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Confidence boost review.


For Ravaged World over on Archive.

From BossCar:


t's been a little bit since I left a comment. Sorry about that.

I still think it's really cool that Dawn has a Deino. It's going to be very interesting to see it when it evolves, as I get the feeling it won't be the easiest to control.

I also think your characterizations are well done. The dialogue between Mars and Charon shows distinct personalities, plus it drops a couple of implications.

For a guy that claimed to be part of a top-notch police team, he sure wasn’t good at stopping criminals.

I like this line because the Pokemon World really is whack when it comes to authority.

Red and May were unknown to the world at the beginning of their journeys, but their reputation began to grow as their legendary deeds spread through their home regions. Was she destined to follow in their footsteps? Would her name be added to the history books to be remembered forever? Or would she be remembered for another reason? She shook her head and turned to exit the building.

Really like this inner thought bit too.


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I'm grinning like a adman right now  Best review so far for my latest chapter. __________ You have finally graced us with another chapter. Even though the chapters come slowly I'm grateful t

This is one of my favourite reviews left for 'Ravaged World' A real classic, and sums up my work in a nutshell. Yay! Elite Four time! That was what I thought coming into this chapter. Instead, I get t

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I have not posted a thing in here since this year started, gotta make up for it. I'll share some of my fav comments. Might be a bit of a long post, I apologize.

Comments on Worthy of Love from SideOrderOfGay, back when I started dabbing into the Nier fandom. A comment for each chapter, in this case, four.

Oh come on, you can't end the chapter there!
While I'm pretty sure the story won't end after the first chapter with "and then A2 died, sad, am I right?" I need to KNOW that she is okay! I just want good things for A2.
I think you did a wonderful job delving into the characters' inner lives, and without wanting to put too much pressure on you, I'd really like to see more!
Thank you so much for sharing!


Another cliffhanger? You can't be serious!
I can't wait to find out what happens when A2 wakes up. I think it will be quite a struggle to get her to accimatize, and you're right in pointing out that 9S has a lot to apoligize for. Of course there's extenuating circumstances but I can't imagine A2 taking waking up and looking in the eyes of the person who tried to kill her many many times very well.

Maybe the dynamic they'll settle into is one of a recently rescued stray cat, with 2B and 9S popping in every day to see if she's calmed down enough to pet yet.

Jokes aside, I'm really looking foward to you adressing all of A2's damage, both physical and psychological, even though I'm also a little bit jealous cause I was writing a fic with similar themes and now it feels like encroaching on your territory ^^

I can't wait for more, thank you for updating!


Wow, you're really spoiling us with chapters now, are you sure we deserve this?

Convincing A2 that she's worth saving is going to take a while, huh?
Reading this was so painful - in a good way, because you really make me feel A2's pain (and 9S' and 2B's as well).
It's also great to see that she has other people like Anemone caring about her - even if A2 herself can't realize it.
And her last words to 9S in this chapter...I really am going to throw myself into the sea like a heartbroken Victorian maiden, I just want her to be loved and accept that love! It's going to be a bumpy ride until then, huh?

Thank you once again for updating!


Nonono, it can't be over! (I said both at Ending E of the game and right now, looking at the green little checkmark next to the work title.)

Thank you so, so much for this fic. I was emotionally gripped the whole time through. Oh, and the talk with Anemone about Number 4 - I might have shed a tear. Or two. Or several. Don't tell anyone!
Even though I have serious trouble picturing a clean A2, I'm glad she's finally in a place where she can start the healing process without being in constant danger of shutting down for good. It's nice to see her hopeful for once, she deserves it.

I don't want to pressure you of course, buuuut...would you ever think about maybe writing more? I won't be disappointed if you don't, but should you decide that there's more to tell, I'll be the first in line to read - and then after a day or two I'll comment because writing comments is HAAARD.

Thank you once again for your fic!

There's another one from the same person on Three Androids and a Red Rose.

Aww, how sweet! This was such a cute oneshot!
I'm so glad you mentioned A2's former comrades for the perfect dosage of hurt/comfort I need from my NieR:Automata fics.
(Though I do headcanon there would be many more roses left if Devola and Popola didn't use them for booze ;) )
Thank you so much for sharing!

A few comments from FFN as well

On Second chances from xSnvwyy.

This was beautiful. I don't know what else to say on this. 9S finding it in his heart to reconcile with A2 and bring 2B back? Truly the happiest of endings for me. I always felt that A2 didn't deserve to die when she still had the Anemone around, but 2B and 9S showing that they are kind and willing to take her in to experience friendships and bonds again is truly beautiful. Thank you for this story. It is now my headcannon ending where second chances exist.

And on Piece of history from Chai Chandler.

awww,this is so cute and awesome! 3
I always love reading theses type of stories with their own perspectives like literature. The story is short [aside from word count),and sweet.
It was very interesting reading this.

I noticed Nier fans have a tendency to thank you for writing for them, I kinda like it.

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