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  1. Fandom: Digimon Title and Link: where dragons roam - https://archiveofourown.org/works/31955611/chapters/79142029 Summary: AU of 01 with OCs only, during the Vamdemon arc. The Chosen Children were locked in the Digital World, thanks to the Gate being tampered with. So the Digital World chooses a backup team of Chosen to rise to the challenge of defeating Vamdemon. What I'm looking for: This is a draft version, so any feedback about characterization is appreciated. My biggest focus rn is getting to the end of the story (ch 17) and then revising based on advice I've been given. Pl
  2. Almost finished the oneshot. - He then rushed to his sister’s side as Garudamon grabbed the metal beams off of his partner and threw them to one side. The Perfect leaned down slightly and picked Chika up, cradling her close to him. “Is she going to be okay?” Garudamon asked, his voice quiet. Masaru had a closer look when the Perfect toned down the protectiveness and kneeled to show the boy his sibling. “I think so. She just needs to get to a hospital so they can keep an eye on her injuries.” Handing Chika back to the teen he deemed his brother, Garudamon stood up again
  3. At this point, only the mythicals are locked. Dialga and Palkia are not locked.
  4. From ch 12 - Wait, she what? Miyuki took a step back, surprised at the outcome. She had thought their partners would be able to damage her a bit more than that. But apparently not. Hmm, this made things difficult. “I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They’ll be back up in a minute.” LadyDevimon remarked, seeing the concern on Miyuki’s face at how quickly she had taken the two Perfects down. Miyuki looked at her, not quite convinced. However, she was surprised a few moments later when Wingdramon and Triceramon X started stirring and got to their feet. “Well, okay, I guess. G
  5. This is the original version of Saki Okada, a Digimon OC from what was a dystopian world, pre-01. She was created three years ago by the toyhou.se artist, jellolas
  6. From ch 12 of where dragons roam - Miyuki observed Hikaru read over the names, watching as his eyes widened at one of them. “No way!” He exclaimed softly, showing her the list again with one finger pointing to the topmost name. “Taichi Yagami. Literally the best soccer player in my grade. I had no idea I was in the same grade as him.” Miyuki gave him a deadpan stare. “I should know him because why? I came from Glasgow, remember? I don’t know anyone famous here or of note.”
  7. Another glimpse at the Savers oneshot. - Turning his focus back to Falcomon, Masaru tightened his grip on the chest feathers, noting the bird’s wince. “Make your choice now!” He insisted, hoping Falcomon chose quickly. Falcomon instead scoffed and gave him a dark look, before evolving. But how? Masaru thought. His partner was not nearby. Was he? As the light of evolution enveloped the bird, Masaru was forced to jump off of his opponent. The next second he landed on the ground in a crouch, but took a moment to gather his composure before standing up again. He glanced up at t
  8. A day late for 6 Sentence Saturday, but that's only because I got home late last night and it was too late to write anyway. - Falcomon hadn’t expected Piyomon to carry him into the air, Masaru noticed and smirked to himself. As he watched his opponent fall to the ground, he twisted around to ensure he was closer to Falcomon. Masaru was aiming to punch the bird again and was surprised when the bird didn’t block him with one of his shurikens. “What is your goal other than wanting to retrieve Piyomon?” He asked Falcomon. The bird grunted. “That’s none of your concern, filthy h
  9. Author Pen Name: Wizarmonfan Archive Profile: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Copperfur/pseuds/Copperfur Fandoms I write for: Digimon, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Ginga, BNHA, Bleach, Gargoyles, Transformers Prime, Akame ga Kill, DN Angel, Star Wars sequel trilogy, Code Lyoko, Lion King (1994), Re: Creators, original fiction, Biker Mice from Mars, Daily Life with a Monster Girl, NCIS, Black Bullet Fandoms I will read: All of the above, Dragon Booster, Marvel/DC, fantasy, supernatural What I want from reviews: Comments about characterization, worldbuilding (since I'm not good a
  10. The start of ch 12 - Miyuki was still in awe of the massive structure, even when she was already inside it. Tokyo Tower was, and always would be, Odaiba's greatest landmark because of how tall it was. In the year she had been in the district, she'd learned from school that it was based off of the Eiffel Tower in France. She had never imagined that it would have been built with an elevator system, though. That alone blew her mind and she was grateful for the architects' generosity. This is really amazing… Miyuki thought to herself as she hugged Dracomon, trying to comfort him.
  11. From a Digimon Savers AU I'm working on in between "where dragons roam". - “I really wish I could, Piyomon. I’m sorry.” Masaru clenched a fist, but was caught off-guard by Chika’s partner charging him. “I made a promise!” The Child level cried as he pulled back his right hand and punched Masaru squarely in the face, almost breaking his nose. After a moment of silence in which Piyomon ended up looking at Masaru in surprise, all Masaru did was grunt before spitting some blood to the ground that had trickled from his nose. “Didn’t hurt. At all. And now you’re going down. Back
  12. “What, Plotmon? I said no offence to you guys.” Miyuki listened to Hikaru try to explain to his partner. Miyuki mentally facepalmed and settled for just shaking her head at her friend, before Plotmon X went off on her Chosen. “Doesn’t matter!” She snapped back. “You insulted us regardless. Apologize.” She watched Hikaru sigh and take his time for a few moments, as if wondering whether to really apologize or not. Miyuki observed as Plotmon seemed to sense his reluctance and bit his ankle to force an apology out of him. “I said apologize!” Plotmon barked, keeping her teeth ne
  13. It took Miyuki a little bit to regain her composure, but she finally managed to wipe her eye free from tears. She sniffled once before seeing that Hikaru had stopped crying as well and then Plotmon spoke up. “What do you recommend we do now?” Miyuki exhaled. “We go hunting for MetalGreymon Alterous’ hideout. If we can find that, we can find if he left any notes.” Hikaru nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” The start of the next 250 words for ch 11 of my Digimon 01 OC AU, where dragons roam.
  14. There was silence for a couple of moments, before Miyuki and Hikaru shared a glance. “What do you think, Hikaru?” The one-eyed girl had begun thinking of a plan, but didn’t know who their next opponent would be. She figured they needed to start planning now so they had an advantage. Miyuki observed Hikaru mull over his thoughts, before he spoke. “We should probably investigate to see if MetalGreymon Alterous had a hideout. If he did, we can search it for anything he left behind. Like notes or whatever.” Miyuki nodded. “Good idea.” She paused to look at her Digimon. “Are you okay, Dra
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