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  1. I agree with Isle of Armor not having too much oomph to it, I feel like it definitely could've had a bit more to it to flesh out; me and the partner practically blitzed through it in one night more or less, at least storywise. I'm interested for Crown Tundra though, and although I haven't been playing Shield for a while, I'm getting back into it to continue my shiny hunting.. And on the subject of shiny hunting, have any of you guys tried your luck at it with this gen?
  2. I decided to get back to shiny hunting for a Wooloo.. now just to pray for my sanity. If I start making sheep noises, please call for help.


  3. I think I might try to get involved with this! I don't know where I'd need to send it or how it all works, but I think I'll give it a good college try!!
  4. No matter where I take these tests, I always get the same thing; Hufflepuff! I'm really happy with that though, because good ol' badger is my favourite
  5. I quite liked it! My bf found it okay, but he's against playing with randoms in group scenarios; the dungeons or whatever they were called need a full team of four, which he didn't like. I personally don't mind playing with other people, and it's really fun to fly around, I find the world pretty and quite interesting too. Sorry for late response by the way!!
  6. I play on Lich ^^ so Chaos database, at least for now (I'll be moving to a new database called Light I believe when Shadowbringers releases), Red Mage main but been leveling White Mage too!!
  7. The last thing I tried out was the Anthem demo with the boyfriend. The game itself was okay, but the framerate stutters and drops were definitely noticeable, even for me; I'm usually not the best at spotting those type of things xD But overall solid game, not sure if I'd buy straight away buy it's more than likely something I'd consider.
  8. I'm weird as weird can be, so I wouldn't worry about that! Thank you for the welcome though ^-^
  9. I for one know I'm preordering the heck out of it once I get money xD
  10. Here is where I dump all my art for your enjoyment ^-^ I go by @ noodly.art on IG for all who are curious c:
  11. She likes to square up to people xD
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