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I only just realised I never made a thread for my fanfics XD 


Anyway as I just uploaded a new fanfic I'm announcing it here :D


My Supernatural Christmas story:

The Novak-Milligan-Winchester Christmas



And my FFN profile for anyone interested in other trash though most my fics are cancelled:



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Alright I'm restarting one of my most popular fanfics, my Pokemon Villain TOD series! I had to stop it because I had no clue how to carry on after ORAS was announced as the RSE versions of Team Magma and Aqua were so different to the new versions but now I'm restarting it with all villains up to date ^^

Here's the original if anyone's interested *warning, a lot of yaoi. This new version will have quite a bit of it and yuri*



And I'm posting a short preview of the new version so you know what kind of randomness to expect XD

Blaze: Alright I’ll start! *points at Marcus* You!

Marcus: Me?

Blaze: Yeah you! Everytime Flare speaks you need to say ‘Can you eat me? I’m stupid!’

Marcus: Again??

Blaze: Hey, it worked for the last show. People liked it so much they kept asking for it!

Flare: Really Blaze… After 2 years…?

Marcus: … Can you eat me? I’m stupid!

Flare: … Crap.

Marcus: Can you-

Zero: I really hate you right now Blaze -_-

Blaze: I hate your grass too!

Cyrus: Please no. Not puns.

Guzma: ‘Ey, they’re pretty funny XD

Lusamine: *rolls eyes* No, they’re not.

Guzma: Oh c’mon, admit they’re punny!

Ghetsis: Someone kill him.

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Okay I've not finished that ToD thing yet but I've wrote an extremely random Pokemon oneshot:



This is about former Rocket Executive Proton making Galactic Commander Saturn, Magma Admin Tabitha and Aqua Admin Matt help him get revenge on former Rocket Executive Archer for pranking and humiliating him on a regular basis. 


It's completely random and cracky, beware if you read it :P 

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I see I haven't advertised myself in a while. Well, finding motivation for fanfic is hard as it rarely feels like anyone even squints at it but I'm trying to get back into the practice, especially in preparation for the Christmas fanfic I have planned.

Here's my latest WIP fanfic: 


This fic was partially inspired by Pokemon nuzlockes. The heroine Amber lost her original partner Meganium and lost interest in bonding with other Pokemon, settling for living with her Poke-Doctor sister in Hoenn. However as an adult, she finds herself forced to rescue Birch (ala RSE plot) and the Treecko she uses ends up attached to her. So to try move on, she decides to go on a journey with her new partner, this time as a Co-ordinator. 

But things don't stay peaceful for very long as she finds out who took her Meganium from her. And because this is set in Hoenn, of course she gets dragged into the Team Magma VS Team Aqua mess. 

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Finally updated Turning a New Leaf, with more plot aspects being introduced in this third chapter. Yes I'm hoping to set up to some cool stuff, just a matter of eventually getting there. Unfortunately for the sake of wanting to show an increase in power (rather than just making Amber's Treecko a Grovyle one chapter and Sceptile the next) it might take a while.


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I have uploaded my main Pokemon fanfic to Archive Of Our Own! I've noticed I never mentioned my tons of Supernatural crap on here so if you check my Archive profile, I have a lot of SPN stuff though it's mostly unfinished works. There are finished oneshots though :) 


Turning A New Leaf Archive Version: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33055639/chapters/82053526

Two chapters on there right now, other two up to date will be there in next few days. I'll post here again when I finish chapter 5. 


Other archive fics here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/ArchDemonLumiel/works


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