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  1. Absolutely. Sometimes its not the main characters that are the most interesting and need the story told. But with the budget and the need for the audience to get the biggest bang for their buck they can only focus on one major set of characters, But reading Notura's post got me thinking about side characters who need their own... the first one that came to mind was Pip and Merry from Lord of the Rings. Or the Riders of Rohan ( what were they doing the entire time their king was possessed.) And they say every villain is the hero of his own story. I think Minon's was the best fanfic based on neglected characters ( I know not really fanfic. but the movie does kind of have the feeling of a fanfic)
  2. You said it better than I did. And a few that I didn't think of
  3. This was the first piece in what might have been a series... the next one got a little too long It’s a pisser having to be the responsible one. Yet here I was again cleaning up after my big brother. So much for being the youngest child. I folded the woman’s arms over her chest in an attempt to make it look like she was sleeping. Not that was happening considering the gaping hole in the middle of her chest. “Just leave her and get your ass out of there before someone sees you.” Dustin hissed. I looked back over my shoulder to glare at the oaf who screwed-up again. “Damn it we can’t just leave her like this. If your drunken ass hadn’t shot off your mouth we wouldn’t be here now. Help me or shut the hell up so I can do this. “ He snorted in the background but I noticed he did not come any closer nor did he offer to help clean up. I added another bloody baby wipe to the pile. All that was left was the face and then we wouldn’t have to worry about Dustin’s DNA to tracing back to him. “Arn’t you done yet,” his voice hissed in my ear. If my mother had known the things I would do when she requested I watch after him on her deathbed, I know she wouldn’t have made me promise. “You’re doing it again, you stupid ass. You’ve contaminated the body and left evidence the police can use to put your sorry self in jail. Then tell me who will want to hire a contract killer who can’t keep out of lock up.” Dustin was chagrined. I knew he couldn’t help it and instantly felt terrible. Richard our oldest brother got him started down this path and then gave up on him when he felt Dustin was too dumb. Richard had a point but abandoning Dustin was too much like kicking a dog. Neither of them understood what they had done or why someone they loved could hurt them. I gathered the pile of bloody wipes and put them in a plastic bag that I carried around just for situations like this. “Look she is cleaned up. Let me just wipe down the car and then we could go.” “Thanks Janet. I don’t know what I would do without you.” I sighed. What else could I do? “I know Dustin, don’t worry about it.” I surveyed the scene and stomped on a couple of places that looked like they could be a footprint and decided I had done as much as I could. We had already been here fifteen minutes and our time was running out. “Let’s go.” There was nothing I could do to eliminate the tracks the pick-up would leave. Truth was I could only hope that Dustin still had that spare set of tires back at his place. If not a trip to pick and pull was in order. We had been driving out away from my handiwork for about twenty minutes and my cellphone started chirping. “This is Sheriff Watkins. How can I help you?”
  4. I read fanfiction because to me there is no difference between fiction and fanfiction. (I mean quality sometimes.) But man, I find a lot of really, really good fanfiction writers that should be 'published'. I am a reader and I love stories. I love the continuation of stories. Plus my favorite question is what if.... When I was a kid, I had the entire series of 'Choose your own adventure' books. There were a couple of different sets of them. With the smallest set being 15 books and the largest set being 125. The ability to go back and choose is based on a different choice. A kid's version of the show 'Sliders' (one of my favorites until the writers ruined it) I think fanfiction is the ultimate what if. As for writing it... I have faced disgust. I have been told I am too lazy to write my own stories. I have even been called a thief. I honestly don't care. To me fanfiction is my instant gratification. My crack so to speak. I love getting up and seeing the hit counter rise and kudos or comments knowing that someone read my work and has interacted with me on a very small level. Published authors don't get that instant high because while they can see sales it's not the same. Plus I get to play in a sandbox with my favorite characters interacting with them so to speak.
  5. Everyone joked about the coming apocalypse, rolling their eyes when the believers started talking about it. Hell, maybe we should have listened … even the CDC was making noises about it. But most people said, yeah right and went on with what they were doing. After all everyone knows that zombies are just Hollywood’s go to bad guys. The good news was the supernatural council worked with humans without their knowledge of course they cured the disease that caused people to turn into undead cannibals. Now we just had to get rid of the buggers. Sometimes when I pass an abandoned McDonald's I think about the amount of fast food my children and used to eat and realize that today I am fast food. And there is only one thing on the menu -People burgers served rare.
  6. Oh sorry. I was just trying to interact with the posts. Knowing that sometimes sharing bites are easier than chunks. I am assuming that we are supposed to just react to the six sentences and comment on the three hundred?
  7. Okay. So why these six sentences? What part of the fic are we looking at? Why would raising his tail be an odd behavior for a this Digimon. I looked up Examon and it said that Ambrose strike was done with its tail. Does this Digimon not behave like its kind? What about theses sentences made you want to post them? Where are we in the fic? What do you want me as the reader to take away from these sentences? Is Becky's loyalty going to impact Step other than making her feel guilty?
  8. The fandoms I will read was kind of difficult for me to answer. I read everything (mostly) There are fandoms I shy from but read stories from there because I am reading the author not the fandom. Most fandoms are negotiable for me. For example: I read Glee but only certain pairings. I read Star Wars, but nothing done after Episode three (OG /Prequels) It would probably be better to post the ones that I won't read. So, I will put my top twelve from book. movies, tv and games that I keep returning to. AUTHOR PEN NAME: FFN LINK: Ryker Davis | FanFiction Ryker Davis | FictionPress ARCHIVE Link: Ryker_Davis | Archive of Our Own FANDOMS I WRITE FOR: Star Wars, Replacement Killers, Glee, Dragon Age, Supernatural, Highlander, FANDOMS I WILL READ: Dresden Files, Inheritance Cycle, Mistborn Trilogy, Dragon Age, Assissan's Creed, Mortal Kombat, Star Wars (most), John Wick, Marvel (all), Doctor Who, Star Trek (all), Leverage WHAT I WANT FROM REVIEWS: Was the story enjoyable? What was your favorite part? Could you relate? What did you dislike? Your favorite line. How you connected or didn't. The beta stuff is fine. We all need help there but not my main focus for reviews. I write to tell a story, so I want to know that you enjoyed it or didn't.
  9. I know I tend to stay away from 'underage' tag because I got stuck with a story about adults with children. But then I went to write a story about teenage romance and was yelled at for not using the underage tag because the characters were under the age of consent. (A Glee pairing) Multiple triggers for a tag is a good idea. But we run the risk of a convoluted tagging system that gets out of hand like Ao3. Which is most of our complaints about Ao3. I know I am being a wet blanket but the more triggers we add the more stuff that is going to be found that triggers. A good character is going to have flaws and sometimes those flaws leave us uncomfortable but that is what makes a character real and not one dimensional. When I think of the mother of uncomfortable characters I think of Sue Silvester of Glee. (IMHO they over did her) She would have had every trigger tag in the world in any story she was in. Which means the trigger portion of the fic would be longer than the summary. How do we balance that out?
  10. I like the idea of having an archive for writing and I am game. But I do have a concern. Right now, the fandoms on this board are not very diversified. It's not a bad thing and I am not complaining. But most of the people that comment regularly only comment about two fandoms Pokemon or Digimon. Thats not to say that's all that the people here write about, but it is what comes up in almost all of the topics. And topics outside of these fandoms don't really get a lot of traction. How do we keep it from becoming stilted and fandom lopsided?
  11. I know this is old but I was curious. Then it wouldn't show the results. Or I just did it wrong. <p align=center><a target=_blank href=http://www.nodiatis.com/personality.htm><img border=0 src=http://www.nodiatis.com/pub/26.jpg></a></p>
  12. We look forward to seeing it next Saturday then. It was for Darkened-Storm's Digimon piece. I was attempting to talk about the piece without being overly familiar with fandom. So instead I focused on the story instead.
  13. Good use of conversation to convey information to the reader that they are not in the normal world they know. And they need to start learning the differences with the protag as well. But a thought. The scene is kind of emotionless. They could be talking about bread or something. I can't tell if this scares them. Or they are in wonder. I know its five sentences and that is hard to convey a lot of emotion.
  14. The feeling of desperation and tension is perfect. With the accusation from the man... and how quickly the protag acknowledges it and moves on without moving on. Trying to jump right to the problem. So question... this sounds like it is a motivational...or galvanizing the ... Troupes? The town?? Nobles?? I am assuming that the sentences before that will tell us. One thought thought....the language is a little stiff and formal for a plea. While he tells them they don't have to fight .,... he is asking them too. If he is talking to Nobles then the amount of formality is okay but still a little stiff.
  15. This is from an original story I am working on. A zombie hunter AU. “A man should be judged by the quality of his enemies. My father, God rest his soul, lived and died by these words and held the rest of the world to the same standards. If he could see the quality of mine, the old man would roll over in his grave and give me hell. But in truth he could do that he was safe there. The only consolation prize was there were times when quantity was more important than quality. Right now, though, I wasn’t willing to debate quality or quantity, either would make me dead.
  16. I loved : The last time someone told me that it did bite. I literally 'haha' aloud. Are dogs rare? Or is it just these characters first time seeing a dog?
  17. Broody was the word I was looking for when I typed the response. First time I saw him was in Cleopatra with Timothy Dalton as Julis Cesar and Billy Zane as Mark Antony. At the time I was there for them... but I noticed him and thought hmmm. I was hooked with Robin Hood. After that watching everything I could. His North and South just recently came on BBC. I hadn't seen him in Hanbil... I'm not big on those kinds of film/series. But I loved Robin Hood ... it was a whole different take on it while still being the same tale. Actually, everyone in that show was excellent. I hated that they ended it ...but fortunately they ended it before it got too out there. Robin Hood 1x01 Will you tolerate this - Bing video
  18. I have to agree with you on that. I loved him as Guy Gisborne in Robin Hood. (Other rolls too but it's my favorite for him) He does so well in films where he is the tortured (emotional/emotionless) The strong male lead who does give a damn about breaking down and showing his feelings while being a guy's guy. Actually, he is just that awesome of an actor who makes every role he takes something awesome and so believable.
  19. I wasn't here during July... How did this go? Did everyone get a chance to participate and meet their goals?
  20. I love that point of working to give my warden a happy ending and the people die anyway. You hit the nail square on the head completely with that one. At least that's exactly the way I felt. And I completely agree with the game mechanics they worked better than in DAO.
  21. In all honesty... I wish they would go back to the original content. I mean there were places in DA2 that were good... Varic for one, being able to summon the dog whenever without him counting against the party numbers. And DAI I never felt a story... not a real one like you did with DAO. So I would go back to making it more story based. Your characters would have their own origin stories that could be played through... like mage/ dwarves, ect. I would make sure that old favorites showed up more than just a quick five to ten lines and left. I would also make it so you could play multiple characters. Maybe Hawke, the Warden, and the new character for different missions. It would have been awesome to see your warden during DAI ... to get a mission by them to send some kind of treasure or potion or something. Maybe if your warden was a mage send them in for a rescue mission. But when I say stuff like this my son pats me on the head and says, " mom thats why you write fanfiction." But if I was the developer ... well you know.
  22. Hello, I am assuming you have the high ground. Welcome. Song lyrics for Middle earth sound cool. I could imagine the pieces of music to accompany. Flutes and harps for the elves. I love how they can be mellow one minute, light and joyful the next and completely harsh and shrill the next... in all ways elves are caprices. I could imagine heavy drums for the dwarves... kind of like TOP's Turn it up loud. Humans on the other hand acapella maybe. I can't wait hear about your thoughts on the matter. Welcome from one StarWars fan to another.
  23. I can't hit a word count to save my life. Sorry about the extra words..... “I have something to tell you.” She said gravely. Michael’s expression flatting to appear nonchalant at the tone of voice. Alarm bells went off in his head as he watched her position herself between him and the door. “The dog that bit you last night. It wasn’t a dog.” “Let me guess, you’re going to tell me that it’s some fantasy creature or hybrid thing, right? All that LARPing you do is going to your head.” “Well yeah. Kind of. You see the LARP isn’t real. I mean it is. But it’s how we hide in plain sight.” Michael sighed. He didn’t have time for her fairytales and supernatural mumbo jumbo. He needed to go to the doctor and see if he needed a rabies shot. It was the last time he tried to help a stray. He hoped the dog catcher got that damn German Shepard. “Wait? Did you just say we?” Tabitha twisted her fingers nervously. “Yeah. I am one too. We shift to wolves on the full moon.” “A werewolf,” Michael screeched. “We prefer the term moon doggies.” Michael scoffed. “For werewolves? Could you be any less …? I don’t know, cringe.” Tabitha snorted indignantly, “We’re werewolves! Not teenaged hormonal EMO angst. Moon doggies is a cool identifier.” Michael started pacing again, stopping to look at his two coworkers just long enough to drag his fingers down the front of his face before making the circuit again. “This isn’t real. You’re just pulling my leg, having a laugh behind my back for all the things I said about your stupid make-believe dress up nerd thing.” Tabitha watched the man indulgently and tried to pat his shoulder sympathetically. “Werewolves don’t pull legs. That’s zombie territory and you don’t want to go there. It’s just gross. But you’ve got a couple of days till the moon is full. Why don’t you relax and think of a good werewolf bite story to tell everyone at the LARPing? Tabitha held up two fingers making air quotes around the last word. She turned around and headed for the door. Elizabeth following close behind. The door closed behind them. Blocking out the sound of an adult temper tantum to those without supernatural hearing were forced to endure. “This is going to be hilarious, and I want front row seats. Please invite me. I must watch him taken down a peg or two. Your pack is going to eat him alive.” Tabitha sighed dramatically flipping her long brunette hair over her shoulder. “Ewe! Just biting him was nasty. Why would we eat him? That’s your territory.” “Please. We don’t eat the body. Blood’s our holy grail.”
  24. I have thought about this a lot too. I have a zombie story that I have been milking for years. I pull it out, write a thousand words (maybe more (sometimes) and put it back away. Because I know that readers read what they are interested in. I have thought about putting it in a fandom setting or something like the celebrities/real people or music /bands categories, but I normally nix that. O don't know if I would change a story to fit a fandom ... but I might be more likely to change an idea and work it around a fandom.
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