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Victory to the Broncos! Credit to the Eels for the spirit they showed.

And the Bronocs beat the Cowboys - it was 2015 grand final all over again but this time south queensland won

Proof that league exists in South Africa Click here to be surprised If league ever became popular in SA, it would be cool to see a competition between Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

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Sharks have recruited well along with the Knights so I suspect they will both do well perhaps top 8 this year.

Sadly I think the rabbitohs might slide a bit into the lower part of the top 8 some big losses, I think you can put the Storm too in this category they might struggle to make the eight but not sure.

Don't think my Eels will get into the Eight but will definitely be better then last year, I might being nice and pushing up my boys a few spots but we'll see.

Bottom three are interchangeable for me one of them I think will get the spoon.

My early money is on the Roosters

Current Ladder for me



3. Dragons

4. Rabbitohs

5. Raiders

6. Broncos

7. Knights

8. Storm

9. Panthers

10.  Titans

11. Warriors

12. Eels

13. Tigers

14. Cowboys

15. Sea Eagles

16. Bulldogs



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Well this seems dumb. Refs to play doctors now??

An influential rule change as the NRL looks to cut down stoppages; referees have been told not to stop play for injury unless a Dr is required or there is a risk of interfering with the play. Play should not be stopped for medical assistance/treatment provided by a trainer. 

Trainers can even be “sent off” or fined if they attempt to stop the match for a player down with only “minor injuries”. 

Interested to see how this is policed (determining minor/moderate/major injury), & how it is applied to potentially unpredictable injuries like concussion

To clarify; the on field trainer is still the one performing the medical assessment & determining if a Dr is required on field. They then notify the referee if so. But it then appears to be the job of officials (referee/bunker?) to decide if the stoppage was unnecessary/for tactical reasons

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@RipplingLocust I think it will be close but it really depends if the eels come switched on because if they do I don't doubt they can win but's a really a coin flip what parra shows up.

Karma might not be on my side I kind of smashed my Eels cookie jar....... :(  So I am leaning Storm but hoping we can pull of something special here like in 09.

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