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  1. so in our gc I was about to say I pray to god but I said I pray to tod instead and it's apparently really funny cause all my friends went ahead and resaved me under Tod.
  2. I lost someone I was close to to covid. He did have other complications going on though, high blood sugar, obesity, high bp etc but covid didn't even give him 2 days. He got admitted to the hospital, ICU in 24 hours and dead in another 24. India is in an especially bad situation, oxygen crisis and then there's this bengal mutant which is apparently deadlier. The government is doing absolutely nothing. My friends are all busy working on oxygen leads and hospital beds and doing the ground work, and honestly that's what gives me a tiny bit of hope. I just hope it gets better soon.
  3. What should i be? Uh someone suggest me things
  4. okay so its already Navami. Tomorrow's Dashami and just like that Durga Pujo is over. Although this year it did suck a little tbh, the whole pandemic situation, they had to make open pandals and advised people to stay in. Many pandals weren't even having their anjalis. Its heartbreaking to see Kolkata like this during Pujo. I just hope things are better next year.
  5. Made in heaven. It has Sobhita in it. I literally watched one episode and then dipped. Which headphones do you use? Specify model, company etc
  6. NEED MORE ATLA CONTENT. ( But not too much, i don't wanna be spoiled before I finish all three seasons)
  7. It's been really long since I watched a movie. Oh it was this Bollywood movie called "Angreji medium" staring the late Irfan Khan. What is your go to outfit that describes your style ?
  8. Well tbh I'd love to travel the world and by that I don't mean just as tourists, yeah that's great too but i really wanna live in different countries and experience life there. From UK to Japan to Afghanistan to Turkey I want to travel everywhere. I wanna learn all these different languages and listen to local bands, have local food, wear the local fashion. In my head I've a very romantisiced version of traveling the world, ofc I don't know all the hardships that come with that but I think whatever the challenges maybe it'll all be worth it. I follow these travel vloggers on YouTub
  9. These are so good. I need to work on these. <3
  10. hi im gae, bae and cray ( very bad i know )
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