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Here’s a good writing tip.

Please do not give your OC a katana. 

Katanas aren’t that cool anymore. Everyone in OCworld has one. They’re the Toyota Camry of swords.

Definitely do not give your OC TWO katanas. It’s not twice as cool, it’s twice as dumb. 

Giving your OC a katana pretty much tells the reader you’re less than 14 years old. Don’t give your OC a katana.

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 Be polite when receiving constructive criticism, and also be polite when giving it. If you have someone editing your work, make sure everything is polite as well.  Respect the fact that it can take a lot of a person’s time and effort to look over your work,  and that  constructive criticism is meant to help you improve as a writer.  However, if a  relationship involving editing really is toxic, know when to walk away. 

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Someone said this to me once:

"What I consider good writing others might think terribly trite, while others gush about writers that I don't get the fuss over. So unless writing is riddled with errors, bad grammar, lack of consistency or filled with plot holes, I don't think there is really such a thing as bad writing. There's just writing that isn't your cup of tea."


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If you don't want to be an author, and you're not writing for money, who gives a crap what people think?

It's a hobby. Have fun with it. Everyone has a critic. Write for you and know someone will love your work no matter how flawed it might appear to be.

Doubt is your own worst enemy. Be happy with what you have.

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