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  1. Happy birthday you big samurai you :D

  2. Happy birthday. Have a good one ^^

  3. Haven't been here in a long while. Been obsessing over Pokémon Go.

    I'm proud of my Tentacruel's name.


    It's "Hentai"

    1. yewonthetrashcan


      LOL I feel I named my Pidgey GUGU because it's Pidgey's name in the Korean games. 

    2. AquilaTempestas


      Hey there! Long time no hear! Lol, nice name haha

    3. Laggy
  4. Sorry if I anyone sent me anything over the past week, including on my birthday. I had a mental breakdown on Tuesday morning and confessed some issues to my family. For the past 2 years I've been trying to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts on my own, and finally asked for help during said breakdown. I spent my week (including my birthday) in a hospital and was just recently released since they decided I was safe enough to go home. I'm still dealing with these issues but now have much more freedom and my daily schedule should resume as normal with a few, differences. Hope this clears up some stuff and I'm finally back!

    1. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      Well done, you, for asking for help.  That's an incredibly courageous thing to do.  I suffer with depression and the hardest bit for me was telling someone and physically dragging myself to the Drs.  It wasn't all blue skies and plain sailing from there but things slowly started to improve.  And I hope that'll be the case for you and that you'll be in a much better headspace this time next year.

      Take care of yourself and keep fighting.  You aren't alone. xx

    2. TheYorkieOfDoom


      If you ever need someone to talk to I'm here. You can either reach me through a PM here or on Skype if you have it ( my Skype is on my profile)

  5. Happy Birthday Sir Alonne!

  6. "Well... Nice shot." Ricard says as the thug's corpse drops lifeless to the ground, "But where is everyone? We can't stay here like sitting ducks all day long, if we do someone is bound to find us."
  7. Ricard, after the van is loaded up, looks to Gary. "Where's our next stop? I can't just drive around with no direction."
  8. "Finally something to do!" Ricard exclaims as he gets behind the wheel. Fortunately the previous owner of the van appeared to be a fucking moron, and had left the keys behind. After starting up the van he started on the path to pick up Cyrus and Satitha, and shortly after a squeak comes from his jacket. We'll be fine Chewy. Don't you worry. "Please make sure you don't shoot me by mistake, okay?" he says to Cynthia, "I hear lead tends to be an unhealthy diet."
  9. Ricard shrugs, "If you don't want to talk Cynthia, then that's fine by me." To Gary he states, "Just tell me when it's time to go. But if we're taking the van, dibs on driving."
  10. Ricard stares in disbelief at Lance. How could a human being even consider acting that way? This guy is fucking remorseless. Before going to pick up a mask he whispers to Archer, Hotaru, and Brendan, "You guys starting to think that Lance might just be a tad bit insane?" After shuffling through the bag he finds a clown mask, which reminded him of the Joker, and threw it on. After cocking his gun he spoke up. "No questions. The first questionnaire session at least taught me that."
  11. Ricard with a look of disgust states, "Dude, that was fucking sick... but effective. Still you're probably going to rot in a special circle if you do that." A loud squeak came from his beneath the hood of his jacket, "Chewy just fuckin' hates you it seems." he shrugged, "Don't worry little guy, he won't hurt ya." Ricard said to the mouse. He walked over to Falkner's battered body on the ground and whispered, "You should probably go back to the aviary, for your sake. I'm fine with people dying but threatening the honored dead is a bit to much for me."
  12. Who names their gang after a fucking bird? The nearest thug seemed pretty clumsy and slow, and it wasn't long before Ricard had disarmed him and had his arms around the man's neck. After grappling with his opponent and finally snapping his neck with a sickening crunch Ricard shouts over to Falkner, "I advise you do what he says and fly away little birdie! Fly back to your cage!"
  13. "This is your territory?" Ricard laughs, "I'm sorry birdbrain but this place isn't exactly an aviary." He says while scanning for cover.
  14. Ricard, happy with his non-pathetic position, agrees that it would be good to warm up a bit. (1)
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