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  1. Did anyone write a story for this? If you did please post the link. And tell us about it. Red String of Fate, a glee fanfic | FanFiction of course I had problems with the word count. So typical me. I started a story for this challenge three times before I just said .... well you know. And decided to make it chaptered. Ill try to keep the chapters to a thousand words. Red String of Fate was inspired by the Asian myth of a red cord tied between you and your soulmate (the one you are destined to marry) It can tangle, not but can never be broken. Not by time or circumstances.
  2. I know this is going to sound redundant... but read. And listen to the music. Often the music is easier to get the rhythm of how words work together and sound right. But reading is the real key. Find the prose /book/piece in both English and French. Read a paragraph first in the native language then in English. Do this multiple times. Look for where verbs and nouns are placed. I use Rosette Stone to learn to speak the language. I just finished Spanish and have started Mandarin. The program is excellent (as is dulingo) for speaking but not really for knowing how to place word
  3. Nominate friends stories a plenty.. we need new members with more fandoms. plus I think it follows the whole 2 stories from TAZ and 3 from random authors.
  4. Sorry didn't post this on time but life sometimes gets in the way. I reviewed Smells Like team Spirit by @zadien and To Free the Mind by @Wizarmonfan (I know this one was part of the last event but it was only reviewed once) I also reviewed Booth Sixteen and Teach a Girl to fish and invited them to check out the forum.
  5. Prey Overcomplicated Kill Both are one shot stories but have been suggested to expand and turn into full length novels. If you review let me know if you see that as a possibility. Or should I just let sleeping dogs lie?
  6. Books Booth Sixteen by SpeakFire it is a Jack Reacher Story. Not the movie the book. Complete. Published in 2013 but the author is still active. Games Teach a Girl to Fish by Aarlauna Rose It is an Elder Scrolls story. Complete. Published in Jan 2021 Movie Sea Dragons and Ocean Masters by Ellen Fitzwilliam Brandybuck It is an Aquaman story Complete published Mar 2020 TV Stick the Kettle On, a doctor who fanfic by Wapomeo Huntress. It is a Doctor Who story. Complete. Published 2021 All of the authors have stories from multiple fandoms so rec
  7. Aw shut it you winged rat!!! ---- Jensen was so awesome as Dean. Perfect delivery on sometimes the corniest lines. I wonder how he managed 15 seasons of giving them with a straight face.
  8. Go for the upgrade on the avatar as well. New wheels (I am sure your new walker will have them) upgraded motive. You are better than you were yesterday. Seriously your icon is inspirational.
  9. Good ol Cullen. But you know he is just a wanabe Alistair. ---- Reminds me of the meme .... f8c7b1c2afe2f75b34cafbdd76b82f1d--dragon-age-inquisition-funny-solas-dragon-age.jpg (550×550) (pinimg.com)
  10. 1. Not a standard one where I follow it every time. It has a lot to do with when and how inspiration hits me. But when I am sitting down trying to write for an assignment I have given myself then most often I do. 2 Since I write scenes I usually write what comes to mind. Which is normally the just the dialogue or the how the setting affects the story. Then I go back and flush out the rest of it. Unless I am working on a writing technique. 3. Yes and no. I used to do both because what I wrote on paper was really the first draft of what I was doing. But often I would get lazy
  11. That horrible feeling when you get a new idea.  And your son says what if the year 2020 was just a horror fanfic. And you agree knowing there is actually a category - whump   and he says 2021 is going to be an even worse sequel 2021. 

    1. BurningAngel


      mine are too young too understand the pandemic 

    2. RykerDavis


      That can be both a help and a pain.  

  12. The scene did what it was intended. I saw a boy riding on his grandfather's coat tails. Although I do have to ask .... As Tyson wants to be a warrior... which I would assume in the emperors army wouldn't he be more impressed with the prince? Yes he might be a little annoyed at being on his knees through a long winded introduction but wouldn't there be an excitement that over road it... at least until they interacted more?
  13. I absolutely agree. The trilogy is a difficult and time consuming read. Its good but you really have to fight to stay reading it. I love your thought..... a love letter to the books. so true. The Mist of Avalon did it sooo wrong. I admit trying to adapt almost 900 page book into six hours is probably too daunting of a task. But come on at least try to stay true to the story and motivations of the characters. If your going to adapt a book to movie at least read the book first. I could write pages on what they did wrong. I think Eragon was that middle ground. Many of the things that
  14. For the romance story/ies you have until the end of February.
  15. My gut reaction when I read the post was to say literature with a link to the movie tv show. Books over movies/tv any day. My thoughts normally the TV/ Movie isn't really the same, its an adaptation of the book. Characters are changed. Think the Witcher. Chunks of story are missing ... think the Doby and SPEW. Motivations of characters are different example The Mist of Avalon. Or there are multiple books in a series that you miss if you just know about the one from the series example Eragon. But then I thought that most people probably wouldn't know that there were books that the mo
  16. I know that feeling all too well. It almost isn't a story at a thousand words.
  17. Here is a few. I left a lot out so others could maybe put up a few of their favorites or at least genre they like to write Mystery - Thriller Mystery - Who Did it Fantasy - Urban Fantasy - High/ (Sword& Sorcery) Fantasy -Low / (Where magical events intrude on an otherwise-normal world Action Adventure --- way too many sub genre Horror - Thriller Horror - Action Romance -Historical Romance - Paranormal
  18. So with the stay at home order the first time I had a couple of streaming services that I watched regularly. I found a bund of older shows that I watched before and had ideas for fics back when the show was around but for what ever reason didn't write them. Now on the second time around I am thinking about maybe dusting off some of the old ideas and writing for the tv shows and movies. for example Stargate, Charmed, Roswell, Replacement Killers. But I also found a new obsession... K-dramas and C-dramas. - to be fair I started watching them because I am in the process of learning
  19. Sound like a plan, Stan. The 500- 1000 is a doable word count per post and would go a long way in creating a full story feeling.
  20. Put on furlough for the next six months and trying to look at the Brightside by imaging how much writing I can actually do.

  21. It looks as if a couple of us are still interesting in trying this ... and since its a New Year. I am going to wade into the water and dive in. I nominate Mystery for the first Genre. How does everyone else feel?
  22. I went back and watched the last episode. But nothing from the season they introduced Chuck as "God" Honestly and this has gotten me backlash and probably more but I stopped watching it because it made me uncomfortable. I wasn't happy with the Michael / Lucifer story line. But I pushed through it telling myself that it was only TV and fiction. I am not going so far as to say it was a crisis of faith. But ... when I found myself yelling at the tv at how portrayed biblical characters than actually watching the show. I realized watching it didn't make me happy anymore. I loved... a
  23. I think fantasy has the draw it does because of the juxtaposition of rules and anything goes. I don't think I actually have a favorite fantasy any more. I love all fantasy fairly equally. (Ten -twelve years ago I would have answered High Fantasy) And recently I found Xianxia. (Chinese Immortality dramas) And I tend to write it all as well. Although dungeons and dragons still is still normally my default level. And I think Si-Fi is just fantasy with a more realistic approach. (Magic explained by science) Dragon Riders of Pern really pushed this idea and it was awesome. Then
  24. No artist should use their creations to to further their personal agendas. one caveat to that ... if the creation was created to be a satirical prop then it is okay. Because that is what the creation was intended for. That way if you identify with the said character you are not blindsided later. A good example of that is Triumph the Comic Insult Dog. I am so disappointed in him... I did not know that he had used 'Cullen' to give credence to his personal ideals. To romance him and be able to have the immersive feel just just YouTube Cullen dialogue multiple times before you play
  25. Ugh! I had hopes. But it looks like BioWare is never going to get it stuff together and become an upstanding member of society again. I hope one of the other companies or we can get a start up to take their place. While I try to ignore the 'actor' for the character. (since its their job and not who they are) sometimes it is just impossible not to allow it to color my thinking.
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