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  1. I am on holidays for the next two weeks - did you wanna meet up sometime for lunch in the city?

    1. Wizarmonfan


      We can def try, yeah :)

    2. AquilaTempestas


      When is a good day and time?

    3. Wizarmonfan


      Can't be this week, unfortunately. In isolation again as we're close contacts.

  2. Title: contamination (from ch 9) Summary: Tag Tamers AU. Instead of Ken being possessed by Millenumon, it was a plucky blue Victory Digimon. How will the heroes compete with a Digimon whose sole purpose is to win? Genre: General --- Back at his castle in the Digital World, Vamdemon was walking to his office as Phantomon hovered beside him. The two were in a discussion about the new victim Vamdemon had in his sight. “How did it go, Lord Vamdemon?” Phantomon asked, slinging his scythe over his shoulder, glancing across. There was silence for a moment, before the pair reached Vamdemon’s office. The vampire paused in front of the door and spoke to his second-in-command. “It went better than I thought. The child is so gullible and naïve to believe what I was saying. He should be easy to get on our side from here.” Phantomon nodded, silent, his eyes blinking from under the hood. Everything was going according to plan. No Tamers or Chosen were going to ruin this, Vamdemon vowed to himself. The boy, Motomiya Daisuke, was so close to being corrupted and didn’t even realize it. Fool. “When were you wanted for rendezvous with Millenniumon?” Phantomon inquired, looking curiously at his boss. The little he did know was that the Composite Digimon was on a deadline for the plan he had in mind and wouldn’t take failures as excuses. Vamdemon sighed, the sound soft. “A few days from now. He said he’ll be bringing the Child level he infected since he possesses his body now.” Phantomon laughed, the sound short and sharp. How in the Digital World did the children fail so miserably that a Chosen Digimon got infected by a Dark Seed? The Perfect was amused.
  3. Another section of my original fiction ch 3, Luciana's POV. Title - Of Wolves and Serpents: Discovery Summary: none yet Genre: Drama/Romance --- What was she supposed to say? He recognized her as a stranger, but didn’t know who she was other than that. Luciana hesitated, trying to work out what to say. While she was stalling, though, she looked back at the other shifter and noticed his eyes were narrowed in on the logo on her top. She glanced down at the insignia. It was Echinda Global’s brand and, in her mind, represented all of the shifters in the world. They were a pharmaceutical company that did research into genetics in order to help heal people. Luciana returned her gaze to him. “I’m new to the city, but I’m the boy’s guardian. I came to see if he wanted to come home with me.” Luciana explained, trying to hide her nerves. She felt intimidated by this other shifter in a way she didn’t understand yet. The young woman noticed how he gave her a deadpan stare and was about to comment on it, when he interrupted her. “You really think I’m dumb enough to believe that?” The man shook his head slowly. It was like he could see through her words, she realized. “I don't know who you are, outsider, but Santiago is a member of my community and I'm not letting him leave Calchester with you.”
  4. Title - Of Wolves and Serpents: Discovery Idea - I will attach the photos. I'd like the golden fleece as the background, with the snake coiled around the golden apple. Take as long as you need.
  5. Personality: Self-braced, strong-willed and tomboyish to a fault, Shaka is almost the complete opposite of what most people would expect most young men like himself to act like. His feminine attitude and disposition are only reflected by his extroverted nature, retaining a sympathetic outlook towards his friends and family, barring his sister whom he is longing to reconnect to, but too broken by her vanishing to initiate a relationship with. His attitude towards a situation varies, which allows him to either act easy-going and completely without a care, or calm and serious. He does, however, act before he thinks, which drives his friends and enemies to immediately regard him as a reckless child. When faced with a noticeable challenge, he becomes overwhelmed by a sudden rush of adrenaline and gets antsy to overcome the task. He displays an overwhelming impatience and is short-tempered, which makes it easier for him to lash out and shout or strike at others without him meaning to do so. Shaka tends to be selfless and always does something to make people happy, whether it's his friends and family, or total strangers. For him, helping people is a must. He disliked the idea of "requiring sacrifice to achieve something", as he just wants to protect everyone and everything. Hence, he can be naïve at some time, but his dedication of protection is something anyone can't compromise. Still maturing, he is somewhat more intelligent than he had been in his childhood years and is able to make educated guesses and questions, at least. His appetite is bottomless and his tastes in food are not picky at all, so he’ll be more than happy to clean your plate. Interestingly enough, whenever he eats too much, he tends to strike up a diet plan immediately, consistent of rigorous training sessions and aerobics. When irritated, he tends to bite objects closest to him. He displays an undying adoration for live action hero series, and often revolves a lot of his strong will around shows such as “Kamen Rider”, “Super Sentai”, "Ultraman", and “Metal Heroes”; he claims his uncanny sense of right and wrong stems from the watching of such shows, and it allows him to quickly judge the good from the evil. Being a tomboy, he also loves and craves anime, primarily revolved around the attention span of teenage boys. Shaka is the MC in an original fiction I had started, but now need to rewrite due to starting the story from the wrong POV.
  6. Oooh, interesting question. The idea for my current original fiction came from a shifter ebook I read. Inspired by the plot behind the book, I wanted to do something similar so "Of Wolves and Serpents: Discovery" was born. It didn't have a title for a good while, however, until the third chapter.
  7. @NirianneAgreed. I've had the emotional attraction happen first a few times.
  8. The Marvel universe is great. Favourite character rn is Dr Strange. Haven't seen the shows like What if, Loki, Wandavision etc cause I don't have access to that.
  9. @Stark02Welcome in to the forum
  10. Agreeing with the emotional bond coming first.
  11. Okay so, I cut my mum out of my life because she had always been coming over unannounced, which freaked my anxiety the hell out. (she verbally abused me) I'm glad I did, because since then I've realized I'm part of the LGBT community and I know mum would've disowned me if she knew.
  12. The Scarlet Professor and Violet Legendary are my favourites.
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