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Do you envision a time when you don't write fanfiction?

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I used to write for an italian site then when my mutuals left it and no oen else got interested in my stuff I left as well, and didn't really write anything for like years, only just a couple of one shots here and there when I joined the board, like doing challenges and all.

Then last year the writing mood hit me super hard, and my stories became almost double the amount they were as of now, after another year went by.

I ofetn get ideas and everything, and even though I'm slow I can see myself continuing for a while longer.

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I can envision a time like that when fanfictions aren't enough for me, and I dedicate my free time to writing original stuff. I do plan to get published if possible, and the Testament is already this gigantic beast in my mind for several books at least. I do have my dayjob and all, but I'd also like to earn something from my writing.

Wild dream, I know, but one can hope ^_^

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I didn’t write fanfiction for almost 10 years at one point, although I still had ideas in my head and notes I took occasionally. The reason was that I really got into studying professional writing in hopes of teaching it. As a result, I was doing something with writing almost all day every day, and I just got burned out. It wasn’t until about a year and a half after I graduated that I started writing consistently again.

I spent a lot of time bouncing around with different careers until I finally got into professional writing again this past March. The type of writing I got into was business writing and editing, so it’s very different from The type of writing I do for fanfiction and creative writing overall. However, there’s still a lot of writing to do, and if I’m not teaching myself about the different types of business writing so I can switch over from teaching, I’m submitting job applications that involve a lot of writing. So I also get pretty burned out. I have been doing writing on the days that I don’t work on that, but so far it’s only on the weekends. I tried doing writing on the days that I do happen to do some things related to jobs, but a lot of times I can’t maintain it very long before my brain shuts down.

as for whether or not I will ever stop writing fanfiction, I can’t see it. Fanfiction is like a diary of sorts to me, so it helps me a lot with my mental and emotional health. It also helps because i’ve never had a big interest in publishing things like books, so it’s unlikely I will ever do creative writing as a profession. I think once I strike the proper work life balance, something I’m trying to do right now, then I would be able to not have as many issues with burn out.

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Right now I don't. I've been writing fanfiction for seven years and even though I've taken some breaks I don't think that I'll stop writing them anytime soon. I have a lot of fun writing and reading and thanks to them I've met pretty cool people with similar interests. I may quit in a distant future because you never know what life has in store for you but I hope to keep writing them for a long time.

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Yeah, at some point I probably will. I love the instant gratification of it, the built in fandom but I've been itching to write my own stuff again and if that ever takes off, the fanfiction stuff will definitely be dropped. It's not as fun as it was and I find the fandom too constraining, constantly feeling like I'm not writing characters correctly according to the fandom, or writing the wrong pairings, I'd just rather focus on my own stuff. I definitely won't stop writing though.

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No.  I think fanfiction is like my crack. Its my fun stuff. My amusement park so to speak. And when I get readers who follow me or a story ... I make the excuse that I can leave them hanging. Although I have taken a break recently due to real life issues. But even then I had chapters prewritten were posted. (unfortunately I am out of completed material and the desire to write is lagging right now.)  But I think once the grief and personal issues pass I will be right back at it.  

Especially since right now even though the idea of sitting down and telling a story is ugh  I am still getting ideas.   Especially since with lock down I have gone back and binge watched old shows. Or found a new obsession.   K-dramas and C-dramas. 

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