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  1. honestly my hardcore hyperfixation right now is Baldur's Gate 3 and AC Odyssey. i've finished the main story for Odyssey, but a lot of the side quests kept me still playing; which is rare for a game like that.
  2. Thank you so much! I love sharing my stories through my art as much as my writing <3 I've been doing art since I was around 6-7 years old, and honestly I've been self taught since! Watching / studying drawings of others and developing my own sense of style from there has kind of what's kept me going for all these years
  3. wow it has been a hot second and a half since i've posted anything here! here's some updated pieces i've done recently. most of these are sketches, but there's some coloured pieces here and there. most of them are OCs or concepts that i'm doing for my comic. i might even post some small comic sketch layouts ! first up is my snek lady, Khepri! amarath & dahlaea in their modern au then their main verse ' and a small comic panel
  4. I feel that it's really hard for me to choose between my OCs but I have to go with my girl Secera. She's been my OC for a long time now & holds a very special place in my heart here's a link for an old drawing I have of her :> https://sta.sh/0mf7r9nk1vp For the next person : What are some of your favourite books & authors out there ?
  5. Hi everyone & good evening / morning / afternoon c: ! I'm not exactly new but I've been away for a hot minute haha, & what better way to come back than to head on over to the introductions board right? :3 I'm Starsights , & I'm a gremlin who hoards countless heaps of unfinished drabbles , one-shots , & an unhealthy amount of coffee shop AUs. I'm an avid artist as well as a roleplayer & I'm currently working to publish my webcomic on to Webtoons / Tapas , I also take commissions if anyone is interested in them . On top of that , I do lots of D&D & I'm highke
  6. Hey, Happy Birthday!

  7. *Rises from the dead* It's been quite a while, since I've been on here haha. 

  8. running a roleplay blog is so   s t r e s s f u l  but so fun at the same time~

  9. loool i haven't been online in forever ~

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