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  1. ffn is not a modern looking website and not very user friendly either
  2. Switzerland or Canada. similar sort of scenery to New Zealand but would still be nice to see all the tourist spots
  3. kai and hilary from Beyblade V-Force
  4. i enjoyed the books. JK created a fun and vibrant world full of colorful characters with distinct personalities goblet of fire was my favourite
  5. what was the first beyblade fanfiction you read? what was it about?
  6. what other beyblade pairings do you like?
  7. i like the chibi art design and the bright colours i understand it's not for everyone but it's nice do you think it will be released this year?
  8. write what you want. don't be intimidated
  9. i had the flu once. it was terrible. i now get the flu shot every year. i take vitamin c supplements.
  10. eggplant, mushroom, and bitter melon but most of all, i dislike liver
  11. i noticed some of your song selections in song of the day. you have very nice taste in music!

    1. MasKaiHilFantic


      Thanks :D I'm glad you found my taste interesting. I'd definitely love to hear about your music taste too sometime

    2. BurningAngel


      Ii like a lot of pop, dance and rnb music. michael jackson, lana del rey, imagine dragons, maroon 5 and cascada to name a few

    3. MasKaiHilFantic


      I love me some pop and rnb too, also rock. I love Maroon 5 as well. I also like Pink Floyd, Shinedown, The Offspring, Pink, Katy Perry and a lot of other artists I can't remember right now.

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