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Found 5 results

  1. This thought just came in after I had performed prayer, as I supplicated, a thought struck me: most of our depression is caused because of the hatred or the hate or the adversary we have to deal with. So this is what came to my mind, how do you deal with hate, how do you deal with adversaries? Do you fight fire with fire? Ignore them? Tell us your own methods and ways to deal with hate? When it comes to me, I like to be nice to everyone I meet, and by the Grace of Allah, almost everyone I meet treats me nicely, almost. Unfortunately, nice behavior is not everyone's cup of tea, and in fact
  2. Depression is an inevitable part of our life. One simply can't avoid it. We either confront it like an officer or simply blend in it like a wave washing over us. Tell us yours, are you the first or second type? And how do you cope with it? I shall begin. I belong from the second type. When i am depressed, i sleep like a lot. It's bad enough i sleep in, but while working i feel fatigue slipping in. I sleep during intervals. And even after that, i am still tired. Nevertheless it's the only way in which i find ease.
  3. Indigo Jupiter


    We do Binge at something, be it a food or watching a series. Nothing to be ashamed of, as long it's not harming us. Tell us, what do you binge at? it can be anything, food, show or even sleep. Mine is eating boiled white rice and sleep.
  4. Attention: All the vegetarians, please stray away from this area for your own safety and good O:)......This post is only for omnivorous Last night as most of you are aware, i was making meat cakes or to be more precise, raw Kebabs with my dad and i begin to wonder what most of the members here in this forum eat in meats? Do you eat chicken? or beef? or veal? or rabbits? or fishes? I like chicken most. Then beef. Goat meat is good too, except that, i find it a little stiff. And just recently i became fond of fish! Tell us yours, that what meat you scrounge on? :3
  5. Alice in a wonderful was a movie about a girl who goes in a world that is made up of her imaginations. While most of figments didn't make any sense, it nevertheless was her world. Everyone has their own wonderland. Tell us yours, how that world would be? Is it a forest or a desert or something completely different? do you see any characters from any fandom there? are your original characters there? is your family there or you are alone? Do you see yourself as working for example as a dragon slayer or gypsy? Do you have a sidekick?
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