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  1. Well, I would have shown more of side characters who didn't get enough limelight, especially the v-forcecharacters. Secondly,I would include a few female characters and I once had the idea of including a female beyblader to the Bladebreakers. I'd thought that there is no female main character who is a beyblader thus that idea came to my mind. I have even started to write one though.
  2. Lol its been time since I've typed a thing here.
  3. Returned to FanFiction temporarily and will more likely be here till the end of May. There are chances that our exams might be cancelled due to the rise of pandemic. So if exams get cancelled I will continue to be in the site from June too.

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Woohoo welcome back to FFN :D I missed your stories/reviews ^_^

    2. Seafoam nightfall

      Seafoam nightfall

      @AquilaTempestasThanks! My boards have got cancelled but I am studying for entrance exam, but still I will post stories though and possibly try reading some of them.

  4. I hate garlic. I mean in Indian foods we have garlic in some gravies. I hate that.
  5. I noticed that on your FFN profile you said you might return in June  : ( Does that mean no more stories from you?

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    2. AquilaTempestas


      Best of luck with it all!

      I take it you won't be doing much reading until you return either

    3. Seafoam nightfall

      Seafoam nightfall

      Thank you very much!

      Yeah, I won't read or write that much. If I take breaks and want to read something,I'll try my best to give a shot of yours because I can't study continuously lol.

    4. AquilaTempestas


      No worries. If you wait until July, there might be a lot more to read haha.

  6. Dating requests? Weird. Probably just don't mind it.
  7. Strange... I often get messages like "Google this" or "Google that so you can see my cosplay in my site or blah blah." I don't reply to them but delete the message and simply block their IDs. If they don't create any problems I would simply reply.
  8. Its that episode where all thrive to get beyblade parts to fight the BEGA (I mean the BEAG ID card thingy). And all the bladers get together, girls beybattle the boys and the girls win XD Yep, that episode episode was good too.
  9. I am fine with anything! Maybe yes, you can do that.
  10. Episode 39 of G-Revolution - Everyone comes and prepares to fight the BEGA! And we can see feminism too XD
  11. Hahaha not that lucky too. Yet I won't feel upset because I write only for my own desire. I don't care for reviews but I have this medieval AU fic called "Where the sun rises during fall." I have only few readers so I am thinking of coming back later and gave it a hiatus. Your stories are really good, I am being honest. Generally there are some authors who don't pay more focus in formatting their story well and sometimes don't follow the guidelines. But yours looks pleasing and neat to read. Some readers love to read only fluff. I am a little choosy too. Before joining ffn. I only re
  12. Now fandom is a major factor too. There is a relatively popular couple (not the most popular) in Naruto and it has more than 17,000 fics. And in Beyblade even the most popular couples have only 800 fics! This is such a drastic difference. But it also depends upon in which fandom you are active in. I wrote a Death Note fic and it got only one review. I was active in Beyblade fandom at that time. That's why some advice to stick on to a very few fandoms.
  13. I am really sorry that I couldn't read any fics di But I'll sure read all the backlogs when I return too ffn after boards ^^ And yep, we have been a lot closer and even for suggestions I first come to you
  14. Well well, I have experienced this too. I see a lot of stories getting thousands of reviews but mine hardly sixty or seventy (I mean chaptered ones) XD IMO the main reasons are characters, ships and plotlines. Whenever I write a KaiHil (or even a TyHil), the reviews are decently good in number. RayMari gets a fair number of reviews if interesting. For KaneSal, its somewhat okay. This KaneSal hardly got any recognition at the start because there weren't any fics for them for almost a decade but after I focused more on them they are getting pretty decent reviews. But when I write for
  15. Humor? Tyson immitating Kai, Tyson and Daichi quarrels, etc. And Daichi calling Hils grandma [censored in English].
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