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  1. Yeah, I'll probably get this on switch, eventually. Right now I have such a backlog though and the games I have take priority.
  2. I’ve watched the live action ones and enjoyed both WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Soldier. Wanda deserved someone to give her some time to mourn so it was a very very good watch. Loki… I really didn’t enjoy it. Owen Wilson was great. I gave zero shits about the rest. It was a chore to watch. But I’m very much looking forward to Hawkeye tonight! I love Hawkeye and it’s Christmas based which is gonna make me it a bit more fun hopefully. I have not watched WhatIf yet. I’ll get to it. and then there’s the original xmen cartoon coming soon too. Though I do find myself st
  3. The movies are fantastic and fun. Marvel is knocking it out of the park with their movies and doing it well. They’re even making good shows too. It’s their time. I’m sure DC will get their mojo back but Marvel kept it for a good bit. I pretty much love all the marvel movies to some extent. They’re all leading to something, they’re introducing us to people we’ll grow with and adore. But to call out some faves, Captain America Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and I guess the first Avengers. I tend to prefer small scale end of the world stuff rather than the big epic stuff. Least
  4. A snippet from the first draft of my novel. -- Cleo faltered, then her expression dropped with a groan. “You’re going to do that now?” “Well, I can hardly take her to lunch with us and I’m not letting her follow me home." “But our burger!” “Cleo, you can have a burger any time you want.” Faith parted from Cleo’s side to skirt an oversized puddle of water from the earlier shower of rain. “This poor woman—“ “Poor woman?” Cleo hissed, keeping her voice low as her shoulder bumped Faith's. "You didn’t even like her when you talked to her. And I’m really craving
  5. Yup, you should be fine. Most of my advice works for people with limited time too, like where they’re working all day and honestly have only maybe an hour if even that to write. Getting a ton of words every day is going to be hard. I know there’s days I get nothing or maybe only a hundred written but it’s still writing done and it still counts. More than anything, I hope everyone remembers it’s a marathon, not a race. There’s no competition here. Stick to your own pace because you don’t want to be wiped out in December. Trust me, it’s not fun. I wrote 10,000 words the last
  6. I’ve been doing Nano now officially for 10 years, since my second year in Uni. And I’ve managed to hit the deadline the majority of the time. Some ways I’ve done that is: Always write more the first week. You’re energised, you’re excited, you know what you want to write. The mid month slump is a real thing. You get bored of writing every day and think, I’ll take a break. Before you know it, three days have gone by and you’re now playing catch up. If you’ve written extra in the first week, you have a cushion to let a day go by but try to keep writing something every day.
  7. Ending the call, Tyson strode up the hill, intending to jump in the shower for a brisk wash under freezing water. However, as he entered his home via the backdoor, he caught sight of Hitoshi hunched over a book at the breakfast nook, frantically scribbling notes on an A4 legal pad. Toeing off his sneakers, Tyson snuck closer, rising on his tiptoes to peer over his brother’s shoulders. Darting forward, he snatched the thick text out from under Hitoshi’s nose and skipped back. “Tyson, give it back!” “This looks way too complicated for you, ‘Toshi.” “Well, then it’s going to b
  8. It's definitely really hard to read a fandom you don't know. Like I won't get the nuances, I won't understand the character motivations or the dynamics, especially in a short piece because I don't know these characters. It would be different if it was an original piece because the writer would have to introduce these characters to me, and they'll treat every reader like someone new to the story. Fanfiction does not and will not. The expectation is that if you read it, you're a fan of the show/characters and that's why you chose this story. And I'm not going to critique anyone's technical
  9. I think it would be a good idea for the creator of the work to post what type of reviews they want. We're still in the middle of a pandemic, not everyone's in a good headspace, some are coming back to writing again for the first time in a while. Constructive reviews might not have the desired affect. Some creators are already aware of what's wrong with their writing and having someone point it out will not be helpful in that case. Sometimes they post just to get support. So it should be up to the creator to say what kind of feedback they're looking for, maybe highlight something that they
  10. It's still technically my Saturday so here we go: -------------- At Takao's pointed look, Hiromi exhaled loudly and tucked her hand into the crook of his elbow, keeping her voice low. “I just think that when you do something like this, it’s asking for trouble. It’s like we're provoking them.” “Provoking what?” “The spirits.” She glanced over her shoulder and leaned into him as he matched his stride to her own. “Spirits? Hiromi, ghosts aren’t real.” She poked his side. “You have a bitbeast and you’re telling me spirits aren’t real?”
  11. “So a little birdie told me you asked out Tifa.” Cloud wasn’t sure what he’d done to deserve this torture. He stood with his back to the wall, eyeing the locked door with fervent desire and ignored his two prison guards happily sprawled at individual desks around the classroom. His policy of remaining silent and ignoring them hadn’t worked so far but he still had hope. “Oh?” Zack leaned back against the desk, hands braced behind his head, elbows wide. “Is your bird also known as the great ninja bird?” Jessie lifted a finger in acknowledgement. “More often known as the single white
  12. There’s a certain level of predictability in anything we write. People have been so exposed to stories now in various forms that there’s really no true surprise we can give them, and honestly I don’t think we should be trying to do that. The most rewarding thing as a reader and consumer of stories is when I pick up the crumbs and put them together or see it coming together. That’s not the same thing as the story being so blatantly obvious the writer isn’t trying to be subtle, they’re hammering me on the head because they think I’m stupid OR the GOT guys who do everything for shock va
  13. Mine is in the process of being written. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4462228/1/Saving-Part-of-the-World Summary: Saving Part of the World takes place in Ireland, because after the last tournament no other country was willing to host it. Hilary’s excited to visit Ireland, to see all the green and the castles. Ian just wants to rake in more money with his Blitzboy Blog and to not be left behind. Again. All in all, it should be a good tournament. Nearly everyone is back for it. Boris is in jail, there’s no brain washed teams or secret cyborgs. Even the Bladebreakers are back tog
  14. Smells like Teen Spirit - Malia-J from Black Widow
  15. Holy shit, that’s not okay. If they’re really pretending then that’s so disrespectful.
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