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Lyrics by AquilaTempestas

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When I was younger, I used to randomly write song lyrics for no real reason.

Here is some of the lame stuff I came up with! Most of these were inspired by Beyblade characters actually.



This one was written about Shira's time with Gutt in Ice Age 4, but could probably relate to other characters too.


[verse one]

All I wanna do is run away and hide

And wish that the ground would open up and swallow me whole

He's always watching me, never giving me any sense of peace

Yet he holds me in high regard

There are days I wish I could jump off this ship,

And drown in the wide ocean because death would be better

This life is continuous hell, my soul burns in fire

Is there anyone else out there?

I scream aloud, I shed these bloody tears

But when I'm within his view

I maintain a brave face and pretend to be tough

But deep inside I'm bleeding!



Constantly rejected, constantly neglected

Is this something I must bear?

Constantly hated, constantly abused

Is this all I'm meant to be?

Oh these wounds cut in so deep, in so deep the eyes can't see

Oh these wounds will never heal, I'm bleeding inside!


[verse two]

I've spent my days living on board

Living with a crew of villainous misfits

Once I was pure-hearted soul, but their influence washes over me

Turning me into something I wasn't

As I look into your eyes

I can't suppress the feeling of fear

It grips my mind, holds me tight

Suffocating me!

I remember the harm you inflicted

The way you pushed me aside

The cut to the face, a punch to the stomach

Death just seems so sweet!




[verse three]

Screaming, raging

Weeping inside!

Crushed, humiliated

Bleeding inside!

Weakling, pathetic

Scarred inside!

Someone save me from this living nightmare!!!



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This one is called Misery. I think it can really be applied to anyone. But yes, more angst!


[verse one]

I once believed that you and me

Were gonna be together forever

But now I realize that was just a fool's dream

Forever will never be

You said you loved me, you said you cared

Whispering sweet nothings into my ear

Comforting me when all hope seemed lost

What a fool I was to believe in you

You played my heart, poisoned my mind

Tore down my defences and left me in ruin

Never came to my aid, instead you sat with her

Making fun of my misery



Misery, is who I am

Broken, I cannot be mended

Despair, is my middle name

Suicide, might just be a good idea


[verse two]

There are days where I feel like I'm on top of the world

But these days are rare

Most days I feel like crap because I simply can't do shit

How useless I am, why am I still here?

Sometimes I wonder what the world sees in me,

A failure, a success, a loser or a geek?

Or do they not notice at all because they simply do not care

Questions I have, but no answers to the ones I seek

I'm a screw up, a failure, I'll never succeed

My path has been chosen and it's laid out for me

The future isn't bright; it was never meant to be

The world makes fun of my misery


[repeat chorus]


[verse three]

All I wanna do is be somebody to someone

To feel like I mean something, to feel some importance

To feel as though there is something to live for

I can hear your scornful comments, see the roll of your eyes

You say all I do is complain

And maybe I should just shut the hell up

But don't you see you and I are one the same?



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This one is about Hilary leaving a toxic relationship with Kai (heh).

Written in 2012.

Without You, I'm Stronger (Beyblade)

[verse one]

Helpless I am, lost in a world of bitterness and despair,

The days seem so long, the nights so cold and empty,

You swore you'd never leave me, but fate was not so fair,

Now here I stand, at the edge of the beach staring out at the sea,

Hoping for a better tomorrow.

[verse two]

You swept me off my feet, captured my heart and I gave you mine,

We traded loving words in the afternoon underneath the sun,

With the sun's rays shining upon you, you appeared so divine,

But the honeymoon period did not last, and soon we were done,

A better tomorrow was not to be.



Everytime you needed me, I was always there

But when I needed you, you left me without a word

And these words that I sing, reflect my pain

Because without you, I'm stronger.

[verse three]

You believed you could shatter my defenses, crumble them into the dust,

In my most vulnerable moments, you'd launch at attack against me,

Destroying my frame of mind with your words, how unjust,

And to think you once made me feel weak at the knee,

Believing in a better tomorrow.

[verse four]

But the past is the past, I will not bear the brunt of your violence,

It's time to make a stand, and I'll fight until the very end,

Through bitter tears and hurtful bruises, I crave the silence,

I'm not going to pretend that you are still a friend,

A better tomorrow was not to be.


[repeat chorus]


Because without you I'm stronger!

Stronger than ever before

The lessons I've learnt

Define who I am

And made me stronger than before!!!

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