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3 hours ago, Zadien said:

Finished NaNoWriMo and will be turning my attention to a BryanxMariam oneshot for the rest of the week. 

Omg a Bryan/Mariam! Link me when done :)

Yesterday, I started writing my Assassin's Creed one shot. I'm using Beyblade characters to make the process easier, but I'll change the names after. I've done this because I feel a bit uneasy about writing characters I haven't written about before and I get too many brain fades. Though, by using characters I am familiar with, the words come out much easier. Fortunately, the characters have similar personalities and the situation is very relatable too both fandoms making it much smoother.


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Writing some notes for The Pokémon story Usurping, including developing one of my original characters, Professor Julia pine. Also trying to write some notes down for the canon character Annabel, but it’s hard to write about her because her personality goes all over the place canonically. Unlike someone like Sabrina canonically, she doesn’t focus on one personality with similarities, So I can’t just really pick one or meld it together. When I decided to have her as a main character and expand on her, I didn’t realize she would be so difficult to write...

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