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What was your first alcoholic beverage?


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I was about 5 or 6....my grandfather let me have some of his beer.  It was Coors.  Tasted nasty (still does, in my opinion).  Turned me off on beer for many years.  I prefer to cook with beer instead of drinking it.  I do a mean broiled steak marinade with Budweiser.

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I remembered to try from it some unspecified age, but that was about the only drink I had before I turned 21. I thought that all alcohol tasted like rum, so I didn't really try things until I was 21. I still avoid rum like the plague (except if it's rum cake; I can't get enough of that stuff...)

As for the actual first rig I tried, I really don't remember. The reason is that my sister decide to take me out for my 21st, and threw me a huge party, and had me try all the different drinks she could think of (so I could see which ones I liked; not to mention she's really knowledgeable about drinks, so she knew all the good ones). I didn't get really drunk or anything, but I do remember taking a big nap at some point during the day...

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