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Im supporting Spain given majority of my family is Spanish although I don't like my odds with the team is disarray, who sacks a coach 48hrs before the first game on the biggest stage. 

Australia I am also supporting of course I like there chances of getting out of the group especially if we can somehow hold France to a draw I like our chances against Denmark & Peru.

If both get knocked out I will backing France & Netherlands I have little bit of them in me too ^_^.

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On 6/17/2018 at 3:02 PM, Lightningblade49 said:

Proud to be Australian what an effort against France, so unlucky.

It was a tense game that's for sure. Saw a few of the highlights on television.

Oh. Apparently they are showing all the Aussie games now after the problem with Optus. For the next 48 hours or something like that.

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Australia so disappointing they should have progressed with how they played this tournament but yet again they just cant score on the worlds biggest stage same shit every time.

I don't like my chances with Spain much either there defence is atrocious by far the worst team defensively in the whole world cup. Playing such a highline leaves risks of course but they look so lazy the two central defenders and it's two vets in Pique & Ramos but the main issue is clearly poor management of the national team just what the hell were they doing...…. I can only hope things improve for the boys because bigger nations will definitely expose them like Croatia for example who they are playing.


Current tip to win World cup: Brazil

looking at the draw for the top 16 I think England with how they are playing have the best run to the final and will likely have to play spain to get there but overall I think brazil will get the job done at the moment

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Can't say I'm a follower of soccer, but heard the news about Christian Eriksen (Danish soccer player).

For those who don't know... He's a 29 year old sports star who collapsed on the field during the match because of cardiac arrest.

Absolutely bloody crazy and really horrified : ( What a horrid thing to witness.

Fortunately, they brought him back to life and he's now stable.

Just goes to show that you really gotta try and enjoy life.


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