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  1. The game is solid, but buggy. The last patch is laggy af. Random disconnects. Crashing. I'm on PC. It's also very unbalanced. Those stealth resistance nerfs are rough.
  2. Nah, they're only bad if you are an addict and take days off work to play games.
  3. One of the first games I played on Playstation was Gekido!
  4. I will always pick male because I am male and I want to play the game as my gender
  5. Bugs aside, CDPR blatantly lied about choices having a big impact. They have little to no impact. Do you know how to make the gangs not shoot you on sight? @VectorLogic I tried to be friends with some, but they shoot on sight. Same with cops. NPC and Cop AI is bad too.
  6. Serious question. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
  7. Some information from Playstation Access about the game
  8. I have a Google Pixel 4. There's supposed to be a new version coming out late this year.
  9. Rumour is will be no Destiny 3. Instead they will continue adding expansions to Destiny 2. What do you think? @deviLz @Shizophrenia @VectorLogic @TJMike
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