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  1. Character Sheet name gender ( male or female ) age (Be reasonable your human) badges: ( this is trainer level 1-8 or 0) Region (What Region are you from? Please tell use what city as well) appearance ( use detailed text and/ or include a picture. ) persona (Min. 5 lines, tell us what makes them tick, what do they like? What do they dislike, things like this.) team (List your pokémon in order you captured them, Max. 6 at a time. Include their nicknames if applicable, and specify gender , ) team persona 2-3 lines for each member of your team, include: Nature and Ha
  2. FAQ This is pretty rough as it is always a work in progress. ( leave a comment if there are any questions )
  3. Links reference - http://fav.me/ddox52j Game Link/Chat - https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/5736879/pokemon-tabletop-nova-scotia-region play by post/ ARPG - https://www.deviantart.com/realmofpokemon Pokemon tabletop united - http://pturpg.wikidot.com/ PDFs - https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Pokémon_Tabletop_United
  4. I debated if i should put this here as i been into gaming. If this goes through I will act as the primary DM on the forum threads , running the world with or without character sheets. My main focus on tabletop will most likely be using roll20.net now... Anyway lets begin. Most of it is WIP as i am currently rebuilding this game world. I am only posting where I think it should go and i am giving this a chance again. I had many bad experiences with forum use. This Pokemon game world is based on the PkMn D/P/ plat games ==================================================================
  5. Hey all

    I may be mostly silent here but I will try to check online ever so often.  Currently I been building some game worlds for tabletop. doing fanfics and other things. I will be more active on deviantart and facebook if anyone will like to talk...

    Perhaps i will move some of my RPG and gaming stuff here as well for RPG maker , Unity 3d , roll20. still i will make no promises yet.

  6. Hey along time no see!

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    2. novadragon1000


      i try to log in sometimes , this is just not my main forum or blog site. i did post what i am doing currently , mostly playing on PSN , and doing gameing stuff on tabletop . world building really. unity 3d , etc

    3. AquilaTempestas


      Ah yeah, sounds fine. You should drop by more often. We're a friendly bunch heh.

    4. novadragon1000


      forums and social groups ... LoL i tend to be a ghost.

  7. sorry , about that guys i nearly forgot about this forum , so i tend to be on and off regarding it. if anyone will like to talk to me. You will have better luck through some sort of social media. deviantart , facebook , fanfriction.net , etc 

  8. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

  9. Hipppppppppppppppppppppppy Birthdiyyyyyyyyyy friend!

  10. Happy birthday, have a good one!

  11. Yo, Happy Birthday! Hope you have fun! :P

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