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This review still makes me grin to this very day. Um... This seems more like M rated gore to me. *is extremely shaken up* I also don't think that amount of detail is needed... I'm actually terrified t

I'm grinning like a adman right now  Best review so far for my latest chapter. __________ You have finally graced us with another chapter. Even though the chapters come slowly I'm grateful t

This is one of my favourite reviews left for 'Ravaged World' A real classic, and sums up my work in a nutshell. Yay! Elite Four time! That was what I thought coming into this chapter. Instead, I get t

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This is one of my favourite reviews left for 'Ravaged World'

A real classic, and sums up my work in a nutshell.

Yay! Elite Four time! That was what I thought coming into this chapter. Instead, I get the mental image of several of my favorite Pokemon getting tortured before being brutally murdered. But hey, one should expect that from your stories! Good as always, and I can't wait to see how you end it.

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Aww this is a lovely thread. Thanks for starting it LB. Perfectly timed as I haven't written in ages what with real life and kids taking up my time and could do with a pep up.

This is one of the nicest comments I received:

"I love this story!! I know that the game hasn't been released but there's so few stories about Evie and Jacob and fewer still that have good writing. I can't wait for the next update!!!"

It means a lot that someone thinks my writing and style is good. There's a lot of poorly written smut out there and I was really worried when I started Rook that my work would fall into that category. 

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Back in my early days of being a Fanfiction author before I actually became a writer with any slight inkling of talent I wrote a story.

And despite the fact that the story in question had what was probably the worst writing of all time with no variation in the texts, and was just bland in tone and lacking in legitimate emotion, and was also published at least a year prior to when this person reviewed it, they still reviewed it. And they left this lovely comment for me to read.

You are DEFINITELY an author. I love it, and I write actual books, so I know good writing. I want to see more chapters here, quick-like.

Its funny cause that was on one of the first two stories that I wrote, and whilst some may object, like I said, I personally think that the writing there was some of my worst. But surprisingly the story, even after I laid down the foundations for a revamp with better writing and so on, was still receiving a tiny bit of positive feedback.

Now that is very uplifting for me. I really must remember to start getting back into working on that story especially at some point.

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An old classic from 2013, for an old fantasy story of mine,

So... I should really stop posted reviews from my iPod. I'm pretty sure I just posted one a few minutes ago... But it's not showing it. Basically I was applauding your skills in writing up good violence and I was also questioning Kai's future. You're an awesome writer, never stop writing.

If there's a double review from me on the same chapter I apologize. I can't even tell if this or my previous review will be posted at all...

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"really great chapter. I just realized exactly how close you write the characters to their original form, most people will either write them with some characteristics to the extreme but you make it sound like its from the movies. Love it and cant wait to read more"

To me this is one of the highest praises I could get because it tells me that I've analysed and perceived accurately how the character would react in the different situations I've placed them in, when I read something I enjoy it more if I can picture the characters actually doing/saying something, that's why before I write for something I have to feel like I have a strong connection to the characters which is why I've only written stories for Ice Age so far.

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This review comes from fellow forum member, Skarrow.

Okay, I'll be doing this review the same way I did my last one.

I breathed a sigh of relief after reading Chapter 31 completely. Red saving Lyra with the snow berries was not a bad idea. This raises so many questions again, and there are so many interesting implications about Red's time on Mt. Silver abound - especially when combined with what little Red disclosed about his backstory. It's beautiful, subtle, and you got me hooked all over again!

Lance and Lyra's kiss was a nice way to deepen the relationship between the two characters for the audience - I don't know what you were going for here, but when I read this scene I felt that while they managed to share their feelings with each other at last, it would only become more complicated and messy as time moves on. Again, I've been hooked. The timing, the feelings, the unspoken words were played very well against each other here.

Back to Red again, he only had a grand total of three (or was it four?) scenes in the entire story, but he's already promising to be a very deep character in his own right. I just love reading about former heroes from the eyes of the current hero - his demeanor seems to be a cross between a disillusioned adult and a pure-hearted kid, and it's heart wrenching to see him this way. And I love how you've indirectly made Blue a deeper character by having Red speak a little about him.

Lance is making me uncomfortable. He seems to be the type of guy who moves fast when he's sure of his decisions, but I never struck him as possessive. Ugh, I smell co-dependency in the horizon... But that's fine, too - because then we'll get to see it explode alongside with Morty's (apparently)growing feelings. Oh, the delicious torture...

I don't really have anything to say about the Champions, but both Iris and Lance's sense of fashions leave much to be desired, and poor Lyra is once again getting forced to wear clothes that don't really "fit" her. Will she ever get an outfit she'll like? LOL

The story switching to Silver's point of view was a real prize in itself that we can see how far he has developed. The transition itself wasn't awkward at all, and it's always nice to see how other people react to events that have transpired. His interactions with Ethan and Joey, his snarky comments on the party and everything - EVERYTHING in his POV was a real pleasure to read, and I hope we get to see even more of this new, reformed Silver trying to cope with the changes in his life in the sequel, and have an importaant role alongside Lyra and co.

CHUCK! I missed you! ;_; You are always awesome!

And so Morty will be having a more prominent role in the sequel, eh? I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy - he lost Ho-oh, he lost Lyra and now he has to deal with his best friend teetering on the edge of insanity. I hereby dub Morty as the story's new woobie... until I read the sequel, where I'm pretty sure my mind will be changed.

I liked the spirit world sequence he has with Gengar, and Eusine's words about Morty's "demise" gets me thinking that it might be more of a psychological thing than a physical thing, but still life-threatening(?). And speaking of Eusine, him popping up like that at Ecruteak was all kinds of messed up (in a good way), and now everything's so darn ominous and geezus, I need to get my hands on that sequel!

Final words:
Aquila, you are a write who does things your own way. I'm really, really happy to see this story finished, and I'm glad I decided to give this fanfic a chance when I first saw it last year despite my initial hesitance. I know we have clashing opinions on things like plot progression and other finer details, but after reading the final chapter and the epilogue I can say with full sincerity that you've done a fantastic job wrapping everything up and grabbing your audience with your sequel hooks. I loved the characters, I loved the mystery, I loved the danger and I even loved how the immature angst parts was coupled with adult fears, and how well they played off each other.

Again, you've done a great job, and I'm currently looking over your other LancexLyra fanfics, as well as some other ones too (I can't believe you're writing a Resident Evil high school fanfic, I need to get around to reading that!)!

And now I'm on my way to read World of Glass. See you there!

Thanks again for the recommendation.
NOT Tsundere! I'm just trying to be a good reviewer! DIAForce cannot be trusted, believe me! D:

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Going to post some of the really motivating and just plain amusing comments Ive received for my Pokémon fic.

*Jaw drops in amazement * That was... That was... Wow! I don't have anything to say but brilliance; utter and complete brilliance. You have an amazing ability to actually want your readers to read the Pokemon battles. Sometimes writers just make them so boring. You have shocked me beyond all imagination. I can not wait until the next chapter. I was really unsure when I first started reading because of how it was formatted and how the punctuation and capitalization was off. ( A big turn off) Golly though, you've turned it around. Great work, and keep at it. I am sure the next battle will be even better.

Oh my god. Awesome job man. Pikachu, Galie, Snorlex, Sceptile, Infernape. Not to mention the mighty Charizard (My Favourite). Man this Ash is way more badass. I'm at loss of words. I want to read what happens next and wanted to select the "certain outcome" but it seems you uploaded this a year or so ago. So i can't. Well this is my second-most-favourite story in Pokemon ever. So continue this, I want to read all the chapters right now, But since you upload slowly i also read slowly so.
Keep up the good work man, Your pal.
Stickermans50 over and out B-}   




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This review made me so happy:

I have to say, I am rather impressed. I started reading your other fic around when you first published it, before the game was released, and I remember thinking at the time that if this story was notably well written, then so must be the game! After reading the end of RoC, I thought the writers for Syndicate would have come up with something incredible... It's amazing how this story of yours made my expectations exceedingly high for such a disappointing game.

Disclaimer, I love playing it (I beat the main story within a week if I remember correctly) - it's such a beautiful game, but it lacked so much story. My recommendation for this is, if you were at all planning this, to give Starrick more interactions with Evie (and possibly Jacob if you're taking this is the direction I think you are) even before the boss battle - again, if that's what you're planning. I believe originality is working in your favor, so maybe try to stray away from the direction the game headed in?

My suggestion would be, if I were writing this, is to give each of your antagonists their own story, similar to what you did for Nora. It expands more on what their operations are and what sort of people the twins have to deal with. Also, stick to the dark themes, that last chapter of Chaos was rather incredible. (; Sorry for the rambling, and I mean no offense - you did well with your version of Syndicate and you've done a better job than they did (as I said, I love the game, the story just disappointed me). Keep up the good

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Review received today for Dark Souls story:

Boring story? Nah it's one of the best Dark Souls II stories on the site (in the whole dark souls section there are few dark souls II stories many of which are abandoned cuz Lordran still owns) It's also different from the rest as the characters are seen from a more human perspective rather than a hollow who can only kill. There is nothing wrong with your writing style. Just keep up the good work with this fic.

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Well this wasn't from a review but from a PM regarding my Dark Souls parody

You know, its people like you who make my day with your stories. I've been looking for a story of Velstadt and Raime for some time. And, after reading it, I wonder what else you can do that others can't with their stories.


I'm still stunned to of had this sent to me. I didn't think I was this good. 

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I unfortunately couldn't read any further than this right forward to read the rest 5 chapters as soon as I can.
I really like the way you write. You wrote that speech by Paul so well. Just the way it is in reality, when our competitors advise us. I liked that pokemon evolving thing. It just makes sense.
The thing I admire most is how me,who is completely foreign to this fandom is enjoying the story even when I don't understand a few thing.
You realise how special your work is then?
Reading the rest of it this noon.
~ Soumita.

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On 11/19/2015 at 9:44 AM, Gary Oak said:

This review comes from fellow forum member, Skarrow.

[the review in question]


*wears a paper bag over my head to hide embarrassment*



One of the most uplifting reviews that I'd gotten was in irc, actually. Really brought a smile to my face

SPOILERED because it's pretty vulgar. For the record, my screenname was Nuclear.

The "wife" mentioned is the anime character the reviewer was lusting over




nuclear<03:31pm> story's done. over. FINIS. no need to keep going.
meltyqueen<03:31pm> cant belive u kept it a straightforward lovestory for this long
nuclear<03:31pm> straightforward? was messed up since the beginning, melty
meltyqueen<03:33pm> ...SONOFABITCH

(later, after reading)

meltyqueen<03:46pm> nuclear is so handsome and nice I want to brush his perfect hair and maybe caress his rosy cheeks. ya sick fuck.




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I have a new favourite review


":Did she has to be killed like that ... That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f*** harsh you a** hole" 

and it's follow up


Dude she been died her evil a**bro killed her whit his stupid a**

*slow claps* clearly someone failed their english classes

From a GUEST of all people. Too chicken to sign in me thinks. 

I take great pride in being horrible

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I just received this review for 'A Hero's Last Cry'.

I really enjoy this story so far; it is really very intriguing and I cannot wait for the next update. I kind of feel sorry for Tyson, but hey, everyone needs a little bit of tough love once in a while. I really hope everything turns out well in the end, despite that I am rooting for both the good and the bad guys.

This story caught my attention when I read the summary for the first time and since then I have constantly waited for an update, and I am always so happy when I see that you have updated.
You really are a good writer, and now a days it is really difficult to find a very good story on fan fiction, especially one that meets all my requirements. I prefer a story with very long chapters, and yours are just perfect, no matter if there are some that might complain that they are too long, boo hoo, read in breaks. 

You put everything is such detail that one does not get confused and everything makes sense from the moment I start reading. The pace the story is moving on is also perfect, no need to rush everything. I rather prefer stories with this pace because then I can feel how the story develops and how I get to know the characters.

You can be proud of your writing skills; I know that there are many that wish they could have such a talent so you must use your talent to its full potential. It has been given to you for a reason. 

I am looking forward to the next update and I will be waiting patiently for it.

*sniff* I'm so touched, especially when I've been losing a bit of motivation over the past few days.

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I didn't feel like posting a bunch of times so this will be a long.



These are from my Oreos oneshot

Awww this is so cute! The little twist at the end (heh, oreo pun) with Black was so good. I expected him to go all brotherly, not complain about oreos. It was nice to see something that wasn't Romeo and Juliet-like. N and Black get along well enough. Very nice!


This is very cute! I really like Ferriswheelshipping! The ending was very nice


"Is there a reason you're addicted to Oreos?" Black asked.

"They're milk's favorite cookie."

My favorite line! XD

Good one-shot my friend. Two thumbs up.


Haha, this is really cute. I really like the fact that this one-shot doesn't revolve around some sort of drama or angst: I'm honestly sick of those. It's nice to see this couple written in a more light-hearted way. And your Black seems to act just like the Black in my fic, which automatically makes me love him in your fic xD

...I especially like this because it has to do with my most favorite snack in the world.


"They're milks favorite cookie" Nice. 
I love to see a light hearted one shot about these two for once. There's no drama, no 'I love you.' 'I thought you hated me!' 'I hate you!' 'But I love you!'. Thank. You. 
Thankyouthankyouthankyouthan lyouthankyou!


This is so randomly adorable. I was grinning the whole time, and I still am!


Awww! So Cute! I liked this! My favorite cookies Oreos! I get N's joke! Ohohohohohohoho! This was sweet! *Inner fangirl scream!*


That was so adorable! I can so picture that as a little chibi cartoon!


8D I love Oreos and this just made my night!


This was adorable and hilarious. Thank you.


This is great. Finally, something really entertaining.


This is one for one of my untitled oneshots


Good story 
I did like how you portrayed Jahara being the strong one after such an incident.


This is for my Ace x Tia (Megaman Starforce 3) oneshot


*sigh* It's awfully quiet around here, guess I should take a lead this time then.

Very refreshing to read fic about support characters once in a while. But more importantly, your story pace and character interaction is overall nice. With a little extra stuff from canon, this is believable IC, simple yet creative at the same time.

Keep good working and welcome abroad to Mega Man section, my fellow writer! XD


This one is for my Friendshippy Jin Yamigitsune (Future Card Buddyfight!) oneshot


I'm surprised this has no reviews, I think it's one of my favorite Buddyfight oneshots! It's rare to find fanfiction of Jin and Yamigitsune and they're both really interesting characters. I love how you wrote different relatable scenarios. Overall this was a fun read, and it seemed like it could be part of the show!


These are for my Gracefulshipping oneshot


My goodness! It's so hard to find good gracefulshipping fics here. I just...asdfghjklasdfgjkl. I love you 0-0




I absolutely adore this storie and couple plz write a sequal to this


Ha! Those pancakes Winona made actually sound really good! I'm gonna have to try it sometime. Thank you for an interesting breakfast idea and a very good story.


These are for my Grantedshipping twoshot


wow, so cute! :) a few minor flaws, but still a lovable story! 
this is such a cute couple, they need more stories!


WOW. this is really good! a few minor errors, but a very nice story! i love grantedshipping, wishh there were more stories for them...fav! 


Grantedshipping 333333333

Other then that, this story was well written, and i loved it!


These are for my Lukara oneshot


Well it's not quite what i imagined especially after the events of episode 24 but bravo.


This is one of the most romantice stories i ever read(past tense):)


So perfect... please write a sequel about them in season three.


This is for the pre story to Oreos


I don't understand why this story doesn't have more reviews. It's great. A short but sweet story, good work.


These are for Smile


Heh... It made me giggle a bit at the end.


Smiling hurts. Lol good one.


This one is for my Steven x Cynthia oneshot


This deserves to be more than a one shot. It's that good.


These are for Taken for Granted


Awesome! Please continue. I'll look forward to it!


Awesome job, keep it up. Love this shipping so much 3


I meant to review a while ago, but I really liked this chapter. I liked the emotion that Lance was showing toward the end. It'd be interesting to see if he takes that out on Yellow, leading to some more tension down the road...?

Awesome job!


:) I love this! Please keep going! Its cute and very amazing! I love yellow and lance such a cute shipping and then lance and shinx at the end made me laugh! This was adorable keep going!


I loved this! It was very imaginative and I want to keep reading!


I really LOVE it!
I hope you make more and update soon!


I'm sorry I didn't review review this... I lost it...but I was thinking to myself... Gee I wonder what happened to that fic. That one with yellow and lance...so anyway I just wanted to say after everything that this turned out great! :)


Nice story you wrote there. When are you going to write a sequel? I want to know more about the Holo Caster and who Lance knows. This fanfic is good and should definitely have its sequel. I enjoyed reading it, and some of your other fics like "Grantedshipping: brthdays" and "Grantedshipping 1 and 2". Keep up the good work...


This is for my The Clans of the Sky and Earth oneshot


Very cool; this sounds like a very likely backstory for the show.


These are for my Trellis x Emily oneshot


what statues complete what no no no I want to now what happens I like stuff like this I want to see what he says when he finds out it is twins pppppppllleeeaasssee congrats I like storys like this they always get good please I need more like a crazy trellis wondering how he is going survive being a parent hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this is going to get good hahahahahahaha.


I reallly liked this story, and I love the ones you've done for pokemon. I really hope for some more from you on Tremily. Maybe more kisses? X3! I also think it would have been easier to have Navin's sweater say "World's Greatest Uncle" instead. Other than that, AMAZING!
Dis random lion signing off


These are for the sequel to the oneshot



hahahahahahahahahaha I like it when he fell over then he got up again and fell down again it was funny I knew this would get good thank you so much for doing this and sorry for not looking in march I got grounded from tv,computer and my other stuff but thanks again do more stories you do good ones hahahahahahahahahahahaha thanks again and mack a new story soon ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


SUP, I love your stories! So beautiful! You should have one about Trellis and Emily's first kiss or wedding or... anything! Lovin' it. (LOL, poor Trellis.)


CONGRATULATIONS! YOU AN INFINANT AMOUNT OF COOKIES! Reason? You made my fave gy character from Amulet ADORABLE!


And these are for my Tremily oneshot


hahahahahahahahahaha he totally got him he must have hurd it all happen funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha it is like the middle of the night I had to stop myself from laphing out loud


Is it weird your author's note cracked me up the most ?


Okay, let me lay this out there, that was kawaii as all get out, great job!



I like to hear/read how my stories made someone happy :)

The sequel oneshot is a technical request oneshot for the girl who misspelled laughing. I liked her reviews, and I had a few ideas, so I wrote one for her.






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This comment on Rook really made my day:

" This is GREAT!! And amazing and beautiful.... I love it,good job :) And please,please,please continue!!I re-reading the whole story several times!Please finish it!!; :) "

I just haven't had the time or inclination to go back to this work for ages but the fact that people still love it is so encouraging. I have to get this done. I do have the time now that my lovely friend is visiting and helping out with the kids and the house. So its go time.

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