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  1. Two more sets, aka Borderdrabbles pt 3 and a collection of ficlets called One of those stories. Plus, my first attempt of a lonfic: Finding Ava.
  2. Been a while (sorry) but I ended up daring to start posting that long fic (gotta update my fic thread btw). Aaand it's becoming longer than I predicted, so I hope I can do it justice.
  3. I like a tons of songs and musicians, but damn... I'm terrible at choosing.
  4. Bunch of Borderlands drabble and short-ish stuff, as I've been currently doing, plus a fic idea I was given from a Tumblr mutual which could be pretty nice if I manage to do it. Also, the idea of joining the Xmas challenge's still there tempting with another one-shot.
  5. Haven't played games like that in ages, but liked Just Dance and sorts a lot. Gets funnier when you can play with people, at least for me. Used to play wiht my lil cousin and we had a blast.
  6. Fanfiction reviews for sure, and recommendations too.
  7. Gonna wait a bit for arms race, as I wanna play it with the friends I've been playing the whole Borderlands stuff for the first time but I'm so hyped to see Axton and Salvador (even if I'm not the biggest fan of their new looks, but that's other thing entierly). Also, I already have my eye on a certain gun I need to get.
  8. Putting some stuff about my final class project aside, a Borderlands thingie about Maya's background.
  9. More drabbles, now for Bordertober aka a prompt batch by kingcharon on tumblr.
  10. I play more or less regularly with friends and it can be tons of fun omg.
  11. Another set of Drabbles and a Sasha one-shot aka Leap of faith.
  12. Honestly, that looks cool, though I was expecting more Vault Hunters like in the previous games. And if there's gonna be more DLCs... hope we get to see Sasha and Fiona at some point.
  13. Here comes another of my "angst but not too much" thingies aka Unsaid, bcs I'm trash. Psyren trash and hyped trash.
  14. Kinda late to this, but I'm hyper hyped for BL3's DLC4 and if I can get my hands on The Outer Worlds...
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