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  1. Oh that sounds amazing! I’m currently binging everything critical role so I’d love to know the kind of hijinks the BB guys get into with their DnD.
  2. As for writer’s block in general, sometimes I have to give myself permission to take a break. That way I can let my brain rest and recuperate, and refill that creative well with other bits of inspiration (video games, anime, tv shows, books etc) without guilt. The more pressure I put on myself to write, the more stressed I get, the more blocked I become. When I give myself permission to take a break, no matter how long that may need to be, I always get that urge to come back and write and it feels good again. It feels right.
  3. They can definitely be used in dialogue but also in normal writing, as long as they’re used in moderation, they can really help flow. Sometimes removing those words make the writing dry and stilted. Don’t compromise personal style to appease an algorithm. Everything is fine in moderation. Sometimes having an ‘ly’ word can emphasise a certain piece of writing.
  4. I think there's still some things they really need to fix. Character design isn't great but not the worst thing ever. It doesn't feel like a triple A game, but like a bigger version of a mobile game. The combat is not great in that showcase, so I hope that improves before they release it properly. As for who I'll play, gotta see what the game requires and what house that character gets put into. I hope they give the character some depth and not create a complete shell. Huffleputt would be fun though because I want to actually experience the Hufflepuff common room since it's so rarely seen.
  5. I know I’m in the minority but I actually really enjoyed V-force, up to the tournament. The tournament did nothing for me. I really enjoyed finding out about bitbeasts because they’re these magical beasts that are deigning to be wielded within a spinning top by children. The four sacred beasts, capable of being destructive forces, are in the hands of children, so it makes sense there would be someone out there trying to police this. Should it have been another bunch of children? God no, but anime rules. I really enjoyed the Saint Shields, I quite liked Team Psykick, the idea of kids being desperate for power like the other bladers and it corrupting them because manufactured bitbeasts just don’t work the same as real bitbeasts. All of that really amped up the lore of the beyblade world. It made it so much more fascinating to me. I also liked having Hilary added to the team dynamic. So will forever be grateful for getting Hilary, Mariam and Salima added to the show’s roster. I felt the boys grew subtly and got to bond more in season two so when season three came along and the boys left, it had impact. For me, it wouldn’t have after season one. They’d just formed a team and then they broke up. Season two solidified them as friends as well as a team, willing to fight together to protect their bitbeasts, to protect each other on an island surrounded by enemies, chase down cars etc so when you get to season three and suddenly they’re breaking apart, it has more emotional resonance. For me anyway. I’d rate it on par with G-Rev because for me G-Rev is a rehash of season one and that’s to be expected, it went back to the formula that the first season created. It’s a sports anime, they go to tournaments, tours the world, beat opponents. To show that everyone had grown, all the season one players stopped practicing for a year and had no power. And I know it’s just the writing but over all, the character arcs and growth for secondary characters was lost so that they could focus attention on the new players. Who I just didn’t care about - except for BEGA, quite liked them. All G-Rev had far superior art. Very pretty. The art of V-force just isn’t as good and it suffers pacing issues and the writing quality isn’t the best, ll those behind the scene problems didn’t help V-force make an impact either. The jarring shift to a tournament in the middle of nowhere was very odd, why King and Queen even existed didn’t make any sense to me at all. Like I feel V-force started off strong and then petered out because they needed to have a certain number of episodes for the season but just didn’t have enough story. So a tournament to drag it out with more people who demolish beyblade like this was something new we’d never seen before (Sorry Carlos, you don’t exist bud). It was weird, but I love the potential of V-force, what it did give us and without it I wouldn’t have a season four fanfic.
  6. Spencer and Mathilda are my fave of the Mathilda potentials. Big and small, both dealt with abusive coaches, both the type to care for their team.
  7. Sometimes it really does just come down to preference and what you like in ships. Sometimes you just see a platonic bond, sometimes you see a romantic bond. I don't think it's bias as such, but I also don't think it's fair to expect everyone to ship the same. Maybe Salima and Kane were coded romantically, but I just never saw it. That's just my personal view point. It doesn't mean I didn't understand it, it just means I interpreted things differently based on my own understanding of how the story was portrayed. And that's okay. It doesn't mean I bash the pairing, I just don't interact with it and don't feel compelled to write it. I am someone who really likes platonic male and female relationships too. I don't feel compelled to read or write a lot of pairings, even ones I ship might be something I passively ship and never engage in. I don't ship Max and Mariam and it was very romantically coded because those two personalities as a ship don't work for me. That doesn't mean I don't acknowledge it as a valid ship. I don't ship KaixRei or TysonxRei and they are also romantically coded. People make very valid reasons as to why they're canon and why they as a ship works. And those are good reasons, I just don't personally ship. However, sometimes I find the more people try to push their ship on me, the less I want to deal with that ship. I had friends who kept pushing and pushing their agenda with a ship and so I muted the ship name, and never engaged. It's not fun and it's little alienating. Also people's opinions and thoughts change over time, so what someone thought back then might not be how they think right now. Shipping and character interpretation isn't black and white and no one person, bar the creator, knows the characters better than any other fan. Yeah there's a lot of surface understanding with Tyson so that makes him interesting to play with in fanfiction, particularly since I don't think he's even aware of his own deepest fears. He's so young and for the most part pretty happy with his life.
  8. I don't mind Hitoshi, I feel the fandom just follows a combined idea of what occurred. Like headcanons mingling with fanon and becoming canon in their minds. I used to think that Hitoshi was really awful to Brooklyn and then I rewatched the episode and realised that no, he's giving Brooklyn the wake up call he needs as someone who's playing a sport professionally. Those players, who always win, do not take losing well and often spiral. Hitoshi forces Brooklyn to confront that reality, or tries but Brooklyn's depression and his bitbeast just derails that completely. Not Hitoshi's fault, his intentions were good. I do think him manipulating the BEGA characters so that Tyson would have a strong match up was a little underhanded but his intentions (for the English version and I am only talking about the dub) seemed genuine. He gave them all decent pep talks, told Garland of his weakness in just studying and practicing and not battling with his instincts, and in the end, he helped undermine Boris' big plan without being overt about it. Interestingly enough, I wonder if people have rewatched those scenes as adults because you tend to see the scenes differently when you're older. But again, I'm going by English dub. The Japanese version could be completely different. Hitoshi's also great development for Tyson because it really emphasizes Tyson's abandonment issues. People leave him. His mother died. His father's away on jobs. His grandfather is older and there's always that specter of death on the horizon whether he acknowledges it or not, his brother leaves and then his teammates all drift away too, but then his brother comes back only to then go support another team??? Just rub that salt a little harder Hito. But yeah I like Hitoshi. He's problematic but there's nothing evil about him.
  9. Multichaptered Tri: Of Honesty and Loyalty - Darkened Storm (first chapter) The Shadow for the Light - Tsukuyomi Oneshots Once Every Purple Moon - Sakura Alexia Guardian - Wizarmonfan
  10. I don't think it's out yet. The trailer just dropped so I figured it for a March release date. Still not sure if I'll watch it when it comes out. Marvel is veering into a stage that just doesn't compel me as much. But I could be pleasantly surprised. I hope I am.
  11. My friend has it for her Beyblade fic for Kai and Tala's friendship and now I cannot listen to it without that in my head - it works so well for that fic. But the fic is also written to a lot of Rise Against Songs. It's called The Good Left Undone - so there's that. But yes it's such a good song. And The Ghost Note Symphonies is an excellent album. One of my faves, and I like to think about my characters singing some of them around fires on the beach. But overall, they're just a very listenable band and they have a song for every mood and moment for me. I really would not know where I'd be without them to play the soundtrack to my life as such.
  12. Free stories for characters I already love? What's not to love about that? Especially with anime or shows where they tend to just get cancelled or have a host of secondary characters that never get the development they could. There's so many more stories there to tell and little cracks to fill up. Little moments out of time that can be written to explain a character's motivation or how they got from one place to another. There's so much space for creation, and as someone who loves stories in all their formats, I'll definitely take advantage of fanfiction. And Fanfiction can be just as good as novels. I read a lot. There's not a day goes by where I don't read and years ago I got to a stage where I was reading faster than my favourite novelists could create. Fanfiction was a life (and money) saver for me. I don't really tell anyone I write fanfiction (all my online people know that obviously because that's how I've met my best friends) because I always get asked: why not write your own stories? Well I do but I don't have a built in audience for them and it gets lonely writing on your own. Also it's hard! It's hard to create the world, the characters, the dynamics, the plot, to pull it all together and not have any plot holes and the book industry right now is not brilliant. You are not an instant best seller over night and if your first book doesn't do the numbers, you're not getting a second book. Your book series can be cancelled just as easily as a TV show now without an audience of millions petitioning to get it back. Also most audiences want a specific formula to follow. You go outside that and they're not willing to follow you - but with fanfic, you give them the characters they love and you can write whatever you want and that readership will at least give it a try. Would I have gotten away with a 700,000 word novel about high schoolers playing ice hockey? I don't think so.
  13. I genuinely cannot remember how I found Rise Against - it's been over a decade, maybe two now. It could have been an old Kerrang CD or a Sims game or Need for Speed, but I know I got into them very early and have listened to them incessantly since. Like The Angel from Ghost Note Symphonies album is probably my absolute favourite of their songs and the one I can listen to all the time but there's others. I've probably listed my favourites on the discord but here's some: Forfeit Rules of Play A Beautiful Indifference Bridges Swing Life Away Audience of One Whereabouts Unknown Saviour Miracles Wait for Me Bullshit Wolves I don't have a favourite album. For Rise Against, I just choose them on Spotify and know that whatever it plays is gonna be something I enjoy. They're, so far, that kind of band for me. Their lyrics as well as the melodies and the voice of the main singer are what made me a fan, but breaking down their lyrics shows how gifted they are. They also have a song for basically every emotion and a commentary on nearly everything going on in the world without it being too overt. I also don't go looking up the reasons for songs so I can apply whatever meaning I need to the song and have it work for my writing which is also fantastic.
  14. Just squeezing in before the end of Saturday my time. This snippet involves the teens in Ireland, having a tour of Kilmainham Gaol. The whole of it isn't exactly wowing him. ---- Ian frowned as their tour guide with too many vowels entered a tall, narrow tower. He followed her inside and wrinkled his nose, breathing in the musty, damp air. It was weird to think of people existing in this place so many years ago—not living, people didn’t live in prisons, not really. It was a moment out of time, suspended in a fugue, until they were released out into a brand new world that had left them behind. He grimaced. It was sort of like boarding school.
  15. I second this. I don’t want to accidentally wander into a suicide fic or anything remotely grim or dark. Life is grim enough for me and i don’t find those stories cathartic to read as some others do. If I choose to read a romance I don’t want the ending to be some big tragedy, or a cheating story. So I feel some sort of tagging is necessary. Just to make sure that the audience doesn’t get something they hate and then can’t review. It defeats your purpose. Like rated T is fine but rated M - what is the rating M for? It could be for sex and I’m fine with that, if it’s for graphic violence or something, then I wouldn’t want that and I don’t want to avoid all M rated stories because there’s a possibility that there’s something I don’t want to read in there.
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