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  1. Fuck this guy! *noms head off*

  2. I've seen Wandavision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and What If...? and so the first one I probably won't watch is Hawkeye. Wandavision was excellent. 10/10 in my books. I love how it explores grief and I think it was probably the most needed out of any of these new shows. I was never a big fan of the Elizabeth Olsen casting and although I've enjoyed the MCU Scarlet Witch, I've known that she is FAR from the Scarlet Witch I love from the comics. Wandavision fixed both of those for me. Elizabeth Olsen fuckin killed it, she was absolutely excellent and I've gone from enjoy
  3. I like the majority of them, but they've become so much their own thing now that it's entirely removed from the comics. It's an adaptation, and there's a reason they've become as successful as they have. My favorites: Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War were both so amazing when they came out that it's honestly hard to rank them. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Black Panther are my absolute favorites. Those three are absolutely incredible. I honestly believe they're the best of the best from the MCU. The next tier down I'd have Captain Ame
  4. You rock

    1. Ace of Spies

      Ace of Spies

      Threesome in Dubai? Wait they haven’t added that to VGS yet… coming next patch I’m sure 

    2. AquilaTempestas
  5. So pathetic. When you combine an ego the size of the planet with just… pathetically below average intelligence and the inability to actually do anything… the result isn’t pretty. Take away the conscious and you have a truly worthless being. So pathetic and desperate.
  6. I have an acquaintance who is pretending to have a mental illness that they don't have. Someone else I know, who actually has the mental illness, found out that they were doing this and is understandably fucking furious. They don't seem to understand the harm they're doing, but I feel like explaining it to them would be pointless anyway. It should be so obvious to people but some people are actual scumbags. Do not fucking pretend to have a mental illness you don't have. Nobody cares about your little attention stunt. That is so insulting and offensive to people who actually have
  7. I’ll watch it only cuz it’s made by different people. The way the show ended is so fucking stupid that this prequel show literally doesn’t really mean as much knowing where it will end up hopefully we’ll get something awesome, but who knows
  8. Sorry if I ripped you off LOL. Refunds aren't included.

    1. Ace of Spies

      Ace of Spies

      Being able to hear your voice made everything worth it 

  9. Mega disappointed. Your voice is gorgeous. I was expecting it to be hilarious and I’d be able to roast the two hours of Niri content. Booo. Shame on you. I feel tricked. seriously though your voice is absolutely fine
  10. Good. I love that. I’m glad my voice lives rent free in your head.
  11. Balugia, God of Whales and Blue Water This totally ancient and real deity has the ability to summon the largest mammal on earth and share interesting facts about it, such as how they’re capable of live birth and that they’re good for the environment. Another ability he has is the ability to impersonate a whale while in a groupchat. It’s a very clever disguise that’s difficult for anyone to see through.
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