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New World Order: The Beginning [ARC 1]

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New World Order: The Beginning [ARC 1]


Welcome to Sinnoh, a region populated by some of the brightest minds the world has to offer. Unbeknownst to you, there is a small community of supernatural creatures living in the region, but more are coming seeking the truth in the mystery at Celestic Town. You are a college student studying the supernatural and folklore working part-time at a popular bar owned by Gary Oak, the mayor's grandson. 

At first things seem peaceful, but things start to unravel when you stumble across a strange death in the woods. You soon become involved in a supernatural mystery involving the secrets of your family that date back to the Sinnoh Witch Trials of generations long ago. A man who calls himself Steven Stone, another student studying the supernatural, arrives in Celestic Town. He gains your attention quickly and seems to be the perfect student, but he's hiding a shameful secret.

Character Submissions


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Additional info

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  • no godmodding, bunnying etc
  • no killing other players
  • no killing NPCs unless prompted


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"We tried to not let you get involved, but, you claimed you had to stay, because only staying together we would have survived, by helping each other, instead of pushing us away for what we were, to us

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It's the first day back at university. It's the first day of your final year. When you are not studying, you are at work. Currently, you work as a waitress at a popular restaurant known as 'The Hanging Boar' which is owned by Gary Oak, the grandson of the university owner, Samuel Oak. You work thirty hours a week and sometimes pick up extra shifts on weekend when asked. Today is Friday, and you're pulling a late night shift. The bar can cater for about twenty people at any one time and there's always a constant steady flow of customers. Fortunately, you work alongside a great team of people > Clair, another waitress, Brock, the head chef, Lyra, the bartender, and Ash, another chef. You're two other close friends, Lance and Diantha, work else-place but they're always coming over for a discounted meal. 

Right now you're preparing for the night shift. Gary walks over to you with a grin. He hands you a brochure. It says, 'Sinnoh Witch Trials'.

"My grandfather gave this to me. He thinks it'll be a seminar worth attending. I don't want to go alone so I think you should come with me."

It's a presentation at the university presented by Alder Locke. He's one of the specialists in this field and one of the professors who has always looked fondly at your work.

"But it could be interesting. I mean. Witch business is always interesting, right?"

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Gary nods. 

"I was hoping you would say that. My grandfather is always saying witch history is important and all. My sister is a witch. Or so she claims. She joined some weird witch club. I mean. Magic doesn't even exist. All that stuff you see at those magic shows? It's just to entertain the kids."

He takes the brochure away. 

"If magic existed, I would have no problems winning Clair over."

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He sighs. 

"Fine, I admit it's a fair trade."

He looks at Clair again. 

"I will win. I'm sure of it."

You hear footsteps. Lance and Diantha walk in. Lance walks over to greet Clair and Diantha comes over to you both. Lance joins a few moments later. 

"You two seem rather happy, spill," Diantha says. 

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Lance frowns.

"Seriously? You're trying to get with my cousin?"

Gary rolls his eyes. "What? Are you trying to stop me?"

"No because I know I can't stop you. You'll find a way anyway. Just... Be careful. Clair isn't as strong as she might seem on the outside."

Gary grins at him. "Good, that's sorted. But what about you three? Surely, I'm not the only one finding some sort of romance."

"He still won't return my calls," Diantha says with a sigh. "I mean. Volkner says he's interested. Then he says he's not. I don't know what to do."

Lance shrugs. "Don't look at me. You know how my grandfather feels about this whole romance thing. He wants me to marry someone of his choosing. But I know who I want... Isn't someone he would approve of."

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"I hear there's some new guy joining our course. Steven... Stone? He's from Hoenn," Diantha says. She always happens to know what the latest news is.

Lance frowns. "I know that name. My grandfather had some dealings with their family. His father runs some tech company."

Gary shrugs. "Well. Maybe he'll be a cool guy. Maybe Cynthia will be mesmerized by this dude. Maybe someone can finally melt that cold heart of Cynthia," he says, giving you a teasing grin. "Anyway. We need to this place cleaned up and ready for the night shift. Customers will be arriving in the next two hours so let's get to work. Cynthia, we need those tables cleaned and the floors swept."

He walks off to give directions to the others.

Lance sits down, his eyes lingering on Lyra. Diantha follows his gaze then looks back at him with a smirk.

"Oh. I see."

Lance pulls himself out of a trance and frowns. "I don't know what you are talking about." He changes the topic and looks at you. "Cynthia. I'm going to buy a dog tomorrow. You want to come?"

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"You think some company will do him good?" Cynthia nods, she goes to retrieve a broom.

She comes back shortly after. "Dogs are a good choice, but maybe since he's a rather old man it would be best for him to not have a high mantenance breed, like those breeds that need constant activity. Probably a small one will do"

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