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  1. Playing Vermintide 2 at the moment, with a pal. It's a really fun game, very much a fantasy l4d2 but with a dark souls/lotr feel.
  2. This year was blessed right from the start with Viagra Boys releasing Welfare Jazz barely two weeks into january. These are a bunch of musicians, hailing from the classic swedish hardcore scene, jazz musicians, electronic artists all tied together by singer Sebastian Murphy, a Swedish-American tattoo canvas and punk rock swaggerist who lays down his rough, dark voice over the bands monotonous, sometimes krautrocky background. The songs on this record are more obviously influenced by country, funnily enough, than their first album Street Worms from 2018. What Viagra Boys do so perfec
  3. I have a few hundred hours on ESO, It's a good MMO. I would recommend it to anyone who loves TES Lore, since it's got loads of that. I didn't actually fall for it that hard, I don't think it does anything better than any other MMO except for immersion, which it does great. It is a true roleplaying experience. My advice to a beginner is to play the story, it gives you a lot of good stuff, a lot of exp and some money. When you're out adventuring, be sure to do the "Dolmen" events, you'll find clumps of people moving between three of them in one region, it gives items, exp and money.
  4. I agree on this, although I am a bigger fan of the first and second albums, I like the heavier deathcore-y stuff of the first album and the hard metalcore of the second! I want to recommend a band. Band Name: The Clash Genre: Punk Rock/Post Punk Album: London Calling (1979) Why: The Clash is my favourite band of all time, and especially good is their London Calling album. It's just so incredibly versatile in terms of music and genre, combing punk with Reggae, Jazz, Funk and more. Key Tracks: The Entire Album Or for my personal recommendations; Rudie Can't
  5. I have a music related question for you both!  It is about singing actually and I was wondering if you would have an answer. 


    1. Kage


      Go right ahead!!

    2. AquilaTempestas


      Do you think this guy is a low tenor or a high baritone? He's a Swedish singer (Nils Molin)

      Some people think he's a standard tenor with a warm tone. A vocal coach and a few others see him as more a low tenor/high baritone (because of that warmth)


  6. Oh snap, this is hard. Probably like Pokémon, honestly. So much nostalgia for me!
  7. Nope, never! Have you ever turned your sleeping schedule completely reversed?
  8. Update: We had an old iPhone 7 that I tried to fix, but it kept dying. I replaced the battery myself and it finally started! Turns out, however, that one of the paper-thin ribbon cables for the display was ripped. So there was NO TOUCH response. I ordered a new screen, and yesterday it arrived. I spent an hour screwing around in this phone - literally, screwing off all the parts an putting on the new display. Miraculously, it worked! My younger brother actually wanted to downgrade from his 7+ to this iPhone 7, because of how shiny the display was (his is very scratched).
  9. I haven't finished the game actually, but I know exactly what you mean by it being difficult to level. Holy shit it is hard. And many of the battles are a couple levels above you as well, so you really have to fight hard to progress, it puts your tactical thinking and situation handling at work in the late-game battles.
  10. Nice!!! Battlemage is definitely one of the most versatile offensive builds. My main player character is also a battlemage of sorts, I had her focus Warfare, Pyro and Necromancer stuff. First you buff with clear mind and haste, then you summon bone widow, then you bash. Hard. A great build for sure. What skills do you focus on your battlemage? Also, my party consists of my player char Battlemage, Ifan as a ranger/healer, Fane as a Polymorph/Geomancer and Beast who is a really weak rogue, atm.
  11. Wow, cool! Here are my current favs, of the top of my head. London Calling - The Clash: My number one favourite album, an incredible ecclectic mix of styles which saved punk ethos when it was painting itself into a corner. No bad songs on this one. It was so early before it's time, in some sense I want to call this a concept album just because the songs talk about the situation in the world from a punk bands point of view in 1979. This LP is the culmination of their artistic genius. Panic Prevention - Jamie T: In some sense, an album just like London Calling, talking about bein
  12. Finally downloaded Streamlabs again, gonna start streaming every now and then. Just need to F with the settings a bit. If you all wanna give me a follow I'll follow you back, @AquilaTempestas @Ace of Spies @Sakura Alexia And whoever else streams, maybe you can tag everyone and we'll all follow each other? :D

    1. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      I'm not really streaming myself atm, but sure I can follow back.

  13. My band just made a deal with a studio. As soon as we sign, we go in to the studio to record our first proper LP!

    1. AquilaTempestas


      That's awesome news! Good luck : D Do we get a sneak peak?

    2. Kage


      Thank you Aquila!

      There'll be sneak peaks for sure!

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