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  1. i like the chibi art design and the bright colours i understand it's not for everyone but it's nice do you think it will be released this year?
  2. write what you want. don't be intimidated
  3. i had the flu once. it was terrible. i now get the flu shot every year. i take vitamin c supplements.
  4. eggplant, mushroom, and bitter melon but most of all, i dislike liver
  5. i noticed some of your song selections in song of the day. you have very nice taste in music!

    1. MasKaiHilFantic


      Thanks :D I'm glad you found my taste interesting. I'd definitely love to hear about your music taste too sometime

    2. BurningAngel


      Ii like a lot of pop, dance and rnb music. michael jackson, lana del rey, imagine dragons, maroon 5 and cascada to name a few

    3. MasKaiHilFantic


      I love me some pop and rnb too, also rock. I love Maroon 5 as well. I also like Pink Floyd, Shinedown, The Offspring, Pink, Katy Perry and a lot of other artists I can't remember right now.

  6. v-force was my favourite season because of kai and hil. hilary's growth was nice to see. the plot. the characters. i liked the whole island saga. g-rev was a step backwards character development wise.
  7. there are no canon pairings in the anime but showing kindness to another character is a good starting point to write fanfic about them this is why there are plenty of kai/hil ones around - there is more to work with. i think it would be harder for kai to express how he feels about someone. that's why i like kai/hil the most.
  8. how do you grab the attention of your reader on the first page?
  9. there is a gameplay trailer now
  10. kai and hilary from beyblade
  11. orderpizzaforhouse17forpassword NachoWiFi tellmywifeiloveher
  12. i do not have a list of steps to follow. i write what comes to mind.
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