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Nocturna's Thread


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Finally got my hands on a new graphics tablet, so now I can start drawing properly again :D 

Starting simple for now, here's one of the 'practice' drawings I did, more detailed than the rest I've done so felt comfortable sharing. 

This is the Pyro Demon Lord, ShadeFlare, from my Demon Tamers story/game project. Looks friendly but she doesn't start off that way when you encounter her for the first time. 




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So, I decided to start doing comics with some of my characters. These will end up on Twitter and stuff, this is just the rough version right now. It's not going to be drastically changed, just maybe hair colour tweaks and possibly changing the handwriting for comic sans or some shit. Depends on if my handwriting is readable.

The concept of this one is from a 'incorrect quotes generator' but with a little tweak because my art is not the best and I like to make fun of that.



The original prompt was this: 

Kura, in a meeting: My policy is if you see something, say something.
Az: I saw a squirrel in a tree today!
Kura, with the tone of someone who is used to Az: Outstanding.
Kura: This is what I’m talking about people.




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