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  1. Oh, I completely forgot to mention my previous username! Aaaaa As for which I prefer, I prefer drawing! Thanks for welcoming me here!~
  2. Hello, hello! Welcome back! I'm so used to the username Loveon, it didn't register that you were Loveon under a new username. Oops. Brain malfunction. 

  3. Hi everyone! I'm Serene-Raven, though Raven's just fine. I just chose this username since I'm on most sites by this name. I used to do a lot of writing, fell out of that for a while due to reasons and focused on drawing pictures, and am currently trying to get back into writing. I focus on a lot of original-based ideas for both writing and art, but I read a lot of fanfic (mostly Pokemon) and really want to get back into writing for Pokemon once more. It's nice to meet all of you!
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