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Pandora's Box [SMITE]


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Pandora's Box


Pandora's Box has been opened and now evil roams the planet. You are enlisted by the heads of your pantheon to unearth this mystery and find the culprit before the entire world is consumed by darkness. Can a mere mortal save the planet or will you allow it to crumble?

Character Submissions


Number of players needed

4. Knowledge of Smite is a must. Smite lore does differ a bit from actual mythology, but knowledge of actual mythology is pretty important too

To join

Create a character. Fill in the following >

  • Name [your character's name]
  • Gender [your gender]
  • Pantheon [Egypt, Norse, Greek, Roman, Japanese, Chinese, Mayan, Hindu, Celtic - I won't add the three new ones because only one god thus far)
  • Background [your background gives me some idea of what to work with for plot purposes and such. Backgrounds don't really affect the story - it's basically just how NPCs will interact with you. For example, if you are a beggar, NPCs will laugh at you or think you are sick, but certain gods may take pity on you. If you are a flirt, it will be easier for you to avoid fights because you can just sleep your way out of it.
    • Temple Worker
    • Drunk
    • Farmer
    • Homeless 
    • Soldier
    • Noble
    • Flirt 

Additional info

Basically, you are a demigod, fated to either save or destroy the world.

You are not immortal nor invincible. In some cases, you will need to die for plot purposes. 

You can make friends or enemies of the gods/goddesses. There will be a CHARACTER SHEET that will be updated (by me) as you make progress.

Godly powers can either be temporary or permanent. If you slay a god/goddess, you may inherit one of their abilities (of your choosing). If you keep a god/goddess alive, they can give you a special weapon that basically does the same thing.

Character Sheet 

The character sheet (excluding the basics such as name, gender, background and pantheon) will contain the following:

Morality - You start at Neutral, but overtime your actions may shift you towards Chaos or Order

Items - Throughout the RP, you will collect stuff. These items will help you.

Relationships - This kinda just helps me keep track of whom you have talked with so I don't get too confused. You may even bump into other players.

Quests - This will be updated to show you what quest you are currently on

Godly Powers - You start off with nothing, but overtime your character gets stronger


  • no godmodding, bunnying etc
  • no killing other players
  • no killing NPCs unless prompted
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I'm interested, I loved playing in Ragnarok but I need a little bit to think at my character, or rather, modify one of mine enough to fit with this because I don't feel like creating a new one from sc

Ah, so this is what's becoming of Ragnarok, eh? I noticed there hadn't been an update for it in a while, and yesterday I found it sat in the archived section, happy to see that something is happening

I thought Ragnarok was on the right track, but I think it lacked some... direction? Like, the plot was cool, but most of the time we lingered on a scene too much. I know I sound incredibly hypocrite r

Ah, so this is what's becoming of Ragnarok, eh? I noticed there hadn't been an update for it in a while, and yesterday I found it sat in the archived section, happy to see that something is happening with it. Aye, I am interested in continue this altered version of the RP, as for the character I'll use:


Xu Ba






Bored nobleman, constantly in search of entertainment, legal or not, it doesn't matter to Xu Ba either way.


Will this do? And should I add an age and appearance to this description, or just leave those details til later.

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I thought Ragnarok was on the right track, but I think it lacked some... direction? Like, the plot was cool, but most of the time we lingered on a scene too much. I know I sound incredibly hypocrite right now (since I forgot about the rp on more than one occasion lol) but I'm just being honest here :D

Anyways, if you still have room for me here is my character

Name: Nephren Ka

Gender: Male

Pantheon: Egyptian

Background: Soldier

That's for now, I imagine more of the character will be required as the rp progresses, unless you require something else now?


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1 minute ago, TJMike said:

I thought Ragnarok was on the right track, but I think it lacked some... direction? Like, the plot was cool, but most of the time we lingered on a scene too much. I know I sound incredibly hypocrite right now (since I forgot about the rp on more than one occasion lol) but I'm just being honest here :D

Anyways, if you still have room for me here is my character

Name: Nephren Ka

Gender: Male

Pantheon: Egyptian

Background: Soldier

That's for now, I imagine more of the character will be required as the rp progresses, unless you require something else now?


Ha ha yeah, totally agreed. I think I was just trying to do to much at the same time and a bunch of NPCs thrown in there didn't help either.

For information regarding appearance and age and stuff, I would prefer if you guys just showed it in the rp in a scene.

Anyways. I'm ready to go and I'll do the opening scene soon. I do recommend following the RP (just click FOLLOW at the upper right hand corner) so I don't have to tag you all the time. You'll get automatic notifications that way.

@Stubborn Saber @Adney @Sakura Alexia

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Many thousands of years ago...

Items highlighted in red are items you can obtain. Items in blue are items of great importance.

Pandora, the first woman, was given a box from Zeus as a wedding present. The King of the Olympians warned her not to open the box for it held all the greatest evils. But overcome by her curiosity, Pandora was unable to stay away from the box and opened it. Hundreds of dangerous creatures were unleashed upon the world. Some people say she was tricked into it by a snake. Others say it was because she was a weak-minded woman and succumbed to temptation. Nevertheless, because of her actions, evil had spread far beyond the lands of the Greek and Roman shores.


You are one of the fortunate people who has close connections with Nu Wa, the Goddess of Creation. You live in a grand house just a few streets away from the grand palace. You are disliked by the poor for they feel you do not deserve your riches, but they can't do anything about it or face punishment. You don't even have to work. You simply own a big piece of land and the peasants who work on it have to pay you whatever fee you charge. You're basically a god, but only without the immortality and powers. What could possibly ever go wrong? You are currently at a grand feast with a group of other nobles.

"...An Elixir of Immortality? Are you sure it's true?" says a female.

Her male companion nods. "...Indeed. Ao Kuang's sons are searching for it. They are searching every town and city for this drink."

You've heard the name before. Ao Kuang was the Dragon King of the Eastern Seas, a position Nu Wa had given him.

You have yet to meet him in person, but you've heard the stories. Ao Kuang is infamous for his violent temper and extreme arrogance. Rumour has it he even demands child sacrifices from the local people and if not granted his wishes, he creates violent storms to destroy rice farms.

Join the gossip or just continue listening 


Being a temple worker was a tough life. People constantly demand your services even if you are busy attending to someone else's needs. The sick. The poor. The guilty. They all come to the Shrine of Amaterasu seeking your clerical services.  The temple is dedicated to the goddess, but she hasn't returned home in over a decade. Rumour has it she has been searching for her wayward brother, but no one knows where Susano is either. So the duty in caring for the sick and the poor has fallen on your shoulders and people think you are a god. As usual, there is a long queue of people waiting to be served. A young mother rushes up to you and grabs your clerical robes. A man also rushes over to you and drops to his knees.

"Please... My child... She is dying..." the woman says. "I have nothing to offer you, but a simple brooch."

The man weeps. "Please... It's my wife... She is sick... We can pay you coin."

Agree to help her or turn her away


Being a beggar on the streets of Greece was difficult. The temple people refused you. The kids threw stones at you. Even the soldiers thought you were a waste of space. You live in the slums of Athens. The people who live here rely on prostitution and stealing to make ends meet. Just last week another beggar stole a chicken from a wealthy person and sold the chicken's eggs for coin. Your clothes are torn, and consist of scraps you found in the streets. It won't protect from anything - it barely keeps your warm at night - but at least it's better than running around naked. You've always aspired to be something greater - to be like the great hero Odysseus and travel the world and create your own legend - but unfortunately without any gold or proper clothing, you wouldn't last a single day outside these walls.

A group of kids run by. One of them stops and looks at you. He points and laughs. "...Vermin."

He then throws a pebble at your face. It hits you on the head.

Berate the kid, throw the pebble at him, chase him or just ignore the kid


Today was the day you'd finally be officially inducted into the military from the ruler of Egypt, Osiris. You've spent several years training with clubs and spears for this moment. With this induction, you'd finally be able to leave your homeland and explore the world beyond the the Nile River and travel as the gods have. The induction could be a short lived affair as the priests have mentioned a sandstorm is supposed to be coming your way. As you prepare to leave and make your way over to the pyramid, you notice a group of soldiers having a heated discussion.

"What? One of the relics has gone missing?"

"...Stolen yes! The Eye of Horus has been stolen."

The original Eye of Horus, a symbol of light. Horus had given up an eye in his battle against Set, but in turn received a new eye which granted him spiritual sight. Soldiers engraved the symbol on their weapons and shields for protection from evil spirits. The Eye was in Osiris's possession.... Or at least it was. 

Ask more questions or just keep heading towards the pyramid

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Aoki turned to the woman, kindness in her eyes. The man had coin, he could go to a doctor but this woman had little in the world, perhaps the child was her only family.
She cupped a hand to the woman's cheek, the other resting on her shoulder "What is wrong with your child. Do not worry any longer, I shall do my utmost to help her" She gives the woman a soft smile, hopng to inspire confidence in her. 

It was hard working at the shrine since Amaterasu had left but she'd kept it going through thick and thin, sometimes barely but she had never cursed the goddess for leaving, she understood how Susano could be. The other mikos didn't seem to be doing much today, surely one of them would help the older man as she lead the woman away

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Robin merely stares at the rock as if falls at her feet, faintly aware of the pain in her temple, she didn't care, it was just another bruise adding to the collection, if she had a coin for every single one she had, she would be rich by now, but it wasn't how it worked.

She decides to blatantly ignore the kids, this kind of thing happened to her way too many times to even be bothered by it anymore. Besides, she was tired and hungry, she couldn't remember the last time she slept or had eaten properly, nights were cold and what little she had wasn't enough to keep her warm, and food well... she just ate what she managed to steal or buy, which wasn't anywhere near enough for a grown woman such as her, in the end it wasn't worth to waste what little energy she had to respond to these kids, they would eventually get tired and leave.

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“The Eye has gone missing?” Nephren thought. A light chuckle escaped him. “Imagine that. Even the gods can fall prey to thievery.” He’d been listening to those kind of rumors for the past few days, probably around the time the priests foretold the coming of the sandstorm. Maybe rumors were true for a change. Securing his short spear and shield on his back, the soldier approached the other soldiers.

“Hey, Amenophis. Is this rumor I’ve heard true?” he asked the nearby soldiers.  “Did someone truly robbed from the all-mighty gods?” he asked in a mock tone. Nephren never was known to have shown more faith in the gods than he did in mankind. He was convinced all the gods were all-mighty, but only a few of them were indeed benevolent. “Praise the sun, my friends. It seems we have a divine thief among us.” He chuckled once more.

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Xu Ba leaned on his right hand, slowly glancing around at the other rabble of nobility that had been invited to the feast, not a single one of them managed to catch his eye. They all dressed the same and most only talked about their wealth or what they'd have their obedient servants do for them, engaging in conversation with these apes only served to waste his breathe. Letting out a disappointed sigh of discontent he couldn't believe how dull the entire event had been, at this point he was beginning to wonder why he even bothered showing up in the first place?

Yawning behind his hand, Xu Ba was on the verge of dosing off, mentally he made a note to hire an assassin the next time he was dragged into one of these soiree. However, as he was thinking of potential candidate's to have killed something pricked his ears, 'Elixir of Immortality', lazily turning his head he spotted the couple having this enlightening discussion. As they went on to mention the name Ao Kuang his interest was now peaked, leaning forward he eavesdropped in on their conversation.

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They continue talking.

The male continues. "Rumour has it he is preparing an army to help him find this elixir,."

"An army? But we have one of our own."

"Guan Yu hasn't returned from his last mission in hunting down the demon catcher, Zhong Kui and no one knows where Hou Yi is."

"Surely our lady Nu Wa can stop him."

"Nu Wa's powers are great, but she doesn't have an army to match the size of Ao Kuang's. I've overheard the scouts saying that he's stronger now... He's been given some power by a foreign source."

"But we must have allies! People that will come to our aid!"

The man shrugs. "Prince Ne Zha refuses to take part in this war and Sun Wukong is somewhere in the mountains where the monks live."

"So what? You're saying our chances are slim?

"I'm saying we have to find this Elixir first before Ao Kuang does."

"And where exactly would it be hiding?"

"...If we knew where it was we would've retrieved it by now."

The woman glares. She was about to open her mouth and speak further when the room suddenly falls silent. You hear footsteps approaching. A woman appears, a mischievous grin on her face. Her nine tails sway from side to side as she gives the crowd a quizzical look. Daji, Nu Wa's bodyguard, spymaster and a known expert seductress. "You have all heard the rumours. My ears hear everything. The Elixir of Immortality has been stolen and it this item falls into the hands of our enemies then your very existence could soon cease. You lot have been living a luxurious life for many years but that time has now ended - Lady Nu Wa has called upon all able bodies to serve in her army. As her children you are obliged to accept and if you try to refuse well..." She shows her claws revealing sharp curved dagger-like weapons. "...I'm sure you can fill in the blanks. Any questions?"

Ask a question or stay silent


The man frowns and spits at your feet with anger. "May the Gods curse you!" he says then storms off.

The mother kneels before you and kisses your hands. 

"Thank you! My daughter is gravely ill. She sleeps but her eyes are open."


The kids leave the area. You can hear their laughter.

"...Blasted kids..." an elderly man says, approaching you. You've seen quite a few elderly people around this area before, but this man's face is new. Perhaps he recently joined the ranks. The man is holding a curved dagger. He looks at you. "So the gods have cursed you too. I am not the only one caught on the wrong side."


The man called Amenophis nods.

"Indeed. The Eye of Horus has gone missing. We believe Set is behind this."

Set, the brother of Osiris, and the God of war, chaos and storms. If he had indeed stolen the relic then lives were indeed in grave danger.

Another soldier frowns. "What? You think this is some sort of a joke? Don't you see? Set is going to kill us all for choosing Osiris."

Ask more questions or just carry on

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"If you don't react they just get tired and leave" Robin replies, she didn't mind older people, they were usually nicer and more knowledgeable, they always had a story to tell and she would always listen to them in awe.

This one though she didn't recognize, and the fact that he had a dagger put her even more on guard, she eyes the weapon suspiciously as she stiffens, she looks ready to run away from you.

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"Yeah. I imagine that would be a bad thing, wouldn't it?" he replied. "Or for those who chose Osiris, at least." he thought. "Well then, let's hope the Eye of Horus return to us before that happens." he said, tapping the shoulder of the soldier who asked.

"Alright, fellas. I'm going now. Take care." With a bemused expression, Nephren choses to keep moving towards the pyramid. He'd wasted enough time here. He offers the pair of soldiers one last salute in the form of two fingers to his forehead as he strode to the main path.

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Aoki rolls her eyes at the man. His wife couldn't have been that sick if he just left, " She reached down, resting a palm n the woman's head "Come with me my child, Amaterasu shall heal your daughter" She helps the woman to stand, clasping the shaking hands in her own. She directs the woman towards the small building at the center of the shrine, pausing at the door to remove her outdoor sandals and step into another pair.

"Do not be afraid"

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Xu Ba raises an eyebrow as Da Ji made her presence known, a divine lackey of their goddess, Nu Wa, but still a lackey non the less. A manipulator and seductress, from what he had heard she also had a fondness for torturing her enemies for fun, given the threat and that revealed clawed glove that was exactly the fate to all those who denied her.

"Very well, I agree to serve in lady Nu Wa's army." Raising from his chair Xu Ba spoke up, staring Da Ji straight on the eye. "However, I do have one question that I would have answered first........... Did you come here of your own accord? Or were you sent here like a loyal dog obeying its master?"

It may have been a bad idea to get on the bad side of a divine being, but this question was the one that he wanted to hear the answer to.

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Without much warning, Daji slaps you in the face.

"Watch your tongue, boy. I could kill you. You are just a petty mortal after all. Meaningless really.... but Nu Wa insists you worthless mortals be kept alive. She loves you all very much though I cannot fathom why."

She pokes one of her claw-like fingers into your chest.

"You're going to visit He Bo of the Yellow River. I would go myself but Nu Wa has assigned me another task... Dealing with that blasted emperor."

She scowls.


The woman's daughter is lying down on the floor, her eyes wide, but she's asleep.

It seems as if she's under some sort of possession spell.

"...She was fine until one afternoon and then she came home after her studies. She said she had met a male with a long curved sword and hair as black as night. He called himself Susano."

Susano. Your brother. Your foul tempered brother who had a knack of causing trouble for you.


He spits at the ground.

"Why should we be doomed to live our lives on the streets? Those nobles don't do anything but prance around in their fancy tunics and turn their noses up at us like we're small folk. Even the Spartans are less cruel than these blasted Athenians."

He glances down at the dagger. Upon closer look, you notice there's a symbol of a spear and helmet on the hilt of the sword. The Cult of Ares.

"Say. Why don't we leave this city behind? We'll loot some of the temple brats."



You head along the main path, the searing rays of the sun burning into your skin. 

When you reach the pyramid you see Isis but no sign of Osiris. There's a large crowd of soldiers and priests standing around.

"...Osiris cannot be present for your ceremony. He's been struck down by a sudden illness. But do not worry - for the soldiers being inducted today we will not delay. I will read your names out one by one and I will cast the blessing upon you."

She pulls out a scroll and starts reading from the paper. She reads through the list and one by one soldiers kneel before Isis to receive her blessing,

She eventually gets to your name. "Nephren."

Kneel before Isis.

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Should she trust this man? Robin didn't know, she had never seen him ever before, though the fact that he had that dagger scared and intrigued her at the same time, she recognized Ares' symbol, the God of War, there wasn't any doubt. How he aquired such thing intrigued her, but for what he used it made her afraid, what if he was going to turn on her at any second?

His proposition though seemed fine to her, she was indeed hungry and risking to die to steal something was somehow better than ending up dead of hunger. She nods, accepting the offer, though she still remains wary.

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Aoki sighed "It will be difficult but I will do what I can" She knelt down, cradling the girls head as she searched for any clues as to what her annoyance of a brother had done.
If she found nothing, she'd find him and ask him...politely.

Her hands ghosted over the girl's skin as she murmured in Japanese, attempting a prayer that had worked against her brother's tricks in the past

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"Huh. Go figure. The gods actually get sick. That's new." the soldier thought sarcastically as he awaited for his name to be called upon.

"Alright. Let's get this over with." Nephren thought. Hopefully the goddess would be too occupied with the ceremony to delve too deep into the mind of a single mortal. There was no need for them to know that he didn't share the faith the rest of his platoon had in the divine beings, or what use he had for Isis' blessing.

He kneelt before Isis as his name was called next.

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It happened quickly as his eyes closed, but Xu Ba felt the stinging pain in his cheek as his head has forced to turn from the slap, lifting a free palm to his cheek he removed it a second later, their didn't appear to be any blood spilt.

"Well, looks like I have my answer." He remarked before turning to face Da Ji, feeling the claw upon his chest. "Oh, and the reason? Why send me to visit the river god now? What is the purpose of this visit?"

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Daji grins.

"He Bo has requested assistance. You might as well make yourself useful and do something for the lesser people of the riverfolk."

She shoos you.

"Now run along, mortal. Time is of the essence here and do not return until you have news of this elixir."


The old man nods.

"Excellent. We'll have to travel through the Underworld to escape this city and remain undetected. Are you ready to die?"

You've heard of the spell before. You stab yourself with an enchanted dagger to enter the Underworld and if you make it down the River Styx and survive Cerberus, you'll enter the realm of the living once more.


It seems like your brother got into a fight with the girl and gave her some poisonous berry.

Your prayer doesn't work at first, but gradually you see signs of improvement, and the girl awakens once more.

Her mother almost collapses in shock.


You kneel before Isis. She places a hand on your head.

"You have overcome many trials and tribulations to kneel before me. May this blessing empower you and give you protection for the many obstacles you will undoubtedly face in the future."

A searing heat spreads throughout your body. You get images of the life you have lived up until this point.

She removes her hand from your head and holds it before you.

"Kiss my hand."

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Aoki gently helps the girl sit up, stroking the hair away from her face. She needed to fid out where her brother was and go and calm his temper before he flooded fields.

She gave the girl a gentle kiss "You're alright my child" Aoki called all the children who visited the shrine of Amaerasu 'my child' "You're safe now". Where did you meet the man who did this to you"

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