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  1. Quote
    16 hours ago, Hikari said:

    As silent as those prayers were, his screams were not.


    This. Sentence. Such a simple powerful sentence, I absolutely love it. 


    Here's a section of song lyrics I've been working on. The song is about the human urge to explore and find what is beyond. The first part is a pre chorus, and the second part is the chorus.


    Countless stars with countless worlds to explore.

    We will always search for more.

    Looking beyond the pale blue dot,

    Our quest has begun.


    Traveling over land.

    Sailing over seas.

    Humanities endless curiosity,

    Aimed towards the stars.

  2. Confession time. I listened to the Black Halo, and honestly wasn't much of a fan. I didn't like a lot of the guitar tones and other effects. Kinda like how Resist is still Within Temptation, but totally different at the same time, The Black Halo to me was still power metal, just different.

  3. 5 hours ago, RykerDavis said:


    I am assuming you have the high ground. :)   

    Welcome. Song lyrics for Middle earth sound cool.  I could imagine the pieces of music to accompany.   Flutes and harps for the elves. I love how they can be mellow one minute, light and joyful the next and completely harsh and shrill the next... in all ways elves are caprices.  I could imagine heavy drums for the dwarves... kind of like  TOP's  Turn it up loud.   Humans on the other hand acapella maybe.   I can't wait hear about your thoughts on the matter. 

    Welcome from one StarWars fan to another.  

    Ooh I like the thought of acapella for man. I would have never thought of that. 

  4. Lord of the Rings is without question the best movie adaptation of any book ever. Do you prefer the Theatrical or Extended movies? My thought is that the extended editions are worth it, but I also understand not wanting to watch a four hour movie.

    Tolkien's works truly defined fantasy, creating the modern perceptions of Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. He even created a new race of Hobbits or Halflings which has become increasingly common in fantasy. Tolkien's writing can sometimes be unnecessarily wordy, such as saying "sons of my father's daughter" instead of nephew's for example, but I love this sort of thing. 

    It's also my personal head cannon that D&D is set in the fourth or fifth age of Middle Earth, long after the events of Lord of the Rings. 

    In my opinion Tolkien wrote the Holy Trinity of fantasy, The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings. I can not stress how amazing the high fantasy of the Silmarillion is. If the Lord of the Rings is the New Testament, the Silmarillion is the Old Testament, steeped in lore, and just as convoluted.

  5. On 12/29/2021 at 4:16 PM, AquilaTempestas said:

    So.... MCU fans.

    Who is your favourite character?

    @Zadien @Ace of Spies

    I absolutely love Yelana. Her sense of humor is perfect for me. Ant-Man is another one that always makes me laugh, I love Paul Rudd. That said humor isn't the only important aspect of a character. I like Bucky because of how gritty his character was, but also because of his redemption arc. I really enjoy super weird mystical stuff, and gritty movies. I'm hoping marvel can do more of this with Dr Strange 2, Blade, Ghost-rider, and Punisher type characters.

  6. As the title would suggest, I'm on a mission to defeat General Grievous. On a more serious note, I met Aquila through her Symphonic Metal discord. I enjoy music and literature, and figured I might as well try my hand at writing.  My main focus will be on writing song lyrics. My dream is to write a concept album about the tales of Middle Earth. My favourite books are anything by J.R.R. Tolkien, but enjoy fantasy in general.

    As for my self, I love all things nerdy; Star Wars, Marvel, Middle Earth etc. Looking forward to writing and chatting about writing in general!

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