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  1. I guess you have dandruff. And, probably you are pretty stressed. Stress is considered a reason for hair fall. Well, I had Myopia. I couldn't see things which are far, hence the big spectacles. Get checked by a doctor soon, otherwise, your vision might turn worse. I can't help bruh, my skin is sensitive too. I've gotten rashes at some places.
  2. Grammarly kinda became handy to me hahaha.
  3. Old series- want to change more stuff, but it's all over, so couldn't think much about it. Yet, I had problems with the G-Revolution season. I might want to make changes there.
  4. iPhone users have my respect hahaha. As of now, I have Samsung S20 FE.
  5. I love to imagine some characters as bisexuals. Even Kai for that matter hehe. Kai doesn't have memorable moments with any girl. Even if you take a look at Hilary, he had moments with her but we don't see much from Kai's side. That's why I prefer TyHil. Although I love Kuudere x Tsundere shippings so much, Kai and Hilary don't really fulfill the potential completely. Their bond wasn't that memorable enough. I love such couples from other animes, and their dynamics were memorable to me. Hence I didn't ship Kai with any girl at all. But, I saw people liking him and Julia as a ship. She almost sounded like the girl Kai may try to gel well with. I mean, I get Kai and Julia don't talk at all, but they complement well, as well as have a few things they may relate to. Just my opinion though.
  6. Agree, I try hard to stress on those three lmao. I guess it's because Beyblade female characters get special attention which I think they deserve. Not only in Beyblade, but you can also see this in any shounen fandom. The fewer they are, the more they get loved. You see, if we make a male characters supremacy post, it's tough to cover all. But for females? You will add all. Also, females do sound interesting undoubtedly. But, there are male side characters who are underrated too. That's my point.
  7. I see plenty of opinions from the Beyblade fandom. Most of them say that Hilary, Mariam, and Salima's addition to V-Force was the best, and the others were certainly boring. I know this is subjective but do you think this is true from an objective point of view? I kinda disagree, not with the fact they were interesting but claiming that they were the only interesting highlights of the season.
  8. Tala's under-performance put me off a bit. I didn't consider it a nerf earlier, but I do see it now. Part 1 characters were not all-important. Hilary's involvement lessened too. I just feel V-Force characters had better involvement, which fans HEAVILY under-credit. Well, there were moments I honestly enjoyed. I feel Kai was really a peak character in G-Revolution.
  9. I am not starting a war here, no offense, and don't take it too far, but I kinda have a negative critique for G-Revolution. Like, I get the appeal and understand why many may like it, but there were plenty of plotholes and character nerfs. I can't get the shallow hate for V-Force, and it makes the season sound more and more underrated to me. I just see people exaggerating the negativity of V-Force.
  10. I agree... a lot of shows don't focus on side-character dynamics which I would love to see honestly, especially these male/female ones. I was honestly disappointed when Mariam and Ozuma didn't have enough interactions.
  11. I personally found it better than G-Revolution, if I say. I will start with the good things behind the season. I liked the season and enjoyed the arcs, except for the world championships but it still had some epic battles like Tyson vs. Zeo and Ozuma vs. Zeo. It seemed like the championships arc had to fill in for the sake of Tyson to defend his title, but it, later on, got expanded and approached this lesson that an android is an android yet that doesn't stop it or prohibit it from anything. He can still live a happy life as an android and needn't get discriminated against by the likes of Bladebreakers. I liked that there was one team (that is not Bladebreakers) that was prominent from the start till the end of the series, and that was certainly Saint Shields. Neither part 01 nor G-Revolution had any team like that. That's a huge service to side characters in shounen. That is a heavily distinguished catch in season 2. Psykicks were also pretty good, unlike what others may feel about them. Their screentime might not be huge, but certainly, I liked their arc and the concept behind their characters. I also loved how there were more male-female relationships. I don't see all of these ideally romantic but I just like how beautiful they all bonded over. The battles were certainly epic, and I liked how every character had consistent power levels, unlike what happened in G-Revolution where several characters suffered from heavy nerfs. Battles like Ozuma vs. Tyson and Kane vs. Tyson were some of the best in the season before the world championship arcs. Hilary's inclusion... I wouldn't call it the best or the worst, but it was highly needed yet had to fit the situation because the team was filled with so many male members. . I think characters like Ozuma, Zeo, and Kane were written well, or at least fine. The three boys are not only some of my favorites in V-Force but in the whole show too. I find them the best side characters in the show, alongside Mariam. Coming to the downside. I don't like how it had a huge chunk of characters who didn't appear for more than two or three episodes. They added no relevancy, had poor to little or even no development, especially these test bladers and the ones in the Island arc too. One or two test bladers were fine, but anything more than that will get the audience irked. Like, it is so repetitive. Also, the World championships arc could have been reworked or shouldn't have existed. The series could have just made Zeo and Tyson have a big showdown at the end, which is not in a championship. King and Queen could have been potentially interesting. They should've been something more than parts hunters, possessing some deep motivation instead of just appearing lowkey? They should have come a bit earlier so that their arcs are expanded well and given more attention. Kane and Jim getting eliminated like that were certainly very very unfair. The reason behind their elimination was justified, but getting kicked out just like that sounded too ordinary. The plot seemed forced to just make Tyson and Max qualify just like that The world championships arc did regress the series overall, but anything before that was done really well.
  12. Mariam thought that talking with someone would help her to get over it completely. Ozuma sounded like the right candidate, for no reason. For years, they weren't anything more than teammates. Ozuma was their leader, he ordered and she executes. They had a pretty formal bond, but their teamwork and coordination. They barely share anything personal, but this was their first time to be more interactive and talk their minds out. The ambiance wasn't certainly weird, yet different. Since Ozuma is one of the major contributors to organizing this meeting, he was telling Mariam about the plans. In between, they had some heart-to-heart conversations. Mariam cracked some jokes, and Ozuma surprisingly laughed at them. She has never seen him chuckle, ever. Ozuma seemed like a different person now to her eyes. Yet, she found it comforting. She has seen him too serious and cold in the past; hence this was a nice change for her. They took a stroll on the streets around an hour later. Mariam almost recovered from it, and it wasn't an ordinary flex. She loved Max for a few years and had to get over that in a few hours. However, still, there is some pang of dejection left over. She has to slowly come out of that. But, on the brighter side, she realized the same feelings but for someone else. 'I've decided Ozuma…I've found a man I can truly love, which is none other than you. I know, this is coming all of a sudden, but I prefer being with a guy like you, who needn't prove the love and care for his teammates only with words. For all these years, I thought we had nothing more than a formal bond, and I always saw you as a very cold person who doesn't want to be too personal, but I just came to know how deeply you care for me Ozuma. You involved yourself in my personal matter and proved that you are willing to do anything for me. How wouldn't I want to not love you? The fact that I changed my feelings immediately says it all' Ozuma took her to the fountain park. The ambiance was beautiful and soothing. They sat on a bench. "Has your hair dried yet?" "Not fully, but soon it will. Thanks." Ozuma nodded his head. Mariam's cheeks were turning red. There was an awkward silence for a few minutes. - I've just finished this lol.
  13. Yeah I personally like season 1 more tbh.
  14. I am taking Tsukuyo's way because this sounds like a good change. This is just me, but I thought of Kane/Mariah. They both nearly have the same ideologies in beyblading. According to Kane, you shouldn't worry about winning or losing but enjoy the battle. And according to Mariah, there is no point in beyblading unless and until you enjoy it. Kane might like girls who are normal and balanced in terms of personality, and Mariah fits the trope. Mathilda would be good as well. They have a heavy clash of backgrounds- a village girl and an Australian boy (I bet he is from a good family). I am not sure if this is something good or bad, but certainly complementary. I wonder if this could work, but Max with Mathilda is certainly adorable. I ship Miguel/Mathilda and I find potential in them as well.
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