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Not so much a comment in the traditional sense, but I keep on getting kudos on my Binding of Isaac short stories. I don't know how large the fandom for that is, but apparently it must be fairly active…


Today, I went into manage one of my stories so I could add a chapter, and noticed the communities button was lit up. Curious, I clicked on it, and it stated that my Pokémon chapters stories had been added to a community entitled "Pokémon: the best of the best.". I found that quite an honor… I've never had that happen before…

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This review still makes me grin to this very day. Um... This seems more like M rated gore to me. *is extremely shaken up* I also don't think that amount of detail is needed... I'm actually terrified t

I'm grinning like a adman right now  Best review so far for my latest chapter. __________ You have finally graced us with another chapter. Even though the chapters come slowly I'm grateful t

This is one of my favourite reviews left for 'Ravaged World' A real classic, and sums up my work in a nutshell. Yay! Elite Four time! That was what I thought coming into this chapter. Instead, I get t

Got these yesterday for my latest chapter of my Star Wars story...

Holy cow I messed up! When you first published this it was my favorite fic. I thought I favorited it but I was so wrong. Then I found it on another author page and was so happy. I just spent three hours reading this to catch up and loved everything. This is one of those stories that deserves to be a comic or movie. Keep up the amazing work.

Well I couldn't go quite that far but it's nice to hear.

Love how after dealing with Maul Nathrrya stormed to the 'rescue' of the others and took command. :) I also really like how she was able to use Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon's presence as a kind of anchor/balance to keep herself from getting swept away in the Dark Side.

So bold Obi-Wan! :D


Heh Nathrrya is such a Sith, love her for it! XD

I hope so.

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Not a comment in the traditional sense, but still has the same effect. I am part of a MMO called Flight Rising, but I don't use the Multiplayer aspect much. Instead, I prefer to do challenge runs, and it says so on my profile. I also plan to write for them, but only when some of my challenge runs are done. I was playing this morning, and noticed there was an alert. Turns out, a complete stranger had given me a very rare item, wishing me luck on my runs. This really touched me, especially since I'm not too well known because I don't use the multiplayer aspect. I immediately sent him a thank you back.

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Not so much an uplifting comment but more of an amusing review. I have a twisted sense of humour at times.

i like the fact that nathrrya is flirting and liking obi-wan more and more without realizing it, not the flirting part. but author you realize that your main character is over 3600 years old right. this is just in my head and i need to say it i dont even suspect you will even read this so i have no clue why im still typing.

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Got this from a good Tumblr friend of mine on a four-part oneshot fic that basically glossed over the interval between the first and second seasons of Gundam 00 but also really helped me recognise how I structured such a complicated fic and gave good feedback on it. (One line is removed for personal reasons)

For what it's worth, I think you did a fine job with Tieria, though I think my favorite section was Neil. The entire thing gave me feelings, though. There's a nice rhythm to the way you do narration and I really like the way you used metaphors. Also the conversation between Lyle and Setsuna hurt my heart but in the good way. In short, this was splendid, and I'm glad to have read it.

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So I just received this on Where Angels Fall, even though I didn't update in like a year someone still cares about it.

You've done a great job with the characters personalities! And I can't put into words how grateful I am that you took Krieg's character seriously, while the big guy is crazy, fun, and sometimes downright hilarious, some writers take him for face value and don't bother to give him any development from how he was before and after he met Maya and the other Vault Hunters. I really hope to see more soon! :D

Too bad it was a guest so I couldn't reply, it was very kind though.

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Got this review just now from a guest:

"Great story! Well written and shows a dark side to the Pokemon inkers that other stories don't explore. Holly is a fantastic character and when she near lost all home when   Anabel actually made me cry! Your story is super amazing and I really hope you continue it!"

I think inkers was supposed to be universe, but I understood what they meant...

Also, it really touched me, and inspires me to continue... I also wish I could reply, since it was a guest review on fan fiction.net... That way, I could tell the person that this is based off of an RP, and I'm working on the chapters until the RP is finished so I can port them all at once...


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I got this one for a one-shot on my alt account on ffn on the 25th of May. It made me aww so hard, I was proud of what I'd written.


This is SUCH a cool concept! I love love love the plot, and this was a great beginning. Izzy x Mirei isn't a ship I've ever even thought about prior to reading this, and I'm shocked on why it's never come to me before because it is ADORABLE. I'm 500% onboard, like wow, it just shot up to the top of the 'Pairings I Enjoy' list.

Anyway, lol Daisuke just dropping that bomb on him and then telling him to go study before dinner, without elaborating anything. xD Aww Dark being the ultimate wingman by trying to convince Mirei to talk to Izzy, that was so sweet. :)

Thank you so much for writing this! I would absolutely love to read more in this AU and see it further fleshed out (and more Izzy/Mirei interaction ;A; ).


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Got a cool review recently. Unfortunately, it's from a guest on fan fiction.net, so I can't even thank them...

"Great story! Well written and shows a dark side to the Pokemon inkers that other stories don't explore. Holly is a fantastic character and when she near lost all home when Anabel actually made me cry! Your story is super amazing and I really hope you continue it!"

Also, I found out someone on deviant art put one of my Pokémon game reviews in their favorites... It was a surprise, because I never expected one of my game reviews to end up there, or be that popular...

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Not quite a writing review, but I still felt it was worth posting here. On another board I frequent, I am known as wheeling_gamer. I got a private message yesterday asking if I was from Wheeling, West Virginia. I said I wasn't, but explained that the reason I have the username is because I have CP and walk with a walker. So I'm literally a wheeling gamer. The person's response was "Awesome, rock on!" It was funny and sweet and made my day.

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This was from the story called 30 for Final Fantasy XIII-2. She gave this to me a long time ago, but every so often I return to it. She always reviewed my work and gave me encouragement. I think I broke her with this story, hehe.


Oh. My. God.

Those three words aren't surely enough for me to DESCRIBE what I... what I...
Sorry if I'm going to be melodramatic... but I... I'm not.

Dear Nirianne... more than welcomed with this new one-shot "30", which more than honestly broke my heart this night as I read it. Would be enough a "thank you for posting" this piece? Not surely for me. It wasn't just the bittersweet taste this left me, your distinguish style of writing which keeps on being unique and beautiful, human and melodic, poetic and serious. It's now midnight, and I think I lost my sleep. This was too much for me to bare, and it wasn't just for the plot.

All of us know Yeul's story. Someones guessed she could have fallen in love with Caius once. You made it too far. You portraited a tragedy in the thick fog of a cursed marriage and birth. You exposed Caius' suffering like no one else before. So much tragedy, from the plot, from your writing, from all those feelings washing up the story like a tidal wave, which made it special, not melodramatic - dramatic, yes - beautiful, full of the feeling of loss. 

It's easy to write down scenes concerning Caius' case, but using Claire in Yeul's place was quite brave. But, the way you managed to write down that plot, kept more bravery in it. You started with GranPulse, you passed to the Farsees, you zoomed in the couple, you kept Light's character, surely changed according to her position as the Seeress. The thing which completely FASCINATED me, was the sense of shock and surprise flowing in the story, from its start to the end. The marriage bonds between The Guardian and the Seeress is something INTERESTING, at least, to attend. But the continuation of it was... well... heartbreaking.

Not knowing what will happen, you become just "thirty" to read more and reach the end. I did, and I think I'm ready to cry now, and I'm not joking at all in here. :( It was absolutely majestic the way how cruel the gods were on Claire. Will or will not become a mother? The hawnks were dying the one next to the other. The massage reached Caius when she... when she... died. But only that; his son found death as well. 

Do you know, whatever, what REALLY made me cry? (Makes me...) The way you presesnted Caius' reactions. Patience, patiance, patiance. I don't know your thoughts, but I really want those who think Caius is a bad, crazy person, to come and read this, and maybe they realize in what sanity he was forcefully placed in. I think I fell in love with this character through this story. It was painful though, but I can't also find the proper words to tell you how much I loved it.

Thank you (a poor word) for posting this up. Waiting with more anxiety, now, your other updates:)

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Interesting case here… So my dad recently wanted to know more about my stories, like how many I'd written, so that he could give a bit more background on me to someone who was trying to help people find jobs. When I mentioned I'd written over 20, both my dad and this complete stranger were blown away… Granted, my story passion probably isn't going to help me with my job search, but I thought it was cool that even a complete stranger could appreciate my talent.

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Review 400 for TDS was... interesting....

So I can see this heading in one of three directions. One, Nathrrya ends up with Obi-Wan, Two Siri ends up with Obi-Wan, or Three, we have a three-way relationship between Obi-Wan, Siri, and Nathrrya. What I can't tell at this point is if the three of them could form a stable three-way relationship.

They've got a very active imagination.....


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Cannot name any specifics at the moment, but I anytime someone really appreciates my beta reading, and genuinely wants to improve. Not only does it make my work worth doing, but I'm happy to give the gift of knowledge and have it be received well. Perhaps this makes me a bit more because I trained to be a language teacher, but it really does bring a strong positive emotions whenever a request works out. It's hard to put into words honestly…

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