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I can kinda see what he means though. When I visited the Supernatural cons, out of the 500 people there, at least 98% of the crowd was female and they were all talking about how hot the guys were, how good they look shirtless and such... Most of the girls there didn't even care about the plot or cringe when they see the blood on the screen. They were just there because the guys are hot (that was seriously there only reason for going - I remember trying to have a discussion with some 'fans' and it was just... they're so hot!)

Romance falls flat on this show because the possessive obsessive fangirls (98% of them) can't stand to see the boys with a female (seen this at cons, reddit threads, forums etc). Keep in mind that a lot of fans of SPN are slash fans (hence the rise in popularity of Destiel - before that Wincest). The classic rock tunes, the guns and a cool car do seem to be geared towards more of a male audience, but why do so many females show up at the cons? I think it comes down to the emotional angst in the show. I guess all that angst and emotion and such could be a bit of a turnoff for the guys who are expecting more 'action' and less 'crying' so to speak. Maybe if Supernatural had two strong attractive female leads the show would have a stronger male fanbase?

There are obviously guys that watch and like Supernatural, but I'd say most of them are hiding. If the show was on HBO, you'd definitely see a stronger male audience.


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Things i learned at the Supernatural convention yesterday... - Matt Cohen (young John and Michael), and Rob Benedict (Chuck) screamed when they saw an Australian huntsman spider (they jumped on their

I had to post this here too. It's a tiny Sam and Dean. Helps that Cals hair looks like Sams at the moment. #DriverPicksTheMusic #ShotgunShutsHisCakehole Sadly not an Impala. It's an old Ford

I went back and watched the last episode. But nothing from the season they introduced Chuck as "God" Honestly and this has gotten me backlash and probably more  but  I stopped watching it because

I'm slowly catching up. I made the biggest mistake possible, introducing my mum to SPN. She's a Wincest shipper after 4 episodes. Meanwhile I am leaning more towards Samifer and Dean/Alastair. 

My thoughts on the series I've seen

Series 1
I liked this series, it was really well thought out and the finale was really interesting for me. The inclusion of Bloody Mary was my favourite part as I'm very into the legends and all that.

Season 2
Dragged IMO, the only redeeming part for me was the finale and seeing Azazel ganked.

Series 3
Yay more demons and it's continuation from S2 was really good. Lilith was an amazing villain IMO as she was not an in your face "I'll rip you into a million pieces" sort of character but a more subtle threat to the Winchesters. Ruby was a good and questionable character. The finale for this series was a great cliffhanger as it left the way open for S4 and all the awesome there.

Series 4
Lucifer. if I had to sum this series up in a word it would be Lucifer. The storyline with Lilith and Alastair working to free Lucifer. Plus Cas appears which is awesome. I was happy to see Ruby back and the tension she caused between the brothers over the demon blood issue. But she proved herself to be a cow at the very end. I was sad to see Alastair die (Don't worry Alastair, you were fantastic) I ain't fussed that Lilith got ganked.

Series 5
Lucifer's up from his nap and causing trouble. Typical satan. This series had a great storyline regarding the Winchesters and the angels (I'm looking at you Zachariah you intolerable bastard). Mark P was a fantastic choice for Lucifer as each of his appearances had me waiting for what was next. Gabriel dies, although Lucifer did cry it made me hate the guy for killing my favourite Archangel. My favourite and most memorable part has to be the scene in the finale at the cemetery.


Cas's "assbutt" had me cracking up.


Series 6. 

I liked this season a lot, what with Sam's soul missing, Castiel working with Crowley and the whole Purgatory line it was very exciting. At least the civil war in heaven is over with Raphi's ganking in the finale (He earned it). I liked seeing Eve but I wished she had more of a prominent story.

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I had to post this here too. It's a tiny Sam and Dean. Helps that Cals hair looks like Sams at the moment. #DriverPicksTheMusic #ShotgunShutsHisCakehole


Sadly not an Impala. It's an old Ford Fiesta, my father in laws been working on.


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Alright, Aquila knows I'm going to do this and I'm sorry but I had to do this, I couldn't keep it in anymore.



It's been many seasons since it happened. We are now in Season 12. AND STILL........

Gabriel's still dead! He was tragically killed back in season 5 by his second oldest angel brother our favourite bad guy Lucifer and still Supernatural- the show where people don't stay dead half the time- has not resurrected him! Where's my awesome candy loving trickster angel? The guy who killed Dean 100 times making a meme for the fandom and stealing the fangirls' hearts? The one who sent our favourite brother duo through TV shows and gave us many hilarious times?

And on the episode of his death made the best quote ever?

"Lucifer, you're my brother and I love you. But you are a great big bag of dicks."

God I miss him please Supernatural bring him back somehow Hell if you don't want Sam and Dean suddenly being overpowered by having an archangel buddy bring him back as a human or with no powers for cry it out loud! 


Hear that? It's the sound of the fangirls crying. Gabriel did not appear for as many episodes as Lucifer but God damn he stole everyone's heart. 

SERIOUSLY SUPERNATURAL. We're in our 6th (?) season since Gabriel's death. Either bring him back or... You know what, just bring him back. 

And this is a huge thing to say but I'd rather Gabriel come back (AND AS RICHARD SPEIGHT JUNIOR NOT SOME OTHER ACTOR LIKE LUCIFER) than Destiel become canon. And crap I never thought I'd say that ^^' 

But yeah. Still kinda butthurt about our trickster archangel. 

God Damn It, Supernatural.


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Spoiler for the upcoming Season 13

Michael is coming back. Well technically he is, it's the alternate universe Michael though who killed Lucifer and never went crazy in the cage. There's a screencap of him face to face with the 'real' Lucifer and Mary. On one hand I want to see how Michael is emotionally affected by killing his little brother just to meet him again. On the other hand I'm worried Michael is just going to try kill this Lucifer and screw up the little personality he has.

Also Adam is probably not in the cage in the alternate world but probably in Heaven. I hope. I wonder if Gabriel is dead in this world or not. I hope not.

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12 minutes ago, Roziel said:

Spoiler for the upcoming Season 13


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Michael is coming back. Well technically he is, it's the alternate universe Michael though who killed Lucifer and never went crazy in the cage. There's a screencap of him face to face with the 'real' Lucifer and Mary. On one hand I want to see how Michael is emotionally affected by killing his little brother just to meet him again. On the other hand I'm worried Michael is just going to try kill this Lucifer and screw up the little personality he has.

Also Adam is probably not in the cage in the alternate world but probably in Heaven. I hope. I wonder if Gabriel is dead in this world or not. I hope not.


I hear Mark P is a main character in season 13 so I'm sure there'll be a lot of him. And yay for Michael coming back. I feel like they kinda just ignored him for several seasons because they didn't know what to do with him.

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Just watched Season 13 Episode 1. And oh Chuck it was awesome :D  It was action packed but really sad at parts especially the end.

Minor new-character spoiler:

Jack slightly reminds me of Castiel personality wise, especially back when Castiel was a very socially confused angel.

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2 hours ago, Nocturna said:


Not watched up to it yet but:


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GABRIEL'S BACK!! Apparently under really shitty circumstances *took a quick glance at Tumblr checked with Google then immediately came on here* but YES CANDY ANGEL'S FINALLY BACK!!!


Yup. I read about that too. I haven't watched much SPN since season 7, but I do tune in for all the Mark Pellegrino episodes lol.

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So. I've decided to get into Supernatural again I'll be doing a marathon run up until the end of season 5.

I've been a long-term fan since day 1 and it disappoints me to see how far off the rail this show has gone but then again multiple changes in showrunners tends to do that (looking at you Dexter, Originals, Hell on Wheels etc)

I think Lucifer in particular has been overdone. He's my favourite character but he became more of a comedian post-season 5 than the intimidating force of evil in season 5 and I miss that.

Now he's


But I think he will be back considering how Nephilims work and such unless they have forgotten their own lore again.

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So I started tuning into the episodes again of season 14 and I think Nick was actually a bad person before Lucifer approached him. He didn't murder his own family (Mark said so at a recent panel), but I think he probably did some dodgy things beforehand and that's why Lucifer approached him specifically. I think Lucifer killed his family (there was no evidence left behind so it had to be some supernatural thing) and and Lucifer did it to convince Nick to say yes.

What do you think?

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Phew. Long review.

So before I actually get into the discussion and analysis part about the state of the show now, I thought I’d start with my introduction to the show. I didn’t actually start watching Supernatural until season 2 had finished. One day, I managed to get my hands on season 1 and 2 and just binge watched my way through with my parents and we all loved the show.

I was in highschool at the time and I fell in love with Jensen’s Dean Winchester badass character. Sam was kinda boring to me at the time haha. I dunno. I guess it was because I was a teenager at the time of my watching and I liked the bad boys like teenage females are naturally drawn to. Anyways. I thought Dean was just so kickass and Sam was just… boring and it hurts me to say that now.

So yeah. I became addicted to the show and was eagerly awaiting season 3. I watched the show like an obsessed fan all the way until season 7. When Sera Gamble left, my interest in Supernatural dropped. I think Season 7’s lackluster finale kinda killed it for me and the absence of Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer after season 7 was the final nail in the coffin haha. Season 8 to the current season 14 has been very hit and miss, but I’ll get to the soon.

I’ll always consider myself a fan of the show. It’s still remains one of my favourite television shows ever made, but like any fan, some of the decisions have left me baffled and eager for the show to end. I kinda tend to lose interest in shows if they span on for more than seven seasons as I kinda feel like it’s a long time to be committed to something. I mean it’s fourteen years of Supernatural now. 300 episodes. That’s crazy. Anyways. Let me start with season 1.

Season 1 was excellent. I loved the monster of the week episodes and they were actually interesting. We had the Hook Man. The bees. The creepy dolls. Bloody Mary. The ship episode. The Wendigo and so on. Season 1 was all about Dean pulling Sam back into the hunting life to go find their dad who had gone missing. “Dad’s gone on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been seen in a few days” I believe Dean quoted. So Sam was this student attending Harvard aiming to be a lawyer. He had his girlfriend Jessica and he had seemingly escaped the hunting life, but Dean pulls him back in. Jessica dies and this sets Sam in motion to unite with his brother. What I loved about season 1 was the whole sense of urgency and the brothers learning how to deal with different supernatural creatures as they tracked down their dad who left these clues behind.

Season 2 was also excellent. It continues on with the whole monster of the week thing but it also adds an extra layer to the story in which we learn more about the family hunting life and Sam’s dark destiny and his immunity to the demon virus. There’s also the Yellow Eyed Demon being the big bad which carries on from season 1. The finale of season 2 was bloody excellent and even now after years it still gets to me. Some of my favourite episodes of all time are from season 2 such as Folsom Prison Blues, Born Under a Bad Sign and that episode about the mandroid. It was about half way through season 2 that I ended up becoming a Sam girl over a Dean girl.

Season 3 carries on with the whole story about Sam’s destiny and his resurrection. I do feel the first five seasons are more about Sam than they are about Dean, but this kinda changes post-Eric. Anyway. Season 3 introduces Ruby a demoness who has an interest in Sam that isn’t revealed until late season 4. Sadly, season 3 was cut short thanks to a writer’s strike thing that was happening on the network. There were some good episodes here and it does introduce the new big bad, Lilith. But due to the cut episodes, I kinda feel season 3 overall just wasn’t as strong nor as memorable but the finale hits hard with Dean’s death as his one year deal is up. I think with a full season the show could’ve been stronger.

Season 4 is for me the strongest season yet. Excellent writing. Excellent plot. The characters were fantastic. I love the introduction of the angels as well and especially Castiel. I know a lot of people didn’t like the whole angel storyline but I loved it. The monster of the week thing was starting to run its course and the show had evolved beyond that. Anyway. Season 4 introduced Castiel who was the one who brought Dean back. Castiel is like the angel on Dean’s shoulder whilst Sam is on a dark course with Ruby putting his demon powers to use. There’s also the whole good vs evil and the issue of morality brought up. Is it evil if you are using dark powers for a good cause? The theme of this season was basically the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Every episode of season 4 was stellar and it culminates in the rising of Lucifer and the death of Lilith (the final seal) thanks to Sam.

Bring on season 5 the apocalypse! Lucifer is up and about and Castiel wants to find God. We are introduced to Zachariah and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Whilst I don’t think season 5 was as strong as season 4 (there were some weaker episode in the middle), it was still pretty strong with the highlight of Mark Pellegrino playing Lucifer. I do wish the horsemen were explored a bit more and it would’ve been nice to have one or two traditional monster of the wee episodes but I suppose at this point in time random monsters were too weak in comparison to the hyped angels.

Season 6 was a highly divided one. I personally loved Sera’s take on season 6 after Eric stepped down. We had some traditional monster of the week episodes, some darker episodes and a strong Castiel focus which I loved a lot. I also loved the concept of the wall in Sam’s head after his return from hell and how different he was when it was up. The darker take on Castiel was a nice twist and it was sad watching his fall from grace.

Season 7 was Sera’s final season after she received so much backlash of the Leviathan plot. I admit. Season 7 was a bit of a letdown especially in the second half. I did like the first half up until episode 17 when Sam’s Lucifer hallucinations were transferred over to Castiel. But the first half was great seeing Sam’s struggle and worsening condition with Lucifer (Mark P yay) was dominant. I do feel they did a more comical take on Lucifer here though and he didn’t feel so menacing anymore but it’s Mark P and I never get tired of watching him on screen. Anyways. The Leviathans did feel lackluster. The big bad Dick Roman just wasn’t intimidating nor that interesting and the finale was a big letdown as well until the purgatory thing when Dean and Castiel got sucked in and Sam was left alone.

Season 8 was when I kinda stopped watching. Eric was no longer on board. Sera was no longer on board and these two were the main writers having been responsible for most of my favourite episodes. Jeremy Carver took creative control and I wasn’t really a big fan of his story arc. Season 8 saw Dean and Castiel in purgatory and the introduction of the prophet, Kevin. This season was about closing the gates of hell for good and Sam was supposed to play a big role in that to purify himself.

Season 9 was another one I didn’t really pay much attention to. The Jeremy Carver arcs just didn’t appeal to me. They were more Dean focused than Sam focused and being the Sam fan I was I was a little disappointed. I did like the Sam as Gadreel parts though but Gadreel was no Lucifer. I don’t even know what this season was supposed to be about but it had something to do with Abaddon, Crowley, and the Mark of Cain. But I didn’t pay much attention so can’t really comment.

Season 10! Season 10 was terrible. I don’t even know what this was supposed to be about. Demon Dean only lasted three episodes. I think this season was literally about the downfall of Metatron, the Men of Letters storyline continued and the Mark of Cain being removed by Rowena. But yeah, it was a disaster of a season that really felt more like a filler season than anything else.

Season 11 was the final season with Jeremy Carver in charge and it was a return to form at least the first half was. It’s all about the Darkness which was a bit of a dumb concept to be honest. The whole notion of being God’s sister was a bit silly, but I did like Mark P’s Lucifer playing a bigger role though I feel like they kinda dumbed him down a bit to be more of a comedic relief. I don’t really have much else to say about this except the first half was pretty good and the second half a bit weak.

Season 12 picks up under new showrunners Andrew Dabb and Robert Siinger after the leaving of God and Amanra and focuses on… I don’t actually know because I didn’t care much for season 12. By this point, I was feeling a little annoyed at how the story felt so dragged on with plots going nowhere. For me personally I felt the best parts had Mark Pellegino as Lucifer. The other guys playing Lucifer were okay, but it’s just not the same. This season is all about Lucifer’s son Jack being born.

Season 13 is just another bland season where it doesn’t appear to be anything major happening, but it was cool seeing lots of Lucifer who is my favourite. But anyways, Jack seems okay. Alternate Michael just isn’t the same though sadly.  Gabriel returning is all right too but it’s short lived. Again, I kinda feel like all these angels and such are kinda just there to drag out the season and I feel like Supernatural lost its identity from season 8 and onwards and became more about demons and angels than hunting the monsters and saving people. As much as I love Lucifer, I do feel they kinda dragged his story out too long and he’s just there because they want Mark P on the show (can’t say I blame them though). Sam and Dean? Does anyone know what they’re supposed to be doing anymore? Lucifer dying is a bit upsetting (but he has stolen his son’s grace so he’s not truly dead anyway). I kinda wished he ended up just stuck in the cage again with absolutely no way of ever getting back out. That just seems more fitting.

Season 14 has started and already it seems better than the previous seasons. I do like the story of Nick and learning how he’s bonded with Lucifer. Jack is sick because he hasn’t got his grace so that’s interesting too, but I never got really invested in his story. Alternate Michael possessing Dean is what I’ve wanted for a long time since season 5 but it’s not the real Michael. It’s a hellbent destructive one who really isn’t any better than Lucifer. What is Sam’s story again? Play foster dad? I don’t even know anymore. This season is halfway through and it’ll be interesting to see how Lucifer returns to the fold and the like.

Overall Thoughts

Look. I love Supernatural. I think it’s a great show with many brilliant moments, but it’s gone on for way too long now and its feeling stale. Ideas are getting stale. The essence of the show, hunting monsters and saving people has all but gone now in favour of angel drama. I think the angels are cool, but they haven’t really done anything but cause trouble since season 8. It would’ve been cool to see more of the purgatory monsters released and the boys dealing with monstrous abominations but we never got that.

How do I want the show to end? I think season 15 should be the final season. What else can they do but keep repeating the same old storylines? Season 11 would’ve been a fine way to wrap up the season (can you really get bigger than God’s sister?) but nope. As long as the network’s numbers are high, they’ll keep churning out more crap. Sam and Dean need to die in a blaze of glory or at least kill Sam off so Dean can finally live a normal life. Castiel needs to go to heaven with Jack and take over and angels should be prevented from arriving on earth. Lucifer needs to remain in the cage. They kinda ruined his character from being this intimidating force into comic relief.

Have a spin off show with some of the female characters carrying off where the boys left off hunting monsters and saving people. Go back to the roots of the show and go back to dealing with urban monsters from popular mythologies. Enough with all this fanservice. Character deaths don’t mean shit anymore because you know they’re going to come back eventually. It defeats the purpose. There’s no emotional attachment anymore. Go out with a bang (bring Adam back) and let it rest.

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2 minutes ago, Castiel said:

I'm a Dean girl, and I'm happy the show has given Dean a bulk of storylines since season 5. Sam's story ended at 5. Now Dean is the central figure.


Dean is pretty cool. He does have the whole badass thing going on and I do feel that Dean has taken over all the storylines. Sam basically had 'be Lucifer's vessel' and the Trials. Dean got the Mark of Cain, Michael vessel, Purgatory story and a few others. 

So @Gabriel and I were talking about inconsistencies in SPN and I thought I'd list a few things that I have noticed thus far

  • Whatever happened to Jesse, the Anti-Christ kid from season 5? He just disappeared.
  • Lucifer killed Gabriel in season 5 and he was most certainly dead. The wings and everything were enough proof because angel wings always show up when the angel is actually dead. Lucifer also notes he taught Gabriel all the tricks that he knows... So why the hell is Gabriel back in season 13? The show has recently made several notes to imply Lucifer is just the brawn and no brain which makes no sense considering he was actually smart and cunning in season 5 when he first showed up
  • On that note, angel blades and the like should damage the vessel so angels find a new one or have their old vessels resurrected (in the case of Nick and Jimmy).
  • Dean traveled back to 1973 where he met young John Winchester.  in season 8, we get another time travel episode. Henry Winchester travels back to 1958, but Abaddon kills him in the present day. 
  • Why are the Winchester boys so special anyway?
  • How the hell did Dean end up with the Mark of Cain (seemed more fitting for Sam to be honest if we follow the lore from 1-5) and Sam ended up being the one to do the Trials to shut the gates of hell? That storyline seemed more fitting for Dean being Michael's most fitting vessel and Sam being Lucifer's one true vessel.
  • Going back to Lucifer... How is his vessel not decomposing? He comes back in season 11. He was rapidly deteriorating in season 5 yet he's fine in season 11 (before the Crowley thing happened). He needed to chug down galleons of demon blood to survive. That doesn't seem to be a thing anymore.
  • Family is everything. Except for Adam.
  • Whatever happened to the Four Horsemen Rings anyway?
  • Where do Sam and Dean get their money from?
  • Aren't Sam and Dean wanted criminals? What are the FBI doing?
  • Angels end up in the Empty after their death. Cas is the first to return. Did God pluck him out? Why can't God, the seemingly most powerful being in the planet, bring back Michael and Adam from the Cage he made????
  • Its like all the lore made before season 6 has been thrown out the window. Maybe we are now in an alternate universe?
  • How the hell is Lucifer able to have a child and yet no other arch angel has? Lucifer hates humans. Jack is cool and all, but plot hole! Shouldn't Gabriel be the one to most likely have a child??
  • The reapers were indifferent to everything. That changes in later seasons... Reapers aren't supposed to be taken over by anyone... But angels can? What?
  • In season 4 we are shown how SPN is supposed to end with a Michael vs Lucifer showdown. 'It will always end here." Somehow, I don't think that is gonna be happening...
  • Where is Raphael? I thought arch angels could only be killed by an arch angel blade. I only remember his vessel's body disintegrating.
  • Whatever happened to the use of the word 'Christo'

Theres a lot more... 


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Sam feels more like a sidekick now to be honest and I don't really like it ^^' I've always liked Sam more than Dean and feel he's not really... Appreciated? I feel they could have used season 14 as an opportunity (because Dean was supposed to be MIA?) to focus on him for at least a little while. 

Also here's what I want when Supernatural ends though because of how Lucifer's character was wrecked it's never happening:

- The archangel brothers to have a happy ending, Lucifer realises his mistakes and tries to actually repent, Michael out of the cage and probably not crazy, Raphael and Gabriel back from the dead. I want them to actually be brothers again and have Lucifer's brothers help him get over his pride or whatever and atone for his sins. Before Lucifer was brought back it was shown he genuinely still loved and cared for his family so it could have been done, with some struggle but still realistically it could have happened

- Sam and Dean finally retire, they and Castiel stop screwing up and almost destroying the world or whatever. Or they die heroically for good and have a peaceful after life (however if Castiel dies this could really be a problem because they have different afterlives so wouldn't be able to be friends in Heaven or whatever T_T)

- Adam gets out of the cage. I don't care if he comes back to life and lives peacefully with his brothers or if he ascends to Heaven. He's been in that hellhole for too long poor kid


@Lucifer Ah yeah I remember that in the show it's mentioned they get their money through gambling and stuff and credit card fraud. They may work their ass off trying to save the world but Sam and Dean are obviously not epitomes of morality lol

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