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Ask the Chaos (TJMike)

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Chaos is a beautiful thing, mostly because it implies change, and change is a necessity for things to evolve. (Take the lovely TAZland forum, it went through some big changes last year, and it was all for the better).

I could literally go on and on about why I do like chaos, but the short version of it is that while I kinda resent big changes, I know that if we are to keep improving at any facet of our lives (be it as writers, gamers, as person, etc) we need to keep changing, and what better way to describe change than a primordial greek deity named Chaos?

While Order is all about stillness and absolute concepts, Chaos is all about change and abstract concepts, or at least that how I envision these notions of reality.

What's not to like about chaos? ^_^

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LOOOOOL I never thought about it and it's truth!

But no, it's actually The Scarlet King from the SCP Foundation Mythos. You can google it but basically is a primeval entity that was in pain at the dawn of existence and decided that if he should suffer, then every living being in the multiverse will suffer along him. In short, an angry chaos god lol


That's a tough one... But if I would pick the main reason is because the way Lovecraft tells the tale from the protagonist pov, as if the author himself was the one who lived those events and decided to write them up. Also there is the way he describes the madness taking its toll on the protagonists' minds in each of his stories (and ergo, the stories of Lovecraft Circle by extension).

Besides, Nyarlathotep is the most badass god of the fictional works out there lol (and I still wonder why he isn't a playable character on Smite already)  ^_^

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@Mr Selfish and @Lady Mechanika

Yes, no, negative, nope, and no.

Jacob is right though, Spanish version of Mike would be Miguel. So... Miguel-oooooo!

And yes, I'm a Thundercat. But because I'm Spanish speaker, I'm a Thundergato. Which is cooler lol


I used to play the keyboard a lot (the instrument, not the one I'm using to type this lol). A few years ago the one I had kind of broke and I haven't played since.

It was a sad story cuz it was only second to the ps3 at the time.


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Whoa! I leave for a few days and I have a few questions waiting for me... Ok, let's begin.


I hope to, just had to commit the sin of uninstalling Smite for the time being in order to make room for the latest acquisitions (namely, the Bioshock Collection :D) but as soon as I'm done with those I'll get my Gods-Smiting career back on track. I heard they released the hound of the underworld recently?


First anime ever? Mmm... Since I only recently I developed a liking to anime and manga, I believe it was the anime they made for Devil Survivor 2.

I played the game beforehand and then I discovered the anime. It did not disappointed in the least ^_^. Highly recommended even if you didn't knew about the game.


That's an interesting question. You see, I clearly remember being able to write with both hands when I was a kid. I mean, I sucked with both hands and only me and my sis understood my handwriting but you get the idea.

Eventually I started to focus on writing with just my right hand, and I guess that does it for your question.

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Ops... kinda forgot that I have a Q&A in this section... I'll continue answering these lol...


Hey, videogames are sports too... There's the Esports! But no, I don't really watch real life sports that often. Although I'm Mexican, soccer is like the main thing here so I watch it from time to time whenever there is a league championship (which there are a freaking lot btw)

But yeah, I'd rather watch E3, Blizzcon, or videogame trailers than World Cup or the  UEFA Champions League any time


Oh Bel... in my ideal world, the mere concept of "morning' would not exist in the first place ^_^

However, the world is far from ideal, so the closer I could get to a perfect morning would be waking up till noon, have a nice breakfast (mainly bacon lol) around 1-2 pm and spend the rest of the day either exploring (for like the 20th time) Yharnam or trying to fix the multiverse and 'do the right thing' along with Primis in the BO3 Zombies mode

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That's no fair, I didn't knew trick questions were allowed...

But if I'd have to choose only one boss, I think it would have to be, much to my own surprise, The Nameless Prick King. After beating him for the first time I felt such a surge of emotions I can even describe, like a mix of joy for finally getting over that boss, some sense of accomplishment at seeing the results of those well past 2 hours, sadness that I would hardly get another challenge like that, etc. Besides, there is the lore behind that figure and how it fits in the Souls universe. I think he's the character I also hate more because the challenge he represented. It's complicated lol. The Souls players will know what I'm talking about ^_^


Best trait in a person? I would know about that... I'm not much of a 'people' person myself. I usually do my own thing and if people get around me (and stick with me despite my bluntness and sarcasm) I come to respect them. Kind of like 'Oh, I didn't scare you with my brutal honesty or my blunt sarcasm? Good for you, now we can begin talking about some form of friendship'...

So I guess what I think is the best trait in a person would be honesty. Kind of expect some of that in return lol.


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Sure! My first attempts at writing were in Spanish. But soon I discovered that English is like the main language for fanfic (and pretty much everything else lol) so I kept doing it in English.

I still do fanfics in Spanish, but mostly that's for getting my ideas in order before translating the whole thing.

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