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Queries for Kage


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On 2/24/2019 at 10:07 AM, Lightningblade49 said:

Hey my dude how you doing? Random questions for you. :)

1.Have you ever flown a kite?

2.What is the weirdest dream you can recall?

3.Finally can your Cat-self defeat this almighty slime in battle? Just know that you will be absorbed if you lie or tell the truth.....*Squints at his prey*


1: yep!! Was never a big thing for me though, I usually blew stuff up instead.

2: I have a lot of reccuring dreams where I'm basically best mates with post Malone and I always wake up sad afterwards because our friendship is so fullfilling and wholesome. Very weird, because I don't really like his music that much. His man-bun tho - would smash.

3: I would be stupid to assume so!

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6 hours ago, AquilaTempestas said:

What is your favourite Elder Scrolls game?

Oh this is hard actually. But I would have to say my ranking of the games that I have played go like this:

Oblivion: at number one, because it showed me how vast games could be and how incredible it was to be released into a huge world to find your own adventure.

Skyrim: Second spot of course, Skyrim. It improved the mechanics greatly from Oblivion but even though it was a legendary and genuine TES game, it somehow felt just slightly behind in terms of Oblivion's overall experience.

Elder Scrolls Online: At third spot, this is probably the Elder Scrolls Game I am playing the most. It's incredibly fun, but sometimes you can get really bored out by it too. Just got my first house at 178hrs of playtime and I'm grinding away for that great great gold.

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4 hours ago, Lightningblade49 said:

If had the choice to star in a movie or an good animation which would you choose?

If the answer yes to either on the first question is there a particular role you'd like to act or voice?

Oh I would love to voice act! I'd love to be in something like the tv-shows from Adult Swim such as BoJack Horseman or Rick and Morty. 

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