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  1. Yes, of course, but then I think, is this what I’d want to happen if I were the reader and if I would be, I won’t do it. If I wouldn’t be, then that’s the way I go. I have to make myself happy with what I write. If I pander to others then I’m not going to enjoy writing the story.
  2. Okay so i reviewed to free the mind by @Wizarmonfanand Shattered Memories by @Nocturna
  3. I'll nominate a short fic I've been working on this week: Time After Time: A short little romance piece I wrote. It's AU so doesn't require much knowledge about the show. It's also M rated so if you don't want to read that, stick to chapter one which is very much just team bonding and a horrifying mascot to rival Gritty. Summary: Kai, the captain of a jinxed ice hockey team, hasn't seen his girlfriend in 51 days. Unfortunately, after scoring the game winning goal that brings his team to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, that time apart is about to extend. With the rumour
  4. It depends. Like FFVII Remake has a DLC coming, and it's an extra story to give context to a player who was a secret character in the original game, so we're getting to see what she's doing as a side story before she joins the sequel. It's a good way to show other things happening aside the main plot and to have her in the main story would have been quite jarring because she doesn't impact the main story yet - or not in a visible way so getting her DLC is good and Miles Morales - while not really DLC - is a good way to explore him before either letting him have his own story or bringing him in
  5. Final fantasy 7 Remake, third play through, to get the Barret resolution scene.
  6. No, I only played the third and then when I heard the story of how those games came to be and the whole Triss thing, I just wasn’t interested. Cirri and Yennefer were big draws for me to the Witcher story.
  7. Honestly, I'm glad there's no romance in Beyblade because it gives writers and fan creators a lot more freedom to explore different romantic interests and dynamics. The key thing I want to see in pairings is the characters still being recognisable and not massively warped to fit the romance. Personally, I'll always be a sucker for the Tyson/Hilary romance. I just love how they tend to gravitate to each other and yes they bicker, but they're also very young in the show and probably don't even really understand their emotions. But I go with them being older and writing the friends to lovers
  8. I think about what I as a reader am looking for. I want a strong sense of who my protagonist is and to have a question to answer - why is this person's story important? I know writing advice always says you need a hook for your first line, but honestly, a first line hasn't been what's hooked me, it has to be a good first few pages. I need to feel like this is a character I want to know about, and that their story is worth me taking the time to discover. Even if you're showing them in the normal world before everything kicks off, there needs to be something interesting going on in that normal w
  9. I think leaving him alive lets character B grow and get over his issues and also gives A a chance to get put himself first through his own actions because at some point you have to make that choice for yourself. Deal with the toxic person or leave. Having that stone around your neck, it's not fun and there's nothing A has done to warrant the feelings B has, whereas if B dies, he's almost martyred and there's no growth for him even as a side character. And A, well he just grows and gets away from B because he literally has no other choice. It's removed. Deus Ex Machina.
  10. So what do you want your character A to do? Where do they start and where do you want them to end? And what helps them get there? Yes, killing character B off is probably easier, but is it the right thing to do for the story? Will it help character A grow the way you want them to? Will it push the plot forward to where you need it to go? Or will having them alive and bitter create issues that will change the outcome for character B to send them back to where they started?
  11. It also comes down to the character arc - who grows the most from this? Who benefits the most and what has the most pay off for your story?
  12. Really it comes down to what fall out you'd prefer to write. Do you want B to stay alive or do you want B dead and then you can focus on A living with the guilt? It's a really hard one to say because it's not about what affects the reader, it's about what you want to write and what is best for your story.
  13. I reviewed Only the Truth by @Nubushi& Prey by @RykerDavis - I'll get to the non forum one tomorrow.
  14. Okay so the two stories I'll nominate are: Tales from the Dojo - Does not require any real knowledge of the fandom. They're a series of short fics featuring Tyson & Hilary. Can choose any chapter two read, Personally I like 4 and 7, seven is an Uncharted AU idea. Smells like Team Spirit - On AO3 - there's only two chapters so far. Basically I wanted to post my Highschool Ice Hockey AU fic onto AO3 from FF.net but then while doing that, I realised I could make it better, more cohesive, so I'd like some feedback on it. Also because it's getting no real interest on AO3 at all.
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