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Up to episode 150 in Gintama..............................I think at most 30 -40 episodes have been canon and the rest filler. Never seen so much filler/slice of life in a series ever this series is so out there  hard to predict what will happen most of the time but the humor is definitely on point although I really one of the mains Shinpachi really ruins my experience a lot given I love the rest of the cast.

Its worth while watching if you want laugh just don't expect a heap of serious stuff other then here of there.

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How come nobody has recommended Fullmetal Alchemist? That's basically a crime! xd I often joke that if someone doesn't have this anime in their favs, we cannot be friends Both animes, in fact. While

I recommend One-Punch Man!!!!! Awesome SHIT! AND ONLY SIX EPISODES! GO F**KING WATCH IT!  http://kissanime.to/anime/one-punch-man

Just finished Gakuen Babysitters. You want noble messages subtled in cute crazy antics by babies, go watch this anime

Have started looking into sports anime/manga mainly out of nostalgia since I liked Captain tsubasa a football manga.

Have watched half way through for Kuroko no Basket (basketball anime)& Haikyuu (Volleyball) and surprisingly I found the volleyball anime Haikyuu far superior.

Don't get me wrong Kuroko no Basket is a good watch although they get way overboard when it comes to "Special abilities" for the players at first I am ok with it but it just gets to absurd at a certain point, so try not to take it seriously and just enjoy ride got some funny and interesting characters, Not a massive amount of depth to the cast but it's there if slow going.

Haikyuu I found more enjoyable and seemed to mesh to my tastes bit better, Seems a lot more realistic for an athlete even if it pushes the boundaries for some characters. I quite like the main character Hinata a lot his growth and his team has been good to watch with them progessing at a reasonable pace as players and there characters being fleshed out.

Kuroko No Basket: 6/10 - Solid series don't take it to seriously, great animations for the plays, I wouldn't binge watch it though.

Haikyuu 8/10 - Id say this probably one of the better series to watch as an introduction to sport anime/manga, Visually not bad but can definitely see it stepping up which it seems to be int he second season I started watching.

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I haven't watched it in a good while, but I would definitely recommend the anime Angel Beats.

It's near the top of my list for favorite anime (although I'd have to watch it again to be sure), and it's for several reasons. There's just a whole lot to love about it!

One of the things about it that stands out to me is the good balance between serious and humorous. Sometimes it's using a funny plot device to help move the plot forward, or it's simply the character interactions. And boy, there sure are a lot of characters; however, I assure you, they all get their spotlight. Eventually :D But man, the serious parts in this show... well, I guess I shouldn't say "serious." Though they are. There's a lot of times in the show where it really hits you in the gut. You'll be crying both tears of happiness and pain! haha

Just wait for those heavenly OSTs to hit

Will end on this note: Assassination Classroom is also really good, for a lot of the same ways. There's more characters, and even if some of them don't get the spotlight nearly enough, what they do show is great. There's tons of character development and amazing episodes. I think there's 48 episodes or something? So it's a pretty decent-length watch. It's funny and entertaining and absolutely awesome, so that's another rec from me!

Might recommend more later, idk, but for now, that's all I'm gonna say :P

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Another anime rec from yours truly because that’s all I ever seem to do with my free time these days

Nichijou is a hilarious slice-of-life comedy with the slightest twist of reality. There are a lot of characters, and many different kinds of connected shorts throughout the whole show, but they’re all really easy to love! There is tons of humor and laughter, but there’s also pure and random moments between the characters too. Nichijou is also called My Ordinary Life (or is it attached at the end of the name?). Either way, it almost does just feel like these characters are going through their normal lives. Even if a couple of them aren’t quite what you’d call normal themselves.

Anyway, it’s a splendid 26-episode series filled with lots of heart and charm. The main characters are definitely the stars of the show, but the side characters also each have their own spotlight with their own quirks and awesomeness. 

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