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  1. @BurningAngelReplying here. I do think that Beyblade hasn't given more space to side character dynamics, whereas other animes do give a lot. We can give our own dynamics and do our own stuff when the other animes have fulfilled them already. The show hasn't given so much information for the side characters like background, family, etc. but that's okay for a show which can't give equal importance to all of them. This is exactly why Beyblade might have it's own way of writing.
  2. Sometimes I think there are distinct ways of writing fanfictions for Beyblade alone. Yet there are some regular tips to be applied as well.
  3. Beyblade side characters were focused well enough for their positions... It's just that the fandom doesn't appreciate their roles.
  4. Yeah, but that should be the case for other characters in G-Revolution. Probably they don't want to include such characters.
  5. Maybe, probably he was too young to fit in with them.
  6. I guess that's what actually happened, but doesn't sound fair when a few other teams had five members too.
  7. My hair density used to be high, but lost a lot of them. My hair isn't that thick anymore. Thanks to the calcium in our water.
  8. Oww, rashes. I guess I had that a few weeks ago. It's so hot here.
  9. I guess this thread might be useful to share some health problems. I hope anyone won't mind this. I don't have anything which is too fatal or risky, but currently, I am having hair loss and poor vision. I am kind of looking for hair-fall control and couldn't clearly see stuff from afar. My skin is also pretty sensitive- Jeez.
  10. Why lump so many portions for a test the last evening? How hypocritical when profs criticize us for doing everything the last minute duhh.
  11. So many hate Hiro, I have seen it. I don't hate him, but I don't care much for him for no reason. Yet, I find his character concept pretty intriguing. I guess sometime around we were discussing about Hiro in this thread. I felt a lot of characters deserved redemption arcs, not just Hiro.
  12. I never understood how the hell Majestics became the odd-one-out. Like how?? And where was Ian?
  13. Long list, but I want to make part 1 characters more relevant in G-Revolution. And there were a few character nerfs which I may avoid it to an extent. A lot of moments were kinda embarassing to watch, like doing injustice to a few characters. I guess Ray had some personality issues in that season. In V-Force, I wished if Psykicks got more airtime. I wish I could change a few things about the world championships arc there. But, I guess the season had problems more on small scale to have a championships arc though. And there are so many irrelevant test-blader characters in the season, like appearing for one episode or so. That just takes unnecessary space and screentime. I don't want to have more than three our four, beyond that it just too much. While talking overall, I wish if there were more well fleshed male/female dynamics.
  14. Another Beyblade fic of mine. . After the day's work, he laid himself on the couch. He worked so hard that day. There were nearly fifty patients, and next week he has to perform a lung transplant. Not surprising for him, just a busy schedule like it has been for a year since he became a pulmonologist. However, the pang of pain in his heart never left him. He felt betrayed. He was nearly crestfallen. Every day he pretended as if he was just doing good in front of his colleagues, students, and patients, but he is wallowing behind. He was Yamashita Kane; a Twenty-seven-year-old pulmonologist. He started a private practice as a chief doctor in Australia, ten months ago. His job is almost full-time. Recently, he became a professor in the Pulmonology department of a college and taught PG students. His life was certainly dry, with treating patients coming with breathing and lung issues and preparing lectures for his students. Sometimes, he listened to songs and played his guitar, but that never healed the pain in himself. He just can’t digest the fact that she left him. He felt betrayed, hurt, and backstabbed. It wasn’t her fault completely, but the fault was lying behind the fate which gifted both of them. She has been pregnant, but with his child. But, she lost all her long-lost precious memories, so she just doesn’t believe that Kane was the father. Her family asked him to stay away from her. Coincidentally, he was in Japan to perform surgery and she has been living there. His iPhone vibrated. He quickly grabbed it and saw a text from her brother. Onii-chan's water is breaking and she is on the verge of losing her life. Please come to the General hospital in Shinjuku. . Might make modifications later.
  15. I generally enjoy watching anime in Japanese than in English. Hence it might not sound new to me, but seeing Beyblade characters in Japanese might be different. Yes, heard that Max adds the English slang into Japanese lol.
  16. Just thinking of rewatching the whole Beyblade OG series in Japanese + subtitles. Gotta see what the English dub removed and modified lol. But, I don't think I might watch anytime sooner.
  17. Exactly, you got me there. I myself noticed using those words in several places, not only one or two paragraphs.
  18. I have been using Grammarly for my stories. It's better to avoid using words like "actually", "really", "totally", "In fact", "absolutely" and anything like this into your stories. They just sound like a mere exaggeration breaking the realistic aspect. Grammarly often points them out.
  19. Well, Let me not write angst at least now hahaha. I am basically looking for a prompt though... Maybe a humor might do.
  20. Oh man right now I am imagining how it would've been.
  21. Hello! Welcome to the forum. Hope you have fun.
  22. A new girl in the rising manga. You can google and check or check Aoki's website for the official art where the girl has purplish-white hair kinda.... damn hazy memory.
  23. My UPS needs a repair, hence I was just looking at my Google doc fics on phone and found this TyHil stuff from Beyblade hahahaa. ~ The navy-haired teen was reading a manga, rolling and giggling on the wooden floor of the dojo. The brunette peeped out and glared at him. She was drenched with sweat, her white apron had stains of choco mix, batter and syrups. Max was listening to some music, Ray had gone out to buy some vegetables and just got in. Kai was simply sitting in a corner. ‘Damn, it was my mistake to give them a holiday from beyblading,’ she slapped her head. “Hey what’s up Hilary?” Max asked. “Nothing,” she responded half-heartedly and was out of his sight in no time. Max was kinda worried, but Tyson was impervious to them all. He continued to read the comic book. “Tyson, stop killing us with your laughter. I can hear a mix of your hasty laughter and Taylor Swift’s voice. If you wanna laugh, go up to the terrace, you have got free space up there.” “If I do that, those bullies will throw stones on me.” “That’s not my problem.” “You are so selfish Max!” “You are deafening my ears Tyson! Stop reading the comic book and learn some cooking!” yelled Hilary, slapping the spatula against her palm. “Why should I cook? I am a boy!” “Then why are you wearing a ponytail, you are a boy,” she smirked. Tyson punched the floor in defeat and reluctantly walked towards the kitchen. "Tyson, I wanna see you laughing on the terrace. You can cure the depression of the citizens." "If they hear his laughter, they will get more depressed I bet," Ray bit his tongue. Tyson stood against the slab beside Hilary ignoring Ray's humor. There was a whisk placed into a chocolate mixture. ~ That's a snippet, might make modifications later.
  24. No idea about main message but it all sounded like Tyson overcoming tastes of challenges. And yet he still saves and defends his title of world champion and reputation of being a good beyblader. Hence, I feel that you have to go through and overcome these challenges and that should not douse your spirit.
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