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3 minutes ago, Stubborn Saber said:

Hahaha, in this universe that is a possibility I guess.

I don't know too much about necromancer magic, other than they specialise in the undead, but I think that would mean I'd be one of the original vampires and I'ma not gonna complain about being immortal. Aside the whole from burning to death in thing in the sun, but hey, what's new about that?

So I looked into it a bit more. Necromancers communicate with the dead in actual history (not for malevolent purposes in most cases but the church decided they were Satanic worshipers) and in pop culture they create and control the dead and they like to wear all black and look menacing haha.

If we are looking at actual history, necromancers were weird people who mutilated corpses, ate foods that represented decay and they would even wear parts of the dead lol to try and communicate with those beyond the grave. Sometimes necromancy crossed over with the conjuration of demons so you get the whole black magic thing. 

In games like Skyrim, vampires and necromancers are enemies haha. The necromancers captured vampires and tortured or experimented on them lol. However in other games, necromancers and vampires work together to conquer the world. 

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