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Carry On My Wayward Son (Supernatural)


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Title - Carry On My Wayward Son


Author - AquilaTempestas


Synopsis - The Apocalypse is looming. God isn't around and no one knows where he is. Demons and angels are fighting for power, and hunters are the only people who defend the world from being torn apart by the supernatural. How many innocent lives will you save, or will you darken your soul and condemn them to death? 


Character Submissions - OC


Number of players needed - No more than 4


To join - Express interest by replying to the thread. Details below:

Name of your hunter and gender - 

Weapon of choice - *sword, crossbow, longbow, gun.* Something that fits in the Supernatural universe *usually guns*

Personality and background information *how your hunter became a hunter etc*


Additional Info

Based on the television show, Supernatural. 

I will control the NPCs. You'll have the chance to make alliances with demons or angels. You'll encounter other supernatural foes along the way. H


Length of IC post

Preferably no longer than a paragraph (that's 4-5 sentences)



The usual stuff. No bunnying. No killing other player characters. You can kill NPCs as long as they're not plot (you'll know if they are).

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Alright, you've peeked my interest with this :) Let's see how this goes, eh?

Name: Adriana Gomez

Gender: Female

Weapon of choice: Glock 19

Personality: Socially awkward and reserved, Adriana struggles with making friends. Even though she doesn't go to the wilderness for sport hunt like before, she still has a deep respect for the hunt and the prey (might change in the course of the story). The mystery of her father's death has left a mark in her, and would rather spend the night in front of her laptop screen investigating than go out with friends.

Backstory: Her family came to the states from Mexico in search for a better life, and was trained a hunter by her father, Mateo Gomez, during the weekends and vacations from school in the wilderness of North Carolina. By the age of 14, Adriana had participated in her first hunt, bringing a small deer as her prize. One day, her father was found dead in the deep of the woods, with bite marks all over him... and his heart was missing. Her mother, Martha, decided it was best for the family to put as much distance between them and the forest and moved up to Los Angeles. The questions built up in Adriana's mind; what was her father doing in the forest that night? what did really happened to him? To this date, with 30 years and a job at a law firm, she is still looking for answers.

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