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  1. Hello have you got Discord?

  2. Long time  no see. How's it going?

  3. Happy birthday you big samurai you :D

  4. Happy Birthday dude! Hope you have a good one! ^_^

  5. Started Final Fantasy IV on my phone today... Looking forward to experiencing this game I've heard so much about
  6. Destiny 2 (faction rallies are killing me @_@) and trying to finish Detroit: Become Human very soon.
  7. While we're on the topic of Destiny quotes, I've always loved "Ghost Fragment: Myseries": Just a small piece from it that I particularly enjoy
  8. Got 1,024 words done so far today, perhaps finishing the first chapter of my new project (is ~1,500 words long enough to be called a full chapter? Probably not...) This part is definitely going to need some heavy revising in the future, but I'll keep it as is for now; gotta keep moving forward!
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