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  1. From my current Jujutsu Kaisen fic in AO3, "The shadow for the light." . . Miwa was steaming Nobara’s medium-side orange hair. They both took bath in the lotus pond of the court, which was meant for all royal women of the Yoshino family and female guests of royalty. There was a big vessel filled with hot water which vaporizes to produce the steam. “Ah, we have done a great mistake by taking bath so late at night. I can’t sleep until my hair would get dry” Nobara sighed as she looked at her face on the mirror. “It’s not our fault Kugisaki. We have fought a battle which
  2. Snippet for chapter 3 of the fic, "Shadow for the light". A Jujutsu Kaisen fic. I have posted one from the same chapter previously but now its another one. . . Soon, the three beats of a big drum was heard all over the kingdom. Gojo and Utahime dismantled from their position and got up. They were extremely shocked for a moment. “It’s an emergency… Our Kingdom should be under danger.” “Let’s go to the royal court, right now.” They heard a few people hurriedly knocking their main door. Gojo immediately went downstairs and opened the door. He saw a group of maidens
  3. I want to visit Japan just for cherry blossoms. And also some European countries and Australia. Baited to go to UAE as well.
  4. I agree with the less amount of females in the show. To also add on, V-Force season could geographically explore a lot of places. If not outside, at least in Japan. There are nice places like Kyoto, Hokkaido, etc.
  5. For these type of questions, I will prefer writing long thoughts so, here we go. 1> I quite found the motivations of a few characters a little selfish. I think I might make their motivations a little less selfish. Say, Tyson says he wants to become a world champion. I think it would be better if he aimed for things which could even make infamous beybladers getting recognition. I mean he did a few social stuffs but I think just a bit more. 2> I don't want the adults to be quite misleading. I want them to show the right path for the bladers. Maybe, the story won't be thrilling wi
  6. Sure we both keep flooding our thoughts constantly.
  7. I don't like MaxxMariam that much either. I don't know. I mean.... they made sense but I think the time they spent as a ship is quite a little. Their paths don't seem to cross. I am not even that much into my Beyblade ships right now. I just be there for Kane/Salima at times. Even my other ships.... I haven't given enough attention for them lately.
  8. Lol I left the discussion out of the blue. Sorry my Wi-Fi was disconnected past curfew T.T
  9. Bruh, instead of seeing Kane and Salima as siblings, I would rather see cousins being a couple despite I can't stand it either I seriously can't see them as siblings... I don't know. After shipping them for around five years how could I?
  10. I might be a bit influenced by bias and fandom behavior. Sometimes fandoms make us hate things than the show itself.
  11. I feel I am quite biased though. But maybe because I have personal preferences and/or prefer one over the other.
  12. Girl you literally spoke my mind out. Can't agree more. Pretty odd it sounds when people don't want to watch a season or a show because it has a ship which they hate. I mean, its okay but still it doesn't make that much of sense. I have even read fics for ships which has both my favorite and least favorite couples but I am not going to loathe those works for it. I even saw evidences for Ray/Salima, just more for Kane/Salima. Simple as it is. I might have a negative bias for the ship, but I do see some merits of it. Just because I prefer its rival ship I am not going to show only the
  13. Prisha! I have no words, but all I can tell is that they were all facts. Kudos for this! ^^
  14. I agree to this. Kane and Salima have shared a very good bond in my opinion, which gives them the potential to be a couple. You know, the first reason what you mentioned made me like Kane when I considered it earlier. He is not an emotionless robot, he just has it with himself or just less reactive to it. Ray has more of the spiritual composure in my opinion. He gives a better emotional impact than Kane not gonna lie.
  15. Agreed! To add on, the fact that Kane never left his guard down while fighting Salima was what made me ship Kane/Salima lol. However.... she was his teammate so he knows her well, Ray was quite new to her so it is understandable in this case hehehe.
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