 18. Do not post vulgar material with offensive content.


3. Stay on-topic


There are several threads dedicated to specific topics. Please try to stay on topic. 


4. Only plain English


Please use English whenever possible.


5. Know your role


If you aren't a discord moderator, please don't try and act like one. 


6. No advertising


Please don't brag/talk about other servers in the Discord server. Most other servers that I am a part of do not appreciate promoting other servers without specific permission, so please don't do that here either. 




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Warning System

    When a forum rule is broken, board moderators will apply penalty points to your profile.
    Penalties will vary depending on severity.
    The current warning system is as follows:
    5 points - 10 hour ban from all areas of the board
    10 points - 1 day ban from all areas of the board 
    25 points - 3 day ban from all areas of the board
    50 points - 5 day ban from all areas of the board
    100 points - 7 day Ban from all areas of the board
    100+ points - Permanent Ban
    Ex-Banned Members
    If a member has been banned before, they will be contacted by a moderator and the issue will attempt to be resolved via PM or Discord.
    If this person continues to be uncooperative after multiple warnings, they will be permanently banned again.
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    HI everyone. 

    Just writing to let you know a former troublemaker known for committing many offences is back on the prowl again.

    Normally, I'm not into witch-hunting and all, but we've had a long history with this member. They were once a member on our forum and got banned multiple times for committing a range of offences such as: backstabbing, intentionally trying to cause forum members to pick fights with each other, trying to cause trouble for fun, twisting words to appear victim, sucking up to you to get on your side, pretending to have a mental illness to use it as an excuse, making fun of disabilities and a lot of more devious and downright hateful stuff.

    Please be wary. They are not to be trusted. 

    Known accounts thus far:




    This person is a liar, a backstabber, and a bit of a raging sociopath/psychopath with a massive raging hate boner for me.


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