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Let the Storm Descend Upon You

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Let the Storm Descend Upon You



You've been released from prison, and you're free to start your new life in the small town of New Farm. You settle in with the community, and slowly try to earn the respect of the people. At first, New Farm seems like any normal town, but you soon become involved in the activities of a dangerous cult.


Character Submissions

OC. I'll need the following details

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Crime you committed (keep in mind the crime you choose will affect the environment. For example, if you're crime was simply a driving offense, then you're not going to be around many vehicles. If you are a murderer, you're reputation will make NPCs less likely to trade with you, but less NPCs will mock you).
  • Appearance


Type of Role-play

Just a wild epic tale.


Number of players needed

No more than 4


To join

Send me a PM. Let's keep your character submissions a secret from the others until RP is ready to go.


Additional Info

  • This will have a sci-fi feel to it
  • Your character is someone with a reputation. People will be warned about you when you arrive in town so you're going to have to do favours for people to earn their trust.


Length of IC post

We're not writing a novel here, so please don't make it any longer than necessary. A paragraph at the most, but if needed, you can write up to about two.



  • No god-modding, bunnying etc. You may know what is going on in the RP, but your character does not know. Keep that in mind when replying.
  • You have a lot of freedom here. But everything comes with a price. For example, you may want to be cruel to a homeless man, but other NPCs may not be too pleased with you



- AquilaTempestas (host)

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I was pretty close to abandoning this the other day. Fortunately, it's still here. Coin flip generator link can be found below. @TJMike She just grins at you again. Perhaps the disease

@Stubborn Saber @Flowered Panda @onewiththewheels @TJMike The warden narrows his eyes at Ayla first. "You ought to watch your tongue, girl. You might not be in prison anymore, but you're sti

@onewiththewheels @TJMike @Stubborn Saber @Flowered Panda Melisandre notes Dylan and Ayla's expressions and chuckles to herself, amused. She then turns to Florence. "Please. She likes being

Name: Catherine


Gender: Female


Appearance: long brown hair with gray eyes, enjoys wearing purple but will also wear other clothes, very late teens to early/mid 20s


Crime committed: Identity Theft


History: Catherine was born alongside her older twin sister Ashley. However, she wasn't truly Ashley's twin, but a clone of the one who was meant to be that person. When the original twin and Ashley’s mother got pregnant, they were told the pregnancy and birth would be difficult, and that the younger twin could die. The twin's parents sought the new and innovate science procedure of human cloning to replace the dead twin should that happen. Fortunately, the cloning was successful, with the being ready at the time the mother was going to have her babies. Unfortunately, Ashley’s true twin ended up dying, with Catherine taking the place as Ashley's sister. She also took the identity as a member of the family, and the name that twin would've had.


At first, Catherine had no idea she was a clone, and was simply treated as another daughter. However, years later, she discovered who she was. However, her parents and sister still saw her as her as a normal person, treat her kindly, and accepted her for who she was. At the same time, she understood what happened and was at peace with her identity. However, parents encouraged her to keep acting as Ashley's sister, since human cloning was not accepted by everyone in the world. Catherine kept her promise, and continued to live a peaceful life.


Unfortunately, the world wasn't as peaceful with her existence, and the deception was eventually found out. People whispered that she had stolen a dead person's identify, and wanted her tried for the crime. However, it was recognized that Catherine had no control over the circumstances of her creation, her birth, the true twin’s death, and ultimately something her parents had done. That, and cloning being a new legal area that did not have many successful cases or laws yet, allowed Catherine to get off without charges and the crimes people accused her of were completely dismissed. However, by this point, Catherine’s circumstances had become common knowledge, and the general populace wasn't so forgiving. Many are still convinced that she committed a crime, and are determined to make sure that crime hangs over her head forever.

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@Stubborn Saber @onewiththewheels @Flowered Panda @TJMike

Chapter One: Welcome to Hell

For the past fifteen years, you've spent your life behind bars in one of the region's top prisons, WarLords Correctional Centre for Troublesome Folk and Disturbed Minds. Many inmates never step outside the walls again - many meet their fates before the firing squad. Those who are fortunate enough to escape death are sent away to an isolated island where they are forced to undertake the new rehabilitation program. It is designed to help criminals find their place within society again. The island you are being transported to is called Savage Island given the name due to the ferocity of the natives that once lived here.

There's only one community on this island. New Farm Town a place which resembles the towns and villagers of the late medieval ages. There are no vehicles here - people are required to travel by foot or by horse to move around. People must hunt, grow and forage for food to fill their stomachs and they must bathe and wash their clothes in the local lake. Candles provide light during the darkest hours of the day. People do not have access to computers and television here. Such things are seen as a distraction. Only the mayor and his wife have access to these luxury items.

The town is protected by a wooden wall of around ten feet tall. There are four outposts - one in each corner designed to allow the guards a decent view of their surroundings. The guards are armed with sniper rifles, one of the few items that remind you that you haven't magically gone back in time. Beyond the fence is a large forest that covers most of the island. There are tall mountains to the east, their peaks covered in snow. Today, the peaks are covered by a low layer of cloud. To the west, you'll find a path leading to Valley of Defilement where you will find the Lake of Silence. To the south is the marsh and the catacombs. Lastly, in the north you'll find the farmlands.

After hours of travel, you land by plane on the sandy shores of the northern beachfront. You are in the company of three other prisoners. Each prisoner has a tape over their mouths, and their arms and legs are bound by chains. The only clothing you wear is a shameful pair of pale blue overalls. The pilot, an athletic fellow with a ginger mullet, looks at you. His eyebrows are so thick they could almost be mistaken for caterpillars. He carries a baton and a Colt 1911 handgun. “Someone once told me that God works in mysterious ways... Clearly, He sees something in you lot worth saving. If it were down to me, I’d have you all facing the firing squad."

He spits at the ground.

"Some call this island Hell itself. A perfect place for filthy bastards such as yourselves. If I was a gambling man, I'd place a lot of money on you lot dying before the week is out. Now, I've been told I can give you your hut number. Each hut comes with a single bed, a small kitchen and a dining area. Catherine, you were arrested for identity theft. You will be in hut number three. Ayla, you were arrested for arms trafficking. You will be in hut number four. Dylan, you were arrested for money counterfeit. Your hut number is five. And lastly, Florence. You were convicted of the murder of an innocent child." He spits at Florence's feet. "There's a special place in Hell for scum like you. You are in hut number thirteen. This hut has a rat problem. Now, any questions before you are escorted?”

You can ask about the war, the rehabilitation program, New Farm Town etc etc. This is lore and information that may help you adjust to your new town and its inhabitants. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more tools you’ll have at your dispense. However, do note that sometimes too much knowledge will make people suspicious of you so you’ll have to be careful.

In the INFORMATION DESK, you’ll find the character profiles of all participants so you can track your own progress as the role play progresses. I'll be updating this myself. These profile sheets will include money earned, inventory, knowledge obtained, relationships and reputation, and quest log. Currently, this will be empty since you have nothing but the clothes on your body. [UPLOADED SOON]

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Florence deeply inhales as the tape is ripped from his mouth.

"That's better." He bitterly exhales. "Your superiors finally saw fit to release me, with my own spit of land no less. How amusing."

With his fellow convicts giving the warden the silent treatment, Florence continued talking.

"I think I'm going to like it here. Tell me, are there any laws on this island? And how many people am I to co-habit this island with?"


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Ayla hissed as the tape was removed from her mouth. 

She'd been eyeing the man's handgun. It was a simple thing.. Not worth too much and certainly not worth her putting on the black market 

"No one asked you what you would do with us. That's why you're a pilot and not someone important. I don't think us four actually care about you bragging. And your handgun... Dime a dozen, get a better gun and maybe then I'll listen to you" 

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"Ah! Much appreciated" Dylan said after the tape was removed rather rudely. "If I were a man who loves to take advantage of fools, I would gladly accept that bet, good sir. Oh wait..." he let out a chuckle.

After most of the other prisoners asked their questions, Dylan spoke again. "I guess it falls to me to ask the most important question here." he stared into the pilot's eyes. "What exactly entails this whole rehab program of yours? I have places to be, and I'd very much like to keep my schedule in place. I'm sure you at least understand the importance of that, being a pilot and all."

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 Catherine stifled a gasp as the tape was removed from her mouth.  However, she looked at the pilot squarely. 

 She had to admit he was right. 

 It didn’t matter that  taking  their dead daughter’s identity was what her family wanted.  

It didn’t matter that she had been found legally innocent. 

 To the public, theft was theft.  And theft was a crime. 

 Innocent or not, she would have to work hard to earn others’ trust. 

 Catherine continued looking at the pilot. 

 She supposed she could be polite. 

 After all, politeness was a way of earning trust. 

 So she spoke up. 

“Excuse me, sir.  I’ve heard there is a war going on. Could you tell me more about it? And  how does this rehabilitation program work?“

 Catherine was aware of someone that already asked the second question, but she figured voicing it again would let pilot see how important it was. 

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@Stubborn Saber @Flowered Panda @onewiththewheels @TJMike

The warden narrows his eyes at Ayla first.

"You ought to watch your tongue, girl. You might not be in prison anymore, but you're still a prisoner here, you got that? I can't kill you, but there's nothing to stop me from shooting you in the hand or the foot. Such talk won't be tolerated here and the faster you get that through your tiny brain, the better for you."

He then turns to Catherine. 

"Like this one here. This one is smart. You could learn some manners, Ayla."

He pauses again, then continues.

"This place is called Savage Island as you know. Two hundred years ago an indigenous tribe known as the Urai-Kahtai lived here. They were peaceful people who cared deeply for nature. The governor at the time... El Paso Francesco. He wanted to eliminate the savages because he thought they were inferior humans. The military came in and killed them all. It was a slaughterhouse. Everyone died. Not a single native survived. But it's said their spirits live on and the governor's forces were killed shortly afterwards. The plan was to build a thriving community here, but they decided to turn it into a place for criminals instead."

He clears his throat.

"The laws are tough. Step out of line and you'll be punished. Do as you are told and you'll be paid for your efforts. There's fifty people who live on this island. Some are criminals like you lot. Others have chosen to live here to help out with the rehabilitation program. How does it work? You do jobs for people. Help this community grow. You'll learn to be law abiding citizens again and you'll be allowed to head back to the mainland."

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 Catherine tried not to shudder.

 It sounded like a frightening place, with little room for error. 

 But if she could earn the trust of the people here, then maybe the mainland would understand what was going on.  And then they would trust her. 

 Catherine repressed another shudder  as she realized something else.


 The key here was not to turn into someone else,  but to accept  and form  her own identity, apart from the one she had lived  in Ashley’s place. 

 That must have been the reason she was brought here, legally innocent as she was  and as harsh as the circumstances were . 

 That would also explain why others saw her as a criminal,  because they knew no matter what she had  never existed apart from the identity she had stolen.

 It would be difficult, forming her own person, and she wasn’t sure how the world would take it when she returned.  After all, everyone knew from legal records that she wasn’t  considered a criminal, and she suspected the people here did too. 

 But she felt she could become her own person, and she  figured this island could be her starting point. 

 Catherine couldn’t explain it to the pilot, though.  It would just bring more confusion.

 So she simply replied. 

“Thank you, sir.”


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"Rehabilitation? Hahahahaha!"

Florence couldn't help but laugh at the wardens explanation of how this programme worked. Fifteen years he had been locked behind bars, locked in prison cells and solitary confinement more times than he cared to remember; calling this rehabilitation was the height of hubris.

"You don't need to express concern for my health, officer. I'll survive, one way or the other. Now, if we are quite done here, take me to my new home."

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So that was why the rehab program ended up in an island. If what the pilot said was true, and not some invented fantasy to scare every new batch of 'guests' that arrived to the island, they had balls to dub him and the other inmates as "criminals".

Back to more pressing matters and given the nature of his crime, he was sure he could get a deal in order to reduce his time on the island.

"One more question for you." Dylan said. "Is the time we spent on this..." he looked the surrounding area. "... lovely island of yours, corresponding with the nature of the crime committed?"


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@Stubborn Saber @Flowered Panda @TJMike @onewiththewheels

The pilot just frowns.

"Eager to get to your rooms? Better start walking then. We'll have to walk through the forest path to get there."

He starts heading towards the forest then stops, turning around to speak once more.

"Punishment varies from person to person depending on what you did... Course. It also depends on the mood of the island's warden. Sometimes we tie people up to a post and we encourage the others to throw stuff at them. Other times people get locked in the dungeon underground where they are deprived of light for two days. Other cases it's simply the barbed lash. Walking up and down the slope with heavy rocks attached to your legs. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to cut off an arm or a leg and such. It's a rule here. The most we can to is ensure you feel pain and humiliation. 

You'll be meeting Sebastian and the lady of this island, Melisandre. They will you give you your first jobs for the day. Now move."

He motions for you to start walking through the forest. There's a narrow path ahead. You'll have to walk single file.

You can make conversation, keep quiet and daydream, sing a song to yourself, or share a story about your life up until this point. Remember, your characters might've been in the same prison, but they don't know each other all that well. Anyways, as you walk through the forest, you be required to flip a coin (I will send you a link). These coin flips determine the likelihood of random events happening. For example, a wild boar might show up and attack. A bird might fly by and poop on you. You might fall over a hidden root. 

So. Here's the first coin flip chance. If you get heads, the random event will happen. If you get tails, nothing happens to your character.

FLIP THE COIN > https://justflipacoin.com/

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45 minutes ago, onewiththewheels said:


 (So, if we are required to do a random event, is it something you choose, or do we just make something up that makes sense. I got heads, so my character must participate in a random event.)

(Oh right. I will choose the random event most of the time but sometimes I will let you come up with a random event. You will be told when you can.)

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Trudging along at a pace dictated by their warden escort, Florence just rolled his eyes as the guard went on about the punishments, rehabilitation program and blah, blah, blah. Like he hadn't heard and been on the receiving end of this crap before. After all, even though they were on an island, an open prison was still a prison, the only difference was that it had an extra word thrown on the front. As they began walking through the forest it seemed to have gone quite again, and Florence was getting bored. Taking a glance at the other prisoners he then spoke up.

"Well, this is dull. How about a little group sing song to pass the time?" He then proceeded to make the sound effects for one of his favourite songs. "When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we shall see..."

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  Catherine ignored Florence’s singing  as she continued. She wasn’t much of a singer, and she doubted that would change now.

 Or perhaps, Ashley wasn’t much of a singer, and she was just assuming she wasn’t.

 Catherine sighed, then shuddered.

 Punishment sounded horrible, but she supposed that was what the island was for after all.

 Catherine could only hope her punishment would be light.  Considering what she did and how the law saw her, there was a possibility it could be.  

 But now,  she didn’t bother talking to the other prisoners.  They had all committed worst crimes than her, and the last thing she wanted to do was to  get into the head  of a true  criminal. 

 Catherine supposed there would be plenty of time for that later. 

 So she trudged on, lost in her own thoughts. 

 Too lost to see the  root sticking out in front of her. 

 Catherine barely had time to register that incision of her feet slamming into the root before the ground went hurtling towards her. 

 She let out a screech as she crashed  on the ground.

 Catherine winced as the sensation of pain struck her, and tried not to blush with embarrassment. 

 This was not the first impression she wanted to make, especially  considering the type of people she was traveling with. 

 And the last thing she wanted to do was hold anyone up. 

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(Heads) [*And in the next post you'll be providing the random event? Did I understood this the right way?]*

As Dylan listened to the strange fellow sing, he weighted his options at the moment. "Maybe this place won't be so bad after all. I mean, sure, it's a prison, but... Nah, the place is boring. I need to get out of here. I'm pretty sure the others feel the same way, and the lot of them seem to be rather resilient." he glanced at the other inmates around him.

The other man, Florence, was happily singing on his own. And that girl, Ayla, seemed to have issues with authority and to be equally bored with the place as he. Dylan could see both of them as somewhat of a hired muscle if things came to it.

And then the girl with them -Catherine, he thought he heard from the pilot- suddenly tripped with the root of a tree.

"Well, most of them anyways."

With a sigh, Dylan broke the single line formation and offered a hand to his inmate companion on the ground. "Not much of a talker, are you?"

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( from what I understood, we’re picking the event out of the ones above for this one,  and for every one thereafter,  we will be told the whether we can pick.   At least, that’s what I got and did, because I got heads also  and tripping over a root was one of the things that could’ve happened  according to the above post.)

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(If you fail to post after being reminded several times, I will continue without you. I'm not going to keep chasing people down with reminders and holding the role play ransom. This is the first warning.)


Ayla seemed to be lost in a daydream. She hadn't moved yet and was still on the beach front. [You will have to run to catch up. Also, flip a coin and tell me what you get]

Stubborn and Wheels

The pilot sighed. One criminal hadn't moved. Another one had fallen over. Another was singing terribly out of tune. What a motley crew. 

"Gods almighty... The sooner we reach base, the better. I won't have to see you lot again... You'll be under Sebastian's responsibility."

The pilot frowns as Dylan helps Catherine. 

"She embarrassed herself. You didn't have to help her."


As you helps Catherine back to her feet, you catch a glimpse of something staring at you through the bushes.

You can't tell if it's human or animal, but either way you get a weird feeling there are other things out there watching your every movement.

TJMike + 1 friendship [chose to help Wheels]

Mention you're being watched, stay silent and shrug it off, or throw something at it.

@onewiththewheels @Flowered Panda @Stubborn Saber @TJMike

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 Catherine took Dylan‘s hand,  slowly rising to her feet. 

  She was aware he had posed a question to her before and responded. 

“thank you. I’m just been quiet because I’ve been trying to process everything.  There is a lot to take in.”

  Catherine had heard the pilot‘s words,  and although she didn’t answer them,  she knew he was right.

 Although the others were true criminals,  Catherine supposed they weren’t inhuman.  Either that, or they were just having each other to survive, only to focus on themselves later. 

 Catherine suddenly felt a pair of eyes on her. 

 Watching her. 

 Sizing her up.

 Plotting something. 

 And if the pair of eyes was watching her, then it was probably also watching everyone else. 

 So Catherine shakily called out. 

“ I think we are being watched.”

 She tried not to shudder at the unnerving,   Invisible, presence. 

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As he got the response from the pilot, Dylan shrugged. "Yup, that she did. And in what a spectacular fashion she did." He chuckled, glancing at Catherine. "But then again, what kind of gentleman would I be if I let this... lovely crew being late to our accommodations?" he asked.

As he waited for the pilot's reply, Dylan turned to ask Catherine if she was alright from the fall. "From the looks of it, it appears that the only thing hurt in this incident was her pride." he mused. "Don't mention it, dear. I'm guessing there will be more than plenty of time to linger on that."

However, he noticed a pair of eyes staring at him -or more likely, to the whole group. Catherine seemed to notice it too as she called out. Dylan thought of the same.

"Uh... Please, correct me if I'm wrong, Mr... pilot-whatever-your-name-is,  but are we supposed to be watched as we traverse this road?"

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