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I'm interested, I loved playing in Ragnarok but I need a little bit to think at my character, or rather, modify one of mine enough to fit with this because I don't feel like creating a new one from sc

Ah, so this is what's becoming of Ragnarok, eh? I noticed there hadn't been an update for it in a while, and yesterday I found it sat in the archived section, happy to see that something is happening

I thought Ragnarok was on the right track, but I think it lacked some... direction? Like, the plot was cool, but most of the time we lingered on a scene too much. I know I sound incredibly hypocrite r

Shocked by the talking animal -and even more after she said her name-, the warrior knelt before the cat.

"My apologies, goddess." Nephren said. Despite his personal opinions on the gods, even he knew they could smite him on a whim if they so desired. "I did not recognized you in this form you have assumed."

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@Sakura Alexia

Charon sniffs you then releases you.

"You wish to speak Hades then. He is the lord of the underworld. You cannot leave until he judges you."

"We wish to find a way to break free of the chains of this life."

Charon raises an eyebrow. "Is that so? Hades will judge that. Are you ready to cross the River Styx?"

@Stubborn Saber

He Bo nods.

"Then come, let us walk through the entrance."

He walks down to the river and starts heading towards the waterfall.

You can hear it up ahead, roaring so loud it's hard to anything else.

"You will not be able to enter armed. The guards will attack you on sight otherwise. Lay your weapons here," He Bo says.

He then looks at Hou Yi.

"You must remain outside the palace. Ao Kuang knows who you are. You will be attacked immediately. Our friend here must go alone."


Bastet purrs.

"Yes, you mortals are strange things. You lack the ability to sense a god in your presence."

She looks to the pyramid.

"Why are you even here? Did Isis send yet another poor adventurer to their doom?"

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"Very well." Xu Ba responds, acknowledging He Bo's advice.

Reaching to his waist, Xu Ba unbuckles his daggers sheave that he kept attached to his robes belt. It was only natural to keep a defensive weapon on his person, a noble of his status always had enemies. However, during those dull meetings with other nobles it was common place to be asked to leave all weapons behind.

"Now what? Do I stroll in through the front door?"

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"I was indeed sent here by Isis," Nephren conceded. "though whether if  'here' is where my doom lies or not remains to be seen."

Maybe the cat goddess knew something useful for the quest before him. Judging by Bastet's words, he wasn't the first to search for the Eye in the desert. And the unsettling demeanor of Isis....

Sobek mentioned fear as the catalyst of despair. Bastet might know more if the Queen goddess had been acting strange.

"Goddess, I was wondering if..." Nephren began, but there was no way to know the mood of a deity, much less the voluble cat goddess.

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