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  1. Yeah they patched it so that it’ll work properly. Still weird that the warrior of light is called Jack, but he looks like Chris Redfield’s SE cousin so if course he’s called Jack. And he’s hanging out with the love child of Lightning and Prompto.
  2. Finished ff7 intermission and will be starting ff7 intergrade today.
  3. It has been so long since I started reading Beyblade fanfic that I genuinely do not know what the first fic was. It was probably Kai/OC since that was big back then. And honestly the stories I started reading back in the early 00s are no longer around.
  4. So what’s the consensus on covers for your fanfic? If you use fanart, do you get permission from the creator? Or do you commission a piece? Or do you just google and post? For the most part, mine are screenshots I took from the show I’m writing for, a free stock photo or a piece of fanart created for the fanfic which I was given permission to use. So I’m curious what everyone else does - or do you use covers? If you’re a fan artist as well, how do you feel about your fanart being used?
  5. Playing the original FF7 on Switch and it's just making me appreciate how good Remake is. it'll be fantastic to see the characters react to those iconic scenes rather than rushing off to the next plot point. Definitely looking forward to our first glimpse of Nibelheim, but at the moment I'm heading to Wutai.
  6. All final fantasy games are mostly standalones so you can jump in at any number. I personally love Remake. It’s been the one game I’ve replayed multiple times and I can’t wait to replay the next one. It doesn’t need much background because it’s telling a story and it’s easy to follow. It is going to be a lot of parts so it is a time investment. However, knowing your style of games, this might not be for you. FF7 Remake is very story driven and linear because Midgar always was. The enemies are repetitive in places, and you just have to go where the story takes you, there’s no open wor
  7. Nope, I wouldn't write about Kai/Hil because I don't ship them so if Kai and Hilary were together, then I wouldn't have anything to write about for Beyblade.
  8. I reread my stuff and then read other people's writing, and then I start small. Just a line here, a paragraph there. Sometimes I'll write something completely different just for myself to clear out the cobwebs - do a bit of freewriting if needs be. The major thing is to decide what you want to write. Once you have an idea, that's half the battle.
  9. Tbf, there's already drama and fighting over pairings, so I definitely agree that not including it made sense, the kids are way more focused on beyblading than anything else. However, if there was romance and they confirmed a canon pairing, it would be better than being ambiguous. Like if, in your example Kai/Hil, was declared canon I would have stopped writing for Beyblade and moved on with my life - because I don't create content for non-canon ships. Also I'm in another fandom where the original canon content was very ambiguous with its romance to the extent that the audience decided th
  10. Just finished Spider-Man: Miles Morales today. Huge amount of fun to play, really great character and a few fun glitches that made me laugh out loud. Game is super smooth, but Miles can not handle shallow stairs or slopes.
  11. I’ve been watching streamers play the original version and so then I watched them play the new version and I just don’t find it as charming or interesting so I won’t be playing it. It’s cute and it looks pretty but I dunno, the original just had more charm and also Professor Oak had weird taste and you could get huge points for the jankiest photos. This one is too real.
  12. Did I genuinely not mention Spencer x Mathilda? Oh my god I’m a heathen! They’re super adorable and fill the tol/smol trope and they’ve both been in the clutches of evil bordering on violent purple haired men who manipulated kids to achieve beyblade domination. They’re both quiet and caretakers of their team so I really, really love their dynamic and wish they could have interacted in the show.
  13. By the way, I did not get the Barret resolution scene, something went wrong and I ended up with Aerith again so I have to replay another two times. I'm not happy about this. I need to google how not to get Aerith because as far as I'm aware, I don't use her more than others, I didn't do her quests, I basically did everything to NOT get her. Currently playing FFXV - it's an experience.
  14. Okay it's been a few months since I've been playing this game, I've logged a decent number of hours and my party is now in the 40s for level and I'm only in chapter seven now? Yes, seven. tl;dr: My initial assessment when I'd only played the beginning of the game still stands. It has not improved significantly and the issues I noticed within the first couple of chapters are still there seven chapters into the story. No one is reacting to the actual plot so I don't want to play the actual plot. So has the game got better? Yes and No. So combat wise, I just button mash, zoom
  15. Yes, of course, but then I think, is this what I’d want to happen if I were the reader and if I would be, I won’t do it. If I wouldn’t be, then that’s the way I go. I have to make myself happy with what I write. If I pander to others then I’m not going to enjoy writing the story.
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