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Just a musing, a million thanks to Aquila and Sakura for the clearance on where to post it ^_^
Do you believe in any superstitions or urban legends? Is there a thing called superstition? Are there any specific and regional superstitions or urban legends that you hear every now and then? Is there any logic to them? Are they even real? Have they been ever proved?

Post here about the superstitions and urban legends you believe and which you do not believe, nay recent events or even historical events regarding any superstition, any proofs, logic, reasoning etc. do you personally find them believable...?


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I really don't believe in any superstitions or urban legends for that matter.

I have definitely heard of many urban legends, like the Hook, or the Bunny bridge something. A part of my mind was believing in them, but the rest of my mind and heart were saying that this is indeed intriguing but it is fictitious. Or at best it might be a set up some psycho came up with to kill people.

I also do not believe in bad luck or something like that, in respect of the superstition i.e. I don't believe that going under a ladder, or  having a black cat cross is bad luck. In fact, just to challenge my curiosity and push it further, if I see a ladder is inclined enough for me to go under it, I happily comply :P Although when I was a child, a very sick and religious cousin of mine told me not to go outside after dark, or else an "Allah-baba" (a man who picks garbage in is rather large sack) will put in you in it and kill you or handicap you. That really scared me back then, obviously. But as I grew older, I realized that these urban legends are fake and unreal, although I do believe that there are things called Jinns (genies) which is because there is a certain study in Islam for the said topic, and I come across a case of an evil jinn possessing a human every now and then.

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Yes, I believe in genies. My whole family is feared of this creature. They claim that when my elder brother was a kid, a genie caught him. Even my grandma claims that one of my little cousins got her hand broken because a genie pushed her.

Else, I believe in wishing with fallen eye-lashes which cling to upper cheek. Also when it's dark around, I keep my hair tied, specially if I have to go outside. 

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Never believed in these and never will. It's simple for me- no proof, no intuition, no logic, then it's just not happening dude. 

That's not to say that nothing extraordinary ever happens, miracles do happen, its just that today's magic is tomorrow's science. 

As they said , "What is one man's magic is another's engineering." 

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